Daily Swadhyaya

Item Code: IDJ449
Author: Swami Chidananda
Publisher: The Divine Life Society
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8170521777
Pages: 406 (4 Colour & 15 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business
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This handy book of "DAILY SWADHYAYA with Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj" can serve as your daily companion. It is a boon to all seekers. It contains practical spirtual advice. You can open any page at random and you will find an inspiring passage. By reading it, you will receive much inspiration and help in your daily sadhana. Every page of this book contains valuable spiritual hints. I wish the book wide circulation.

May the benedictions of Sat Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj as well as revered Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj ever be upon you all.

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On the holy Buddha Purnima day in May 1943, a 26-year old well educated youth from an aristocrat family prostrated before Swami Sivananda and dedicated him totally at the feet of the Guru. He was appointed as the General Secretary of the Divine Life Society of the Divine Life Society in 1947 and was elected as its President in 1963. Though he toured all over the world again and again, he remained an extremely simple, humble and austere sage. His spiritual height endeared himself to all the saints, philosophers and sincere seekers. His inspiring talks are an invaluable treasure for all the seekers.

The Divine Life Society was established on January 13th 1936. The objective, functioning and the integrated broad approach of the Society can be comprehended by a few words of Swami Sivananda: Serve, Love, Purify, Meditate, Realise. Be compassionate. The call of the founder Guru was: "The goal of life is Self – Realisation. It is your birthright." And the Ashram provides ideal ambience and surroundings for this.

The Headquarter of the Society is at Sivananda Ashram, Sivananda-Nagar-249 192, Near Rishikesh. The Society has over 400 Branches, sub-branches, and many satsanga centres all over the world. The Society and its branches are actively rendering various types of spiritual, social and philanthropist activities to serve the humanity in all possible ways.

Back of the Book

H.H. Sri Swami Chidanandaji's extremely austere life and his wisdom teachings remind us of the seers and sages of Upanishadic era. But there is one defference: Whereas the ancient teachings were aphoristic, abstract and extremely difficult to understand, Swamiji's teachings are elaborate, easy-to-understand and imparted with affection of a parent or Guru. As such, this mini-compendium of wisdom and knowledge all – both secular as well as spiritual, will greatly benefit the spiritual aspirants all over the world in their day-to-day activities and spiritual aspirants all over the world in their day-to-day activities and spiritual ascent.




