A Comparative Study: Ethical Perceptions of World Religions

A Comparative Study: Ethical Perceptions of World Religions

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Author: Dr. Karam Singh Raju
Publisher: Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8177700545
Pages: 332
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.5" X 6.4"
Weight 590 gm
About the Book:

"A Comparative Study : Ethical Perceptions of the World Religious" - (Hinduism, Buddhism, (Christianity, Islam and Sikhism) deals with extremely important aspect of religion viz. Ethics. Probably this is the first written book, written so far, on this subject.

The book presents correct interpretation of religion and comprehensive description of the holy scriptures of these religions. The book states truly that "religion is the finest means for the civilization of man." The author is right in holding that "religious teaches mutual love, peace, harmony and devotion to the God. Misunderstood religion creates mutual hate and division of humanity and consequent alienation of the man from God." The book also deals with difficult but most important topics like "Concept of Sin", "Social Equality", "UniversalBrotherhood", "Status of Woman", "Pride", "Altruism", "Justice" and "Courage".

About the Author:

Dr. K.S. Raju took to writing and social service after his retirement from distinguished service in Punjab Civil service and Indian Administrative Service in the year 1986 and till date he has authored 10 books on different subjects. He has edited the latest edition of prestigious basic book of Sikh History "Tawarikh Guru Khalsa, Volume I and 11" written by eminent Sikh Historian Giani Gyan Singh and Published by languages Deptt., Punjab. His book "Mera Tada Ladya Jaey Ray" was declared best book for the year 1997-98 and rewarded Rs. 21,000/- by the welfare Deptt. Punjab. He prepared Historical Material (1469to1947) for the Khalsa Heritage Museum, Anandpur sahib alongwith Dr. Kirpal Singh and rewarded Rs. 11,000/- by Guru Gobind Singh Foundation Punjab.

He has also been honoured with "Dr. Ambedkar Natinal Award" and "Guru Ravidas International Award" for his literary pursuits. His three books "Khalsa Sajana Manav Ekta Da Parteek" published by Public Relations Deptt., Punjab, "Guru Gobind Singh - Prophet of Peace", and "Amar Paigambar Guru Gobind Singh" with Foreword by Shri Hari Jai Singh, Chief Editor, The Tribune, Chandigarh and published by Languages Deptt., Punjab" were released by the then Chief Minister Punjab S. Prakash Singh Badal during the Khalsa Birth Tercentenary Celebrations 1999-2000.

Dr. Raju has formed "Ratna Memorial Charitable Trust" in the memory of his mother whom he had not seen and the Trust has distributed his books free of cost for Rs. 4.53 lakhs.

Introduction 1
I. Major Religions and Their Scriptures 17
(a) Hinduism
(b) Buddhism
(c) Christianity
(d) Islam
(e) Sikhism
II. Ethical Thought 47
III. Perception 73
(i) The Source of Ethics
(ii) Apt Orientation
(iii) Conduct of True Mind (Comparative Study)
IV. Concept of Sin 97
V.(a) Individual Ethics 128
(i) Pride
(ii) Humility
(iii) Altruism
(iv) Justice
(v) Courage
V.(b) Social Ethics 188
(i) Social Equality
(ii) Universal Brotherhood
(iii) Status of Woman
V.(c) Positive and Negative Measures (Hinduism) 230
VI. Theory of Action 288
(i) Liberty Vs Determinism
Bibliography 327

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