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Ayurvedic Clinical Practice (Volume III)

Ayurvedic Clinical Practice (Volume III)
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Ayurvedic Clinical Practice (Volume III)

Item Code: NAL507
Author: Dr. L. Mahadevan
Publisher: Ayurvedic Educational and Charitable Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2014
Pages: 622
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.5 inch x 7.0 inch
weight of the book: 1.0 kg
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About the Author

Dr L Mahadevan is one of the foremost luminaries among the clinicians of Ayurvedic fieldThrough his teaching he has inspired, guided and enlightened many Ayurvedic seekers He has the most talented style and vigorous exactitude of expressions.

Dr L Mahadevan is a contemporary clinical teacher He writes with timeless and uncomplicated clarity of the clinical medicine and imparts a simple yet profound message.

He has got amazing ability to distil ancient tridosha theory into contemporary usable practical guidelines This book brings hope and light to the people, who are confused with diagnosis.

With intense and compiling clarity, Dr Mahadevan’s guidance gives the promise of leading the students to their best and highest place in clinical medicine to resonate with and reflect the energy of true tridosha theory.

Students will find new discoveries on the way To read his book, is to make a journey where falsely created concepts will whither away The journey is very challenging, interesting and complete.

In this book, he presents a clinical protocol for a Ayurvedic student community and a clear strategy for siddhanta based treatment This book also explains the possibilities and limitations of our science More than students have studied in his Ayurvedic gurukulam and he has indirectly taught more than students all over India.



I am really very happy and bring out the handbook of medicines 3rd volume of clinical practice series. When we started writing we never expected that the demand from student community and practitioners will be so overwhelming. We used to receive calls everyday asking for copies from all over India, even some of the parts I don't know where it is?

When I realize that there is a big cap in clinical diagnosis and management especially in teaching which I am fulfilling.

It is a great pleasure to write the 3rd volume of my Clinical Practice series. When I started writing I did not expect such a response from my fellow colleagues, students, doctors, lecturers, and colleges in India and abroad. I realised at one point that I am a teacher and it is my duty to teach and share what I know to others without expecting anything. Many students used to come and stay with me in Derisanamcope or in Chennai. Many from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Kashmir often tell that they were unable to be with me and they call all the time when difficult cases visit them. So I have promised them long back that whatever I do I will give it in writing in the form of a book. So it is the students who motivate me to write further and further. In spite of all difficulties, heavy practice, busy schedule and travel I could do this because I am interested in the subject matter and because of the team work. Many students have contributed for this work. Dr. Vaishali H. Sugavanam my clinical assistant who has done honest work in taking notes from my classes and observing me in my clinics has helped me in writing this book. I asked her to be my eo author for this book and I bless her for all prosperity. I wish the doctors to read this book and I hope this will be a beneficial guide for their practices. This in no way a substitute to our traditional texts. This is for an additional reading which will boost their medical practice. Mypranams to all of you.




