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A Commentary on Patanjala Yogasutra Named The Ambrosia of Yoga by Sri Sadasivendra Sarasvati

A Commentary on Patanjala Yogasutra Named The Ambrosia of Yoga by Sri Sadasivendra Sarasvati
Item Code: NAL053
Author: Dr. B. Krishnamurthy
Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation
Language: Sanskrit Text With Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788176466479
Pages: 250
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10.0 inch X 7.5 inch
weight of the book: 720 gms
About The Book

(Excerpts from foreword) sadasiva was intrinsically and esocterically caught up by the maxim that one has to (Phenomenally) die to (noumenally or spiritually) live for ever. Divine filiation it is ,defying description of any human language, it being a reality of different inexplicable dimension.

Phanindra's (patanjali's) Aphorisms became divinely fortunate for us to be commented by H.H. Sri Sadasivendra Sarasvati avadhuta in his vrt'ti, Ambrosia of yoga, which excells and amplifies the original patanjala sutras by highlighting the operation of the quintessence of siva sutras ,Vijnanabhairava techniques etc., in the life development, perfection and cosmicization of sadasiva's pehnomenal and transcendental life's complete sojourn.."

The commentary of his holiness Sri Sadasivendra Avadhuta (whose samadhi is a Nerur, karur taluka, in the District of Trichinopoly, south India) is not only a written ,or dictated, commentary but a living one for that matter, as his entire life of sadhana has explained the complete of the text of the above Yoga Aphorisms in action. That is why his commentary is superbly easy and meaningful, comprehensible to all followers, besides for the simple reason that sadasiva has not displayed his intellectual gymnastics or phenomenal acrobatics but has proved the infallible contents of the said Aphorisms through nothing but translating them into his own practice."


About The Author

Born in a diksitar family of vayalore in Nannilam Taluk of tanjore district, Tamil Nadu, the Translator, Mr. S. Kothandaraman (S.K. Raman), is a graduate in arts from the Nagpur university and in law from the Bombay University and is aged 79 years. Having served initially in various capacities in the state and Central governments and the Rourkela Steel Project, he retired from M/s. Gammon India Ltd., Bombay civil Engineering and Construction Company after serving that company for a couple of decades. Since 1985, he is was self -employed as consultant and Arbitration Counsel at the end of a contract with M/s. Makers' Enterprises on their prestigious housing project at Baghdad in Iraq. Acted also and Arbitrator in adjudicating disputes of civil engineering nature. Was retained by M/s. STUP Consultant Ltd., as their Legal Adviser for quite some year is a life member of the Indian Council of Arbitrators and was an associate member of the chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London (U.K). He also authored several article on arbitral matters.




  Picture of Sadasiva (frontispiece) Patanjala Yogasutras (list of sutras) i to vii
  Key to transliteration and pronunciation List of abbreviations Srimukham from Kanchi Kamakoti pithadhipati. Photographs of Kanchi Kamakoti pithadhipatis.  
1 Foreword by Dr. Krishnamurthy 1
2 Introduction 9

Photographs: (1) Entrance to Samadhi.

(2) Renovated Temple near Samadhi.

(3) Another entrance to Samadhi.

(4) Sthapati and his family.

3 Chapter - I: Spiritual Absorption (Samadhi Pada) -(Aphorisms I-1 to I-51) 35
4 Chapter - II: Practice of Yoga (Sadhana Pada) -(Aphorisms II-I to II-55) 88
5 Chapter - III: On Power of Yoga (Vibhuti Pada) -(Aphorisms III-I to III-57) 139
6 Chapter - IV: Absoluteness (Emancipation) (Kaivalya Pada) - (Aphorisms IV-1 to IV-34) 189
7. Bibliography 221
8. General Index 223
9. Sadasivendra Stava 231


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