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Indian Tapestry - Shringar For Our Homes

Tapestry played a crucial role in the flourishing of the Sarasvati Valley civilisation. It is in the subcontinent that cotton was first spun into yarn and woven into cloth, an example of India's rich aesthetics tradition. Like most art forms with its roots in India, our rich tapestry tradition also originated in the home and the hearth - women employed leftover fabrics around the house to put together decorative wall-hangings to adorn their homes or as gifts for the homes of relatives and acquaintances. There was no commercial intent to this art till the invasions started and the new rulers, impressed by what they saw, commercialised the whole thing through all-important commissions. Which is why, despite the Industrial Revolution and the two centuries that followed it, handloom tapestry is still a teeming art form in India as it continues to adorn domestic and commercial establishments across the globe.

If you are a love of all things ethnic and India, there is no reason why your home should miss out on these one-of-a-kind adornments. We take pride in our textile wall-hangings section, which has been curated with great care and attention to detail. The base fabrics are pure and homegrown; they are all handloom pieces made by the most distinguished of local artisans; and in terms of appeal and finish, they are unmatched. While mass-produced ethnic wall-hangings are indeed available commercially, each of the pieces in our collection are unique and tells a story. There is a history to the weave employed, a meaning to be found in the colours, an emotion that defines each motif. Should you hang any such work up on your walls or at your doorstep, it would be the object of second glances and animated conversations.