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Item Code: NAD500
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Author: Dr. V. R. Padmanabha Rao & Dr. Shubhankari Rao
Edition: 2012
Pages: 160
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.0 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 380 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Author

The authors Dr. V. R. Padmanabha Rao & Dr. (Mrs.) Shubhankari P. Rao are practicing Ayurvedic physicians for the last more than 30 years. They have been answering their patient’s illness with appropriate Ayurvedic remedies that have been baffling even to some of the experts. They address all the general ailments and have documented amazing results in infertility, female disorders, skin diseases, obesity, hair and cosmetic problems.


About the Book

Ayurveda, a unique science of healing and health, has its origin in India and its roots are traced in the Vedas. This system is a boon to mankind, as its main aim is to preserve health of the healthy people, and to restore the health of the ailing. The rich heritage of Ayurvedic medicines and therapies heal the sick; and daily health regime codes and seasonal regime health codes explained in this book when adhered to promise long life and good health.

Today’s generation with challenging workloads and competition to move faster on the corporate ladder ignore their biological clocks and adopt an alternate measure prompted by the survival instinct of the physical body. Fear, worry anxiety, tension and depression all these negative emotions form a part and parcel of this great endeavor. Each one of the health codes embodies reality and profound truth like a Mantra to pave way to give that missing link to have satisfaction of human life.

In this book the authors explain the daily regime to be followed by every individual. This concept has important implications for today’s society who have been repeatedly challenged with stress, the many negative environmental influences and their consequences and the dangers created by the social norms and order. Incorporating daily life style teaches an individual the practical rules of behavior that prevent bioenergys from getting imbalanced. The body and mind remain free of stress which in turn strengthens the immune system and serves to protect from illness.



This is a book about medicine, survival and creation. It is a book about life - yours, ours & that of every humoring on this earth. Welcome to our magical Ayurvedic mystery tour.

When I was seven year old, my grandpa - an Ayurvedic physician took care of our family health and, neighborhood health. It looked quite strange to me whenever a family member had a flu and cold. It was always the other members of the family who were targeted and strictly made to follow the deistic codes and lifestyle practices. He called this Dina-charya and Ritu-charya. I always wondered why we were victimized with these codes along with the patient. Today I realize that a disease like HINI or Chicken guinea which created a lot of chaos globally - was effectively treated just by following these codes. There were no vaccines and every individual depended on his immunity power and his energy to fight diseases. I am convinced about this because recently during the break out of HINI my clients were educated with these codes and though members of the family were exposed to the virus none of them were affected. We had our answer. This book is the product of all these codes which connects us to the beautiful, varied and interconnected nature of life on this wonderful world we inhabit.

Instead of just asking what’s wrong and what can be done to prevent this disease, I want people to look behind the evolutionary curtain, to ask why this condition or that particular infection occurs in the first place. I think the answers will surprise you, enlighten you, and on the long run - give all of us a chance to live longer, healthier lives.



Outer Ecology = Inner Ecology

Derived from an ancient Indian language - Sanskrit, Ayu means “life” and Veda mean “knowledge of’. To know about life is Ayurveda. Besides supporting a person to create harmony in body, mind, senses and soul. Ayurveda is the art of living healthy.

The foundation of Ayurveda lies in the meticulous observation skills of the ancients who observed and recorded the relationship between themselves and their environment. We are a beautiful expression of nature they concluded. Everything is interrelated. Nothing is separate in the universe or the human body. Another fundamental point is that external universe is reflected on the internal universe of the human body. When we live in accordance with nature law we know abundance. As we all know, without food - the yield of the earth element, we can only survive for weeks. Without water our life span becomes a matter of days, without heat or the element of fire, our body can sustain only for a few hours and without air people die in minutes. Without space it’s impartibly to live. The fabric of life therefore is these elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. These energies combine to form the universal growth, maintenance and decay. Their actions are named as anabolism - metabolism and catabolism in western sciences. These energies are found in our environment at every moment on every level.

These elements in nature are not static. Just as the elements of nature manifest through winds, rains, earth quakes, volcanoes and gentle summer days we can see how the elements manifest in our own organism. When the elements are dancing in harmony, the body will take care of illness.

In Ayurvedic view a person is a unique individual made up of these five primary elements. These elements have an ability to combine and to create various physiological functions.

Ether and Air combine to form what is known in Ayurveda as vata dosha. Vata governs the principle of movement and therefore can be seen as the force that directs nerve impulses, circulation, respiration, and elimination. Fire and Water are the elements that combine to form the Pitta dosha. The Pitta dosha is the process of transformation - our metabolism. The transformation of food into nutrients for assimilation is the example of pitta function. This dosha also is responsible for metabolism in the organ and tissues systems as well as cellular metabolism. Water and Earth element combine to form another unique dosha called as kapha dosha. The growth and adding structure, unit by unit is kapha dosha. It is a dosha which protects and is a very good example of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain and the spinal column. These energies combine in limitless ways to create the unique qualities within each individual.