1. Special Occasions And Festivals    
1.1 New Year Messages    
My Humble Prayer – 1 January 1
My Humble Prayer – 2 January 2
Let Divinity Be The Keynote January 3
Reveal Your Inherent Divinity January 4
Make This A Perfect Day January 5
Manifest Divinity January 6
Lead The Divine Life January 7
Problems And Solutions Are Within January 8
Keep Open The Doors of Your Heart January 9
Connect Yourself With God January 10
God Dwells In Our Heart January 11
Aspire For God Alone January 12
1.2 Divine Life Society Foundation Day    
The Vision of Divine Life January 13
The Divine Life Society January 14
Living Divine Life January 15
Sadhana of Divine Life January 16
1.3 Gurudev's Sannyasa Day    
Blazing Fire of Renunciation May 30
The Lofty Ideal of Renunciation May 31
True Sannyasa June 1
1.4 Guru Purnima – Aradhana Day    
In The Lands of God July 13
Mantra Initiation July 14
The Greatest Gurubhakti July 15
The Guru Lives Through His Teachings July 16
Guru-Dakshina July 17
Guru-Oriented Life July 18
The Real Victory July 19
Obedience is Better Then Reverence July 20
You Are A Living Light of Guru's Ideals July 21
Obedience July 22
Be Thou A Yogi July 23
Understand Your Life July 24
1.5 Rakshabandhan    
The Divine Insurance Company August 10
1.6 Janmashtami  
The Divine Advent August 21
1.7 Sivananda Jayanti    
Swami Sivananda – A Spiritual Guide September 6
Manifestation of God September 7
Serve To Purify September 8
He is Beside You September 9
The Role of Discipline September 10
1.8 Durga Puja    
Lead Me from Darkness To light September 24
Worship of Mother Kali September 25
Select Your Path September 26
Constantly Be Victorious Over Undivine Forces September 27
Stillness in The Midst of Activity September 28
Life is A Mission September 29
Awaken Into Your Real Nature September 30
Be Rooted in The One October 1
The Vision of Life October 3
Be Filled with Atma-chintan October 4
1.9 Gandhi Jayanti    
Feel The Suffering Of Others October 2
1.10 Deepavali    
You Are The Light October 24
The Significance of Dipavali October 25
Can We Rejoice Always? October 26
Live In The Light October 27
1.11 Skanda Puja    
The Divine Commander October 28
The Inner Battle October 29
The Ingredients of Sadhana – 1 October 30
The Ingredients of Sadhana – 2 October 31
Never Despair November 1
1.12 Sri Gita Jayanti    
The Arjuna Complex December 8
The Call of Gita December 9
The Art And Science of Karma December 10
Spiritualise All Activity December 11
Anasakti Yoga December 12
Life is Short, Utilise is to Attain that December 13
The Gita Yoga – An inner Vision December 14
The Gita Yoga – An Outer Vision December 15
The Lord's Promise December 16
The Infinite Power within December 17
1.13 Sri Dattatreya Jayanti    
Dattatreya's Admonitioh December 18
The Call of The Great Ones December 19
1.14 Christmas Messages    
Infinite Love of God December 20
Grow In God-Nature December 21
St. Francis of Assisi December 22
Essence of Christianity December 23
Thy Kingdom Come December 24
God is Now, Here December 25
A Call To Rebirth December 26
1.15 Year End Messages    
Be Up, Ascend Into Divinity December 27
Make Your Life Spiritual December 28
Seeker's Efforts Are Backed By Grace December 29
Know Yourself December 30
1.16 Sri Visvanatha Jayanti    
Visvanatha Abides Within December 31
2. Bases of Sadhana    
2.1 Religion And Righteousness    
The Spirit of Religion January 17
The Essence of Dharma January 18
Unity of Religions January 19
Practise Awarness of God January 20
2.2 Virtue, The Purifying Force    
Virtue, The Purifying Force January 21
Worship God As Virtue January 22
Cultivate Virtues January 23
Practice of Virtues January 24
Worship That With The Flower of Truth January 25
Practice of Truth January 26
Grow In Godliness January 27
Be Simple And Humble January 28
All Faculties Are Divine January 29
Faith, Hope And Charity January 30
Three Ideals of Life January 31
Peace, The Essence of Happiness February 1
Peace February 2
Cultivate Peace February 3
The Peace Within February 4
World Peace February 5
Happiness February 6
Real Happiness February 7
The Search For Happiness February 8
The Key To Happiness February 9
2.3 Times is Life, Be Up And Doing    
Time is Life February 10
Be Up And Doing February 11
Do It Now February 12
This Moment February 13
Man Is The Architect Of His Fate February 14
You Are The Master Of Your Future February 15
Implications of Law of Karma February 16
Purushartha, The Self-effort February 17
Active Effort Leads To The Goal February 18
Enthusiasm – God In You February 19
2.4 You Are The Master Of Your Destiny    
