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Commentaries on Elements of Yoga

Commentaries on Elements of Yoga
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Item Code: NAL694
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788170586616
Pages: 128
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.0 inch X 4.5 inch
weight of the book: 126 gms
About the Book

In this collection of brief replies to the question of a disciple, Sri Aurobindo discuss the essential qualities needed to practise the Integral Yoga-aspiration, faith, devotion, surrender, sincerity. He also explains how to deal with some of the problems of spiritual life.

How can one know if he is fit for the spiritual life before taking up yoga?

How can anyone know before he puts his step on the path? He can only know whether he has the aspiration or not, whether he feels a call or not.

When can it be said that a sadhak has laid his foundation in sadhana?

When he has a settled calm and equality and devotion and a continuity of spiritual experience.


Publisher’s Note

This book is a compilation of Sri Aurobindo’s replies to elementary questions about yoga raised by a disciple during the years 1933 to 1936. It was first published in 1953 and reissued in 1956. In 1991 the text was reproduced as the first part of Commentaries on “Elements of Yoga” by the Mother. Elements of Yoga is now being issued independently again in a second edition.


On The Call and Fitness and The Found 1
On "Aspiration" 9
On "Sincerity" and " Faith" 16
On "Surrender" 26
On "Love" 34
On "The Psychic Opening" 44
On "Experiences and Visions" and "Work" 55
On "Transformation" 63
On "Difficulties and Progress" 77
On "Sex - Food - Sleep" 89
On " Some Explanations" 103
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