It is through understanding of the doshas that the science of Ayurveda studies the elements in the body. Doshas literally means fault” as we focus on the factors that cause imbalance and disease, whether physical or mental. When they are in balance each dosha produces a subtle energy essence, when they are disturbed they cause a disease. In order to be in optimum health we should tune our body to Nature’s Master cycle.

Inbuilt rhythms work steady with nature cycles ‘Din’ day and ‘Charya’ means follow or close to.

Ayurveda states that in order to be optimally healthy we should tune our body to Natures Master cycle. I still remember the three legged race we played in younger days. This race looks easy until you try it. Team work is the key. Run with a pair and it’s a game of cooperation between partners as much as it is of speed. It involves two participants attempting to complete a short sprint with the left leg of one runner strapped to the right leg of the other runner so that the pair is facing the same direction. The racers must stay tied and use all the three legs for running. The object is for the partners to run together without falling over. The trick is coordination of the partners step.

We can associate this coordination of being close to the rapture by nerving our daily cycle with the natural cycle of the gun, Moon, Earth and other planets in our solar system. This way we stay in balance, we can prevent diseases and if diseased we can smoothly sail to the shore of health. Our routine should strive to calm the body. This creation of calm does not mean fall a prey to stagnation.

Every day we have 2 cycles of change; one from 6a.m. to 6p.m. and the other from 6p.m. to 6a.m. These cycles have 4 maturates that are dominated by vata or wind bioenergy, pitta o bile bioenergy, and kapha or phlegm beanery. We also have zata, pitta and kapha bioenergy in our body in various strength and combinations and so it is good if we can prevent activities that aggravate the cycle of vata, pitta and kapha.

Our biological clocks are tuned to the rising and the set g of the Sun, so it is better to get up at sunrise in perfect relation to the natural clock. From 2a.m. until 6a.m. or until -private element is dominant. Night is divided into 16 muhurats from sunset to sunrise; the ideal time to arise is rage the 14th muhurtas i.e. around 4:30a.m. to 5a.m. The time there is more sattva in the air, most fresh and pure time r day. Vata is light subtle and clear and helps in timing body to the delicate message the natural seed. If we wake early in the morning earlier than the kapha time of the day miIl feel more awake, alert and energized before the heavi o kapha start to weigh us down.

The pitta midday hours from 10a.m. to 2p.m. are often when we are most alert and productive. Take advantage of this time of clarity by tackling difficult tasks. This is also when the bodys agni is at it’s more intense, so eating at your largest meal of the day at this time promotes healthy and complete digestion and elimination. Additionally eating regularly at an approx the same time each day balances all the doshas.

In the mid afternoon vata time, we may feel an energetic lull. Instead of succumbing to coffee or sugar take a brisk walk, enjoy a cup of herbal tea or take a short break from work for an energizing boost.

Evening 6p.m. to 10p.m. is the second kapha time of the day. Eating dinner earlier rather than later kapha period gives the body ample time to digest in the slower time of the day. It is good to take advantage of the natural strength stability and earthiness of kapha energy by studying, exercising and socializing in the evening. It is important to slow down as evening winds on, to sleep well. Going to sleep around 10p.m. allow us to sleep through pitta time of the night when the powerful pitta energy digests body toxins and rejuvenates itself. You may notice that if you stay up past ten, you feel hungry and trigger hunger pangs due to the heating effect of pitta.

Very early morning is another vata time characterized by our connection to creativity and intuition. We dream the most in these hours. These are also ideal for meditation, asana and spiritual practice.

Dinacharya thus includes practices to keep things moving in the body physically and energetically. Art of Dinacharya encourages harmony and balance all 365 days a year. When we approach our daily routine with awareness and schedule our routine with the knowledge of the whole in mind we can take advantage of profound effect the little things we do have on our health and well being.




