Divine Heritage of Man

Divine Heritage of Man

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Author: Swami Abhedananda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Vedanta Math
Edition: 2000
Pages: 128
Cover: Hardcover
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About the book

In this book, Swami Abhedananda most convincingly establishes the fact that, "however animal the expression of the nature of an ordinary man of the world may be, his soul is still the image of the Divinity which holds potentially in its bosom all divine powers and blessed qualities".

The Swami has rightly observed:

"Human nature seems to be a most wonderful blending of that which is animal with that which is called divine. It is like the twilight before daybreak, through which the darkness of the night of the animal nature passes into the glorious senshine of the supreme wisdom. Human nature may be called the state of transition from the animal into the divine

The ego or the soul of each individual man or woman is the image of Divinity.

".....Every individual soul, whether it be more or less animal in its thoughts and actions, possesses the Divine image and is no other than the image of the Divine Principle or Being. The Divine Being is one and universal but its reflections or images are many."


The Divine Heritage Of Man deals with different aspects of and problems about God and His existence. Those, who are agnostic, do not believe in God, and so they do everything in this world through their own sweet will. But they do not know that energy and will which direct them in the world of phenomena, are created by God. Vedanta says that everything is created by Ananda, God the Absolute, everything exists in Ananda, and at last, everything goes back to that universal Ananda. So God or God the Absolute is the cause and substratum of the world of phenomena. Nothing can be exempted from Him. The ISHA-UPANISHED proclaims this grand truth in the first MANTRAM: "ISHA VASYAMIDAM SARVAM, YAT KINCHA JAGATYAM JAGAT". That is, everything of the phenomenal world is covered (VYAPTAM) by God the Absolute. In the BRAHMASUTRA (1. 1. 2.): 'YANMADYASYA YATAH', has maintained this view and all the commentators, including Sankar have thrown light on the SUTRA, and have said that everything of the phenomenal world rests on Brahman, teh All-Intelligence and the All-conscionsness.

Swami Abhedananda delivered nine illuminating lectures in America (U.S.A,) and those lectures were afterwards printed in book-form. In the ninth lectures: DIVINE PRINCIPLE IN MAN, swami Abhedananda has disclosed the fact that there slumber divine qualities within everyman, and when those divine qualities are manifested, men can realize their Divine nature. They realize that they are no other than the absolute Brahman Itself. All men struggle through various births and at last they reach thehighest summit of God realization. So men cannot deny in any way the existence of God, who is all-existence, all-intelligence and all-bliss. God is the very essence of all things and all beings. So men should meditate upon God before thinking and doing anything, and they should know that without his divine help, men cannot do anything in this world.

Swami Prajnanananda