Viscose Kurta Pajama and Mirror Embroidered Chevron Pattern Jacket


In the realm of timeless elegance, behold the Viscose Kurta Pajama and its ethereal partner, the Mirror Embroidered Chevron Pattern Jacket. Crafted from the finest viscose and a blend of divine threads, this ensemble embraces the essence of artistry. The Viscose Kurta, with its flowing silhouette, drapes the body like a whisper of grace. It dances in harmony with a celestial jacket, adorned with mirrors that shimmer like stars in a midnight sky, forming a mesmerising chevron pattern. This ensemble captures hearts, ignites conversations, and elevates the wearer to a realm of unparalleled beauty.

Item Code: TAD167
Viscose Kurta - Jacket & Viscose Blend Pajama
Dimensions SIZE # 36 (Small)
Weight: 800 gm
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