An Anthology of Modern Hindi Poetry

An Anthology of Modern Hindi Poetry

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Author: Kailash Vajpeyi
Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: (English Translation)
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8171674305
Pages: 318
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An Anthology of Modern Hindi Poetry

Hindi, since its inception has been the language of revolt. It emerged as a powerful tool of expression around AD 750 when Sarahapa, a Buddhist monk during his stay at the Nalanda University , composed couplets (dohas) denouncing traditional beliefs prevalent among the masses. Similarly Gorakhnath, a poet reformer, through his mystic writings propagated the idea of a classless society through self-discipline. The writings of Sarhapa, Gorakhnath and Kabir are essentailly sectarian and underline the importance of universal oneness.

From then, up to independence, Hindi poetry has crossed many bridges. Nirala, the propounder of nai kavita,(new poetry),not only lived an unusual life but also experimented with various poetic techniques which have inspired several generations of poets.

This anthology brings together five generations of Hindi poets, whose talents have been acknowledged through several awards and citations. Whatever the shortfalls, whey are the constraints inherent to an anthology of this range and scope.

Dr. Kailash Vajpeyi (b.1936)began his career by designing the magazine Sarika for The Times of India. In 1972 he was appointed director of the Indian Cultural Centre, Georgetown. He has held several academic posts during his career, and is presently associate professor of Hindi, Delhi University. Dr. Vajpayi has been invited the world over to present papers and recite poetry. He has also been New York 1997.He has several collections of poems to his credit which have been included in German, Russian, Danish, and Swedish anthologies. He has also been advisor to the ministry of environment and has eleven films to his credit. Apart from sixteen volumes in Hindi and English, two of his books have also been published from Mexico in Spanish.

Introduction                                           ix
Suryakant Tripathi 'Nirala' (b. 1896-1962)                                           1
Shamsher Bahadur Singh (b. 1911-94)                                           9
Vaidyanath Mishra 'Nagarjun' (b. 1911-98)                                           18
Sacchidanand Hiranand Vatsyayan'Ajneya' (b. 1911-86                                           25
Vasudev Singh 'Trilochan'                                           35
Muktibodh (b. 1917-64)                                           39
Vijay Dev Narain Sahi (b.1924-82)                                           48
Kunwar Narain                                           64
Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena (b. 1927-83)                                           73
Raghuvir Sahay (b. 1929-90)                                           79
Champa Vaid                                           88
Srikant Verma (b. 1931-86)                                           97
Kedarnath Singh                                           109
Kailash Vajpeyi (b. 1936)                                           122
Kumar Vikal (b. 1935-97)                                           140
Rajee Seth                                           149
Indu Jain                                           155
Chandrakant Devtale                                           160
Ramesh Chandra Shah                                           165
Vinod Kumar Shukla                                           175
Kamlesh                                           181
Soumitra Mohan                                           189
Prayag Shukla                                           197
Vishnu Khare                                           205
Ashok Vajpeyi                                           209
Sunita Jain                                           218
Leeladhar Jagudi                                           225
Girdhar Rathi                                           236
Vinod Bhardwaj                                           244
Manglesh Dabral                                           255
Kuber Dutt                                           264
Vishnu Nagar                                           270
Dhruv Shukla                                           276
Arun Kamal                                           281
Mukta                                           287
Teji Grover                                           292
Gagan Gill                                           302
Anamika                                           314

Back Of Book
This book is a commendable effort that it compiles a wide range of poetry from over five generations of poets whose talents have been acknowledged through several awards. The scope is awesome and the results praiseworthy.

Kailash Vajpeyi's third attempt in the last almost three decades to bring forth the best of Hindi poetry to a worldwide readership transcends narrow self aggrandising considerations.

The editor has done a good job by bringing out such a superb collection of poems written in Hindi by a galaxy of poets.

The task of compiling an anthology of modern Hindi poetry in English is a daunting affair. Kailash Vajpeyi, a reputed poet himself, acknowledges this difficulty. He says that in a book like ours a poem's translatability 'is as crucial a parameter as other factors in determining its selection.'
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