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Aspects of Sanskrit Architectural Texts

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Aspects of Sanskrit Architectural Texts
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Item Code: NAC855
Author: Manabendu Banerjee
Publisher: Saraswat Kunja
Edition: 2010
Pages: 406 (18 B/W & 19 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5 Inch X 5.8 Inch
weight of the book: 652 gms

India possesses a store of Sanskrit works on Architecture sculpture and painting collectively known as Vastusastra the serious researches on which have started very recently. In Vedic texts we occasionally find rudiments of architectural techniques in form of technical terms and expressions. Some of the major Puranas contain chapters dealing with various aspects of architecture sculpture and painting. Texts on architectures came to be written not before 8th - 9th century. Vastuvidya or the science of architecture Manasara, Mayamata, Bhoja;s Samaranganasutradhara, Varahamihira’s Brhatsamhita, Aparajitaprccha, Srikumara;s Silparatna the Tantrik work Isana Sivagurudeva paddhati etc. are prominent renowned scholars including P.K. Acharya K.P. Pisharoti Stella Kramrisch Tarapada Bhattacharya J. Fergusson D.N. Shukla have contributed to the field of Indian art with highly informative and learned articles touching upon various salient features of ancient Indian architecture. Following their footsteps the present author has taken up the task to focus on some of the popular themes as they are treated in our Sanskrit texts and related with constructions of residential buildings and temples. Emphasis has been given in the present treatise on a few important aspects of temple architecture. In this book an attempt has been made to acquaint the readers with the rich heritage of Indian Vastusastra its development and relation if any with the existing remains of early buildings. The present work is distributed over 15 chapters and is annexed by five appendixes written by K.R. Pisharoti, P.K. Acharya and Gurudas Sarkar.

I am thankful to Dr. Anasuya Bhowmik of the Asiatic Society Kolkata for supplying me with some suggestion related to the rich heritage of Indian architecture. Thanks are due to publisher for taking initiative in bringing out the present work.

I am thankful to Prof. S.R. Banerjee for helping me in many ways for making the book a perfect one.


Chapter 1Some Problems of translating Sanskrit Silpa works (architecture) 1-8
Chapter 2Elements of Architectures in Ancient Sanskrit Texts9-46
Chapter 3Brick Manufacturing and Brick Architecture 47-72
Chapter 4Stone73-96
Chapter 5Wood97-114
Chapter 6Site Selection and Soil Testing115-128
Chapter 7Site Planning and Town Planning129-165
Chapter 8Prasada166-194
Chapter 9Mandapa Architecture 195-214
Chapter 10Vajralepa and Sudha (Plaster and Lime)215-237
Chapter 11Matsyapurana Chapters on Indian Architecture and Sculpture 238-258
Chapter 12Devipurana on Indian Art259-270
Chapter 13Some Specimens of Art and Architecture in the Prthvirajavijaya Kavya271-278
Chapter 14Door (Dvara)279-299
Chapter 15Amalaka300-303
AppendixI. Nagara Dravida and Vesara
II. Stupi
III. Columns in Buildings
IV. Notes on the History of Sikhara Temple
V. Training of Architects in Ancient India
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