The All Conquering Power February 20
Perseverance Leads To Success February 21
God's Grace And Self-effort February 22
Effort And Faith February 23
God Helps Those Who Help Themselves February 24
Purushartha And Self-control February 25
2.5 Challenges Make You Stronger    
Obstacles Are Opportunities February 26
Pain is A Blessing in Disguise February 27
2.6 Positive Approach Is Key To Success    
All Things Are Possible February 28
Always Be Positive February 29
Nothing Succeeds like Success March 1
Create Opportunities March 2
God Is Ever Ready To Help You March 3
Everything Happens For Your Good March 4
Challenges Make You Stronger March 5
You Are Unique in The Eyes of God March 6
Nature Is Friendly March 7
The World is Not Our Enemy March 8
The Conscious Can Triumph Over The Inert March 9
3. Sadhana Guidelines    
3.1 Guidelines To The Householders    
Grihasthashrama March 10
The Home – A Sacred Place March 11
A Spiritual Routine for The Householder March 12
Spiritual Guidance To Children March 13
Sanctity of Marriage March 14
Laws Of Health March 15
Prosperity In Home March 16
Proper Food March 17
The Laws Of Prosperity March 18
3.2 The Purpose And Goal Of Life    
The True Purpose of Life March 19
What Should Be Our Goal March 20
Determine Your Goal March 21
Spiritual Life March 22
Life Is The Portal Of Perfection March 23
Seek Divinity March 24
Keep Moving Towards The Destination March 25
Ever Onwards, Upwards March 26
3.3 The Practical Hints For Sadhana    
Prepare For The Advent Of Paramatma March 27
The First Sadhana March 28
Daily Sadhana March 29
Sadhaka's Daily Routine March 30
Early In The Morning March 31
Foundation Of Spiritual Life April 1
Bases Of Sadhana April 2
Start The Day In An Ideal Way April 3
Grow into God-nature April 4
Open Up Yourself For God's Grace April 5
Make Yourself Worthy Of His Grace April 6
Sadhana For Modern Man April 7
The Key To Your Transformation April 8
The Necessity Of Introspection April 9
Become Like A Child April 10
Engage In Right Action April 11
Transform Your Actions Into Divine Worship April 12
Four Transforming Factors April 13
Not A Rosy Path April 14
Ascend Higher And Higher April 15
A Worthy Life April 16
What Is True Success April 17
4. Yoga    
4.1 Yoga, The Path To Blessedness    
Yoga And Religion April 18
Bases Of Yoga April 19
The Meaning And Purpose Of Yoga April 20
Ascent To The Divine April 21
Yoga, The Path To Blessedness April 22
Yogic Life – In And Through The World April 23
Principles Of Yoga April 24
The Levels Of Unfoldment April 25
Yoga And Vedanta April 26
Occult Phenomena April 27
The Dangers Of Occult Powers April 28
Kundalini Shakti April 29
4.2 The Yoga Of Synthesis    
The Yoga of Synthesis April 30
Paths Of Yoga May 1
The Process Of Yoga May 2
Serve, Love, Meditate, Realise May 3
4.3 Karma Yoga, Selfless Service    
Do Good May 4
Selfless Service May 5
Nishkama Karma Yoga May 6
Life Is Upheld By Sacrifice May 7
Cultivate The Spirit Of Yajna May 8
Expand Your Identification May 9
4.4 Bhakti Yoga, The Path Of Devotion    
The Path of Devotion May 10
True Bhakti May 11
Devotion That Liberates May 12
Para-Bhakti May 13
What Pleases The Lord? May 14
Purity, The Pre-requisite To Perfection May 15
The Divine Name May 16
Prayer May 17
Prayer – Its Prerequisites May 18
Life Transforming Power of Prayer May 19
The Devotee Becomes Invulnerable May 20
The Inner Communion May 21
The Path Of Surrender May 22
Surrender May 23
4.5 Raja Yoga Of Patanjali    
1. Yamas    
Nishtha, Steadfastness May 24
The Yamas And Niyamas May 25
Ahimsa May 26
Satyam, Truthfulness May 27
Brahmacharya May 28
Asteya And Aparigraha May 29
2. Niyamas    
Shaucha Or Purity June 2
Santosha Or Contentment June 3
Tapas June 4
Importance Of Svadhyaya June 5
Practical Value of Svadhyaya June 6
Benefits Of Svadhyaya June 7
Ishvara-Pranidhana Or Self-Surrender June 8
Real Self-Surrender June 9
3. Asana    
Asana June 10
4. Pranayama    
Pranayama June 11
5. Pratyahara, The Withdrawl Of The Mind    
A. Mind    
Mind – Your Greatest Friend June 12
The Nature Of Mind June 13
Yoga And Mind Control June 14
Channels Of Enriching The Mind June 15
Cultivate Noble Thoughts June 16
B. Chitta – Vritti    
Transcend The Mind June 17
The Mind – Stuff June 18
Chitta – Vritti June 19
Samskaras June 20
Nullifying The Samskaras June 21
Overcome Temptations June 22
Cultivate Your Antahkarana June 23
C. Pratyahara    
Spiritual Significance of Vratas June 24
Conquer The Battle Within June 25
Self – Control June 26
Pratyahara June 27
Practice of Pratyahara June 28
Pratyahara – Practical Hints June 29
Aids To Pratyahara June 30
