Radha Krishna with Shringara

Radha Krishna with Shringara


The divine couple of love are represented in their utmost aesthetic form. Here Shri Radha and krishna are showering the superior joy of their darshans. As being the personality of Godhead they have a transcendental form which has been described here. Moreover there is a clean and clear finishing on one of the finest marble figures.

The 'Tribhanga-Lalit' Mudra (Tribend posture) of Shri Krishna is purely depicted in this deity and along with the lotus-eyed treasure of beauty, Shrimati Radharani posing the Abhaya Mudra from her right hand and the left hand is symbolizing the holding of a flower.

The colour combination used here is a highlight as one gets to know the personality of the Lordships, which is mentioned in the Holy Scriptures that Shrimati Radharani has a fair complexion where Lord Shri Krishna has a darker one. So this an ideal pair of Supreme Lovers for a devotee who wants to serve the lord with all the pleasures.

Here as an add on advantage, one set of the ravishing Shringar from bottom to top will also be provided without any extra charges and that's amazing. Although the cute couple is astonishing and attractive all over.

Item Code: ZEN433
White Marble Statue
15 inch x 6 inch x 3.4 inch -Krishna14 inch x 5.2 inch x 3 inch -Radha (Statues Size)
5.30 kg

To many devotees, the picture of Lord Krishna is not quite complete without His beloved Radha by His side. He plays on His flute at the sight of Her beauty and the joy of Her company, while She continues to inspire Him sometimes with Her dancing and sometimes by quietly listening. The marble figures you see on this page depict the two in their togetherness. He is playing on the flute; She raises a hand in blessing over His devotees.


It is difficult to take one’s eyes off the beauty of their regalia. Their garments are made from a vivid pink fabric, embellished with peacock-feather motifs. Despite the minuteness of the scale on which the embroidery is done, the ample zariwork makes this a quality work of art. Lord Krishna is wearing a traditional dhoti and angavastram, while His Radha is draped in a saree.


The crowns on their heads are made with a remarkable degree of precision and attention to detail. Zoom in on the richly coloured emeralds and rubies that form a halo around their heads, and the saffron bands that line their brows. Note the stark contrast of His dusky skin to Her pristine complexion. Their faces are gathered in a composure of great mutual love and benevolence.

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