Pashmina Toosh Papier Mache Bird-Floral Motif Multicolored Embroidery Jamawar Shawl

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This Pashmina Toosh Papier Mache Bird-Floral Motif Multicolored Embroidery Jamawar Shawl is roughly inspired from the Shikargarh patterns display exquisite craftsmanship that brings the glory of the bygone era. This flora and fauna-inspired picture is a hallmark pattern of medieval Persian ornamental art. It produces clothing with a particular appearance, and with the revival of handloom, the Shikargah has become a proud option for ladies around the country. It pays homage to the hunting passion that the country's medieval rulers used to cherish. It allows the wearer not only to enjoy but actively participate in history.


Woven from the finest Pashmina Toosh, the shawl drapes like a feather-light embrace, cocooning the wearer in warmth and sophistication. Against a muted hue canvas, the vibrant Papier Mache-inspired bird and floral motifs burst forth in a kaleidoscope of colors. Each embroidered thread tells a story, an intricate narrative of craftsmanship passed down through generations, a testament to the artisan's skill and dedication.


The Jamawar weaving, a traditional method, gives a touch of opulence as if the shawl were a regal tapestry unfolding a beautiful voyage. The embroidered birds appear to take flight as you wrap yourself in its folds, while the floral designs bloom with an ethereal appeal. This shawl is a wearable masterpiece, a celebration of legacy, and a timeless manifestation of Kashmiri creativity that transcends fashion to a living piece of cultural heritage.

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Pure Pashmina
Weight: 420 gm
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