I. Oncology 21
  Benign Oesophageal Tumours 23
  Stomach Cancer 28
  Small Intestine Cancer 33
  Colorectal Cancer & Anal Cancer 36
  Pancreatic Cancer 42
  Hepatocellular Carcinoma 44
  Laryngeal Cancer 57
  Cancer Of The Mouth And Throat 63
  Tongue Cancer 66
  Salivary Gland Neoplasm 69
  Otic Tumors 70
  Skin Cancer 71
  Bone Tumors 79
  Kaposi's Sarcoma 89
  Thyroid Cancer 91
  Glioma 93
  Lung Cancer 99
  Bladder Cancer 104
  Special Formulation Of Dr. L.Mahadevan For Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy 107
  Special Formulation Of Dr. L.Mahadevan For Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy 109
II Hematology  
  Anemia 113
  Classification 116
  Jaundice Due To Hemolytic Anemia 123
  Treatment For Megaloblastic Anemia 124
  Treatment For Aplastic Anemia 124
  Anemia Associated With Other Diseases 126
  Iron Deficiency Anemia 127
  Vitamin Deficiency Anemia 131
  Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia 136
  Allergic Purpura 138
  Thrombocytopenia 139
  Von Willebrand Disease 142
  Haemophilia 143
  Thrombophilia 146
  White Blood Cell Disorders 148
  Multiple Myeloma 159
  Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (All) 165
  Acute Myelocytic Leukemia (Aml) 169
  Hodgkin's Lymphoma 169
  Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 175
  Polycythemia Vera 179
  Myelofibrosis 182
  Thrombocythemia 184
  Spleen Disorders 186
III Endocrinology  
  CUSHING SYNDROME (Hypercortisollsm) 191
  Porphyrias 196
  Acute Porphyrias 196
  Cutaneous Porphyrias 202
  Porphyria Cutanea Tarda 202
  Thyroid Gland 205
  Hypothyroidism 209
  Sub -Clinical Hypothyroid 212
  Goitre 212
  Hashimoto's Thyroiditis 216
  Hyperthyroi Dism 219
  Graves Disease 219
  Post-Partum Thyroiditis (Ppt) 222
  Simple Nontoxic Goiter (Euthyroid Goiter) 226
  Parathyroid Hormone 229
  Parathyroid Problems 229
  Primary Hyperparathyroid Hormone 230
  Secondary Hyper Parathyroidism 231
  Hypoparathyroidism 233
  Osteoporosis 235
  Diabetes 245
  Diabetic Neuropathy 260
  Burning Neuropathy 267
  Erectile Dysfunction In Diabetes 272
  Diabetic Retinopathy 274
  Diabetic Heart Diseases 278
  Cardiomyopathy 281
  Metabolic Syndrome 284
  Obesity 288
  Dyslipidaemia 293
IV Andrology  
  Male Reproductive System 297
  Physiological Stages Of Formation Of Shukra  
  Male Infertility 303
  Diseases Of The Shaft  
  Balanitis 331
  Priapism 334
  Non-Ischemic Priapism: 337
  Peyronie's Disease (Curvature Of The Penis) 338
  Orchitis 344
  Prostate Disorders 347
  Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia 347
  Prostatitis 352
  Sexual Dysfunctions 357
  Ejaculation Disorders 358
  Premature Ejaculation 359
  Delayed Or Impaired Ejaculation 364
  Retrograde Ejaculation 367
  Erectile Dysfunction 370
  Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (Reduced Libido) 374
  Male Reproductive Cancers  
  Penile Carcinoma 377
  Testicular Cancer 379
  Prostate Cancer 381
V Gynaecology  
  Female Reproductive System 387
  Menstrual Abnormalities And Complications 390
  Amenorrhoea 390
  Premature Menopause 395
  Dysmenorrhea 402
  Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding [Dub] 405
  Premenstrual Syndrome [Pms] 408
  Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder [Pm Dd]: 409
  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 415
  Endometriosis 418
  Pelvic Inflammatory Disease [Pid] 422
  Pelvic Floor Disorders/ Pelvic Relaxation Syndrome 425
  Cystocele And Cystourethrocele 425
  Vaginal Infections 428
  Other Gynaecological Problems 432
  Dyspareunia 434
  Female Sexual Arousal Disorder 435
  Low Sexual Desire Disorder 437
  Female Infertility 456
  Habitual Abortion 459
  Uterine Growths 459
  Uterine Fibroids 463
  Adenomyosis 464
  Uterine Polyp 464
  Endometrial Polyp 464
  Adenomyomatous Polyps 464
  Placental Polyps 472
  Uterine Cancer 411
  Cervical Cancer 483
  Vaginal Cancer 484
  Ovarian Cancer 489
  Breast Cancer 489
  Breast Cancer In Female 493
  Male Breast Cancer 500
VI Antenatal Care  
  Antenatal Care  
  Preconception Care 500
  Diagnosis Of Pregnancy 500
  Probable Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy 501
  Laboratory Evidence Of Pregnancy 502
  Management Of Normal Pregnanacy 504
  Other Important Antenatal Screeningmonthly 506
  Regimen For Pregnant Women 509
  Nutrition Of The Pregnant Woman 513
  Importance Of Nutrition In Pregnanacy 514
  Loss Of Maternal Iron In A Normal Pregnancy 515
  Recommended Daily Intake Of  
  Six Critical Nutrients In Pregnancy 515
  Dietary Advise For Pregnant Women 515
  Diseases And Discomforts Of Pregnant Women  
  Gastro Intestinal Diseases And Pregnancy: 520
  Nausea, Vomiting And Hyperemesis Gravidarum 520
  Food Dislikes And Food Cravings 525
  Gastro Oesophageal Reflux 525
  Lifestyle Modifications 528
  Peptic Ulcer Disease 528
  Diarrhoea 530
  Constipation 534
  Aches And Pains 536
  Back Pain 536
  In Sacroiliac Pain 538
  In Nocturnal Back Pain 539
  Joint Pain 540
  Leg Cramps 542
  Abdominal Cramps In Early Pregnancy 543
  Headaches And Migraines 543
  Varicose Veins 543
  Haemorrhoids 545
  Other Minor Disorders 548
  Frequency Of Urination 549
  Vaginal Discharge 550
  Dyspnoea (Shortness Of Breath) 551
  Difficulty In Getting Up And Down 553
  Chloasma (The Mask Of Pregnancy) 554
  Changing Feelings And Emotions 554
  Insomnia 555
  Complications Of Pregnancy 557
  Anaemia In Pregnancy 557
  Iron Deficiency Anaemia 557
  Anemia Due To Vitamin B And Folic Acid Deficiency 558
  Haemoglobinopathies 562
  Thalassaemias 562
  Sickle Cell Anaemia 562
  Hypertensive Disorders Of Pregnancy 563
  Gestational Hypertension 563
  Chronic Hypertension 564
  Preeclampsia 565
  Eclampsia 565
VII Post Natal Care 568
  Lactation 572
  Substitute Of Mother's Milk 574
  Annexure 575

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