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Be A Gaudiya Vaisnava

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Author: Shri Shri Shachinandan Ji Maharaja
Publisher: Sri Krishna Chaitanya
Language: English
Edition: 2020
Pages: 273 (21 Color Illustrations)
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Book Description

A proper Gaudiya Vaisnava has two svarupas simultaneously-

1. as a young kisora brahmana, serving Lord Gauranga in Nitya Navadvipa and

2. as a manjari, serving Sri Sri Radha Krsna in Nitya Vrndavana.

* A sadhaka has eternal tilaka, the one that sadhaka puts on during sadhana here as a devotee, the very same tilaka he puts on as a kisora brahmana upon attaining siddhi in Nitya Navadvipa Dhama depending upon the Parivara one gets connected to.

* Siddha-pranali, Siddha-deha is given here to a sadhaka by his Guru, in connection with Samasti Guru in the Spiritual World.

* A plate of bhoga we put for offering is offered by mantras simultaneously to both Sri Gauranga and Sri Sri Radha Madhava.

* Pracina Mayapur...and much more.

Having access to this basic knowledge about Gaudiya Vaisnavism, My first cry from the heart was that- all this should be known to all devotees, who are chanting Hare Krsna Mahamantra.

Now, finally on Vijaya Ekadasi 2012, after being repeatedly requested by many devotees to write this book for the benefit of all devotees, I started writing on the topic, on which my heart cried in the beginning.

The Grantha thus forwarded gives the vision to practise Gaudiya Vaisnavism in a scriptural way, the way it was in its very absolute form!!


Bhakti - We all want to do Bhakti...many of us are even trying to do Bhakti... but are we really sure of our Destination? Do we really know what actually we will be doing upon attaining our Destination?

Uncertainity always remains...

And, because of this uncertanity i.e., not knowing exactly, 'how my Ista Deva is served in the Spiritual World by me and others', despite being on the Path of Bhakti (Devotional Service), burning zeal and determination to do Prema Bhakti unto the Lord of my life (my Ista Deva) does not come even after years of coming into Bhakti ! !

What is the Reason??

The sole reason behind this is that we have not accepted the Simplest, the Most Basic Truth. The Truth which all Scriptures proclaim is "Bhakti is Science" i.e., Bhakti is systematic and definite. Bhakti Yoga is a scientific process. In other words, if we are doing Bhakti, the Right Way, we will surely get Definite Result, there is no question of "may be" or "may be not".. no question of uncertainty about anything. Bhakti, if being done scientifically in a particular way, definitely gives a particular experiential result, within no time.

For rendering Devotional Service (Bhakti) in this Special Kaliyuga (the Age of Kali), the parama karunamaya (Most Merciful) Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu has gifted all of us with the Topmost Gift, "Gaudiya Vaisnavism".

The true Gaudiya Vaisnavism is all about that through which we, the insignificant jivas can relish THE HIGHEST FORM OF HAPPINESS, which is su-durlabha (very very rare) even for the Lord's Eternal Associates - Lalita Sakhi, Nanda Baba, Yasoda Maiya etc., what to speak of the Demigods!

"Gaudiya Vaisnavism" Philosophy is anadisiddha, practised since time immemorial, in a well-prescribed manner.. It is not a Fiction, not a matter of Fanaticism, not a matter of someone's opinion.

It is very disheartening to see that people, groups, organizations etc. have enforced their own opinions, their own views about what they think Gaudiya Vaisnavism is, which is not in union with the opinion of the Scriptures and the original Gaudiya Acaryas' Teachings. This has not only misled sadhakas (aspirants) but has also made them "laksya-hara" (goal-less).

True Gaudiya Vaisnavism cannot be understood without the very important Granthas like Sri Caitanya Candrodaya Nataka, Sad sandarabhas, Vidagdha Madhava, Vilapa Kusumanjali, Radha Rasasudhanidhi etc. which are generally beyond the reach of innocent sadhakas.

This GRANTHA, "Be a Gaudiya Vaisnava" - opens up the Treasure, hidden in the Gaudiya Acaryas' Teachings, explains the True Gaudiya Vaisnava Philosophy in a very simplified manner. This GRANTHA, though small, is actually very Very HEAVY.. It is actually "the Essence"... "the Storehouse" of the Gems from so many Gaudiya Scriptures.

As one goes through the contents of This GRANTHA, one will actually feel the Blessings, the Vibrations, the Power, the Potency, the Presence of Lord Gauranga Mandprabhu and our Real Acaryas, "The Gosvamigana", and one will feel indebted, grateful to the AUTHOR of this Scripture, not only for this life but for eternity!

This GRANTHA will actually make one realize that to Be a Gaudiya Vaisnava is not a luxury.. not an option but a DIRE NECESSITY. For one who wants to relish the highest, this is the ONE and the ONLY way to relish that. Sooner or later, one will definitely realize that this Sacred Book is "the Guide" for anyone to walk on the path of his ever-longed, ever-cherished dream of relishing the Highest. This Scripture is a "Priceless Treasure" for one and all !

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