Dina-Charya (Day Regimen)
Raise before dawn and encash a lengthy Span of Life 1
What happens when people are not awake during this auspicious time ? 5
Percieve & caress auspicious things and construct a strong foundation for the entire day 6
Flush out wastes from your body and feel better & brighter 9
A glass of hot water at bed-time helps flush out wastes in the morning 11
Causes of hard bowels & means of correcting it 12
Squat don’t sit 12
Fruit prescription for fighting constipation 13
Constipation ‘jam recipe 14
Diet tasteful in constipation 14
How can you correct constipation? 14
Oral Hygiene  
Vegetable power for total mouth care 15
Teeth cleansing 17
Tooth powder & tooth paste 17
General tooth paste 18
Gargles & Rinses 18
Types of Gargle 19
Water the vital element in our Life 20
Water the Energy transformer 21
Why water instead of other fluids 22
Benefits of drinking water in the morning 22
Prevents fluid retention, edema (swelling) 24
Keep your breath sweet 25
Use cold/hot water in different conditions 25
Drink freshly boiled water 25
In certain health conditions cold  
water is prohibited 26
Water treated are medicated 26
Coconut water 26
Seasonal water 27
Pure potable water 27
Purify water - The Ayurvedic way 27
Too much water can kill us 28
Glass for drinking water 28
Nose Hygiene  
Be careful about nasal signals 30
Medicines can effect the functioning of nose 30
Nasal rinse with saline water beneficial to keep your sinuses clean 31
Nasya (nasal administration) - to improve the health of your Nose & Lungs 31
Benefits of Nasya 32
Eye Hygiene  
Collyrium for beauty & health 34
Contraindication of Anjan 36
Tips to keep Eyes healthy 36
Hair Hygiene  
Oiling your hair 39
Combing your hair 39
Washing your hair 39
How to dry your hair naturally 40
Delay ageing by exercises 40
Exercises for your body & mind 41
Do not exercise after a meal & if illness strikes 43
Benefits of exercise 44
Walk in moderation 43
Brisk walking 45
Walking without foot wear can cause harm 45
Massage for total fitness & glowing skin 46
How to massage ? 47
Do not massage in certain conditions 48
The exhilarating bath 48
Persons not prescribed bath 51
Dressing code 51
Perfumes 53
Wearing of gems for health & prosperity 54
Food to meet the demand of the body 57
Eat when you are hungry 57
Eat food twice a day 59
Quantity & bulk of food 59
Relax the rule 60
Beneficial practices before starting your food 60
Rules of food intake for proper digestion 61
Method of food consumption 61
Get physically & mentally involved in eating your food  
Mode of using different types of food 62
Types of food 63
Adverse effect of food 64
Eating Saktu 65
Food irregularities 66
Intrinsic activity of baboonery  
During process of digestion 66
Consume food in privacy 66
Use plates & glasses of metals which  
Are your body constitution friendly 66
After food brush your teeth & gargle  
Your mouth 68
Prayer after food 68
Tambula for that special stimulating effect 68
About the betel leaf 69
Time of chewing the Pan 69
The benefits of Pan chewing 70
Other ingredients used in the Pan roll 70
Some Tips to protect health  
Wear an appropriate head covering for good health 71
Why focus on the head & neck? 72
Umbrella a very useful tool to protect us from changing weather 72
Take the help of the stick for that extra power & balance 73
Means to transport could be mean to health 73
Day sleep  
Are you eligible to sleep during day time? 74
Its O.K. to have a power nap 74
Environmental influences  
Sunlight affects our whole life 75
The effect of rain bath on your health 76
Effects of exposure to fire 77
Exposure to smoke causes harmful health problems 77
Exposure to excessive wind 78
Better social well being  
Show respect to others & behave in a way as you would like your self to be treated 79
Some tips 81
Teaching them young 82
Managing emotions  
A holistic view of what contributes to your well being over a life time 85
Anger 86
Love 87
Joy 88
Wonder 88
Calmness 88
Valor 89
Sadness 89
Fear 90
Disgust 90
Better Life style Practice 93
Ratri-Charya (Night Regimen)  
Definition 93
Night meal 94
Sexual activity 95
Factors responsible for Shukra-kshaya or Loss of semen 95
Shukra-ksheena - Depletion of seminal reserve 95
Woman taboo for sex or not eligible for sex 95
Sex tonics 96
Sexual intercourse in different seasons 97
Timing in accordance with seasons 97
Place for sexual activity 97
Approach of having sex 98
Erogenous spots 98
Post sexual diets etc. 100
Over indulgence in sex 100
The importance of sleep- in the night 101
Lack of sleep 101
Dealing with night shift & sleep 102
Effects of keeping awake through out the night 102
Ritu-Charya (Seasonal Regimen)
Definition 103
Seasonal cycle 105
The movement of the sun & the seasons 105
An important guide to change your food & regime in every season 107
Grading strength during seasons 108
Shishira - Late winter  
When do we get Late winter? 109
What happens in winter? 110
The effect of Late winter on human body 111
Diet & Life style prescription to be followed in Late winter 112
Festivals of Shishira 112
Vasanta - Spring  
When do we have spring? 113
The activity of Doshas in spring season 114
Elimination therapies 114
Festivals of spring season 115
Grishma - Summer  
When do we get Summer? 116
What happens in Summer? 116
The activity of Doshas on the body in summer 117
How to address summer season? 117
Special food for summer 117
Spending time in summer 117
Festivals of Grishma ritu 118
Varsha - Monsoon  
The cause ‘Land sea breeze’ 119
When do we get rains ? 120
The effect of rainy season on the body 120
Diet & life style during monsoon 121
elimination therapies prescribed for this season 122
Festival of Varsha ritu 122
Sharad - Autumn  
When do we get autumn? 122
Being spiritual associated with autumn 123
The effect of autumn on our body 123
Diet during autumn 124
Elimination therapies 124
Derive full benefit of autumnal water 125
Festivals of Sharad ritu 125
Hemanta - Early Winter  
When do we get Hemanta ritu ? 126
Activity of Doshas in Hemanta ritu 126
Diet & Life style to be adopted in Early winter 126
Therapies advised in Early winter season 128 Festivals of Hemanta ritu 128
1. Basic Diet Recipes 129
2. Know your Ayurvedic constitution 150
3. Guidelins for food according to your Dosha type 157
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