Phases Of Pratyahara July 1
6. Dharana or Concentration    
Dharana July 2
Focussing Of The Mind July 3
Practice of Dharana July 4
Hints For Concentration July 5
7. Meditation    
Meditation July 6
The Nature Of Meditation July 7
The Process Of Meditation July 8
Practice Of Meditation July 9
Meditation, Some Practical Hints July 10
Obstacles To Meditation July 11
8. Samadhi    
Samadhi July 12
4.6 Jnana Yoga    
4.6.1 The World Is An Abode Of Misery    
The World Is An Abode Of Misery July 25
Pleasures Create Unhappiness July 26
Defects Of Enjoyments July 27
Eternal Happiness July 28
Maya – The Divine Power July 29
Maya – Its Nature And Conquest July 30
How To Overcome Maya? July 31
4.6.2 The Root Cause Of Bondage    
Die To Live August 1
'I' Is The Greatest Bondage August 2
The Folly Of Ego August 3
Renounce Your Ego August 4
Kill This Little 'I' August 5
Spirituality Transforms August 6
The Root Cause Of Bondage August 7
Dehadhyasa – The Wrong Identification August 8
Die To Your Separate Personality August 9
4.6.3 The Fourfold Sadhana    
I. Vichara And Viveka    
Vichara – Enquiry August 11
The Process Of Vichara August 12
Sad-Vichara, Right Enquiry August 13
Viveka August 14
Discriminate Between Shreya And Preya August 15
Discrimination – 1 August 16
Discrimination – 2 August 17
Choose To Manifest Divinity August 18
Affirm Truth August 19
Base Your Life Upon Wisdom August 20
II. Abhyasa And Vairagya    
Real Renunciation August 22
Satsanga And Detachment August 23
Abhyasa Of Vairagya August 24
III. Shat Sampatti    
Shat Sampatti : Shama August 25
Shat-Sampatti : Dama And Uparati August 26
Titiksha, Shraddha, Samadhana August 27
IV. Mumukshutva    
Mumukshutva August 28
The Quintessence of Spiritual Quest August 29
Develop Longing For God August 30
Mumukshutva – The Prerequisite Of Liberation August 31
4.6.4 Practice Of Jnana Yoga    
Shubheccha – Good Desire September 1
Be Persistent In Abhyasa September 2
Knowledge Is Meant To Be Lived September 3
From Knowledge To Experience September 4
Choose Your Life September 5
Shravana Illumines September 11
Practice Of Manana September 12
Nididhyasana September 13
4.6.5 Essence Of Jnana Yoga    
Overcome The Barriers September 14
The Fundamental Error September 15
Awake, Arise, Become Illumined September 16
Live For a Sublime Ideal September 17
Whatever There Is, is From Within September 18
Search Within September 19
Bondage And Liberation September 20
Transcend Your Environment September 21
Wisdom And Knowledge September 22
The Essential Knowledge September 23
Higher Knowledge October 5
Paravidya October 6
The Basic Truths October 7
Call Of Vedanta October 8
Wisdom Liberates October 9
What is The Reality Of Jivatma? October 10
Jivatma And Paramatma October 11
Now Is The Key To Liberation October 12
Aparokshanubhuti October 13
5. The Eternal Call    
5.1 Thou Art That    
Thou Art That October 14
No Distance Between Us And Reality October 15
You Are That October 16
Your Real Nature October 17
Bliss Is Within October 18
Everlasting Bliss October 19
Know That You Are Divine October 20
You Are No Other Than Brahman October 21
5.2 Thou Or Tvam    
You Are Children Of The Divine October 22
You Are That Reality October 23
You Are Pure Like A Crystal November 2
Darkness To Light November 3
Your Inseparable Essential Nature November 4
Life You Must Live November 5
Your True Nature November 6
5.3 That Or Tat    
God Is Love November 7
Cultivate Awareness Of The Reality November 8
That Is The Hidden Essence Of All Things November 9
5.4 All Is One Only Or Asi    
There Exists One Only November 10
All Are One November 11
The Immanence Of God November 12
See God in All November 13
Feel Oneness With All Beings November 14
5.5 Realise The Self    
The Unbroken Link November 15
Awake, Arise November 16
Let Divinity Be Your Keynote November 17
Be Aware Of The Hidden Reality November 18
Spiritualise Your Daily Routine November 19
Divinity is Your Birthright November 20
Claim Your Birthright November 21
Thou Art Divinity November 22
Fulfilment Of Life November 23
Heart Of Sadhana November 24
The Paradox of Self-Realisation November 25
Awaken To Your Divinity November 26
Attain Divine Perfection November 27
God-Consciousness November 28
Liberate Yourself November 29
The First Thought In The Morning November 30
Spiritual Ascent December 1
Persevere Till The Last Breath December 2
Be Established In The Self December 3
Be Straight Like An Arrow December 4
Experience That Truth December 5
In This Very Birth December 6
Attain Divinity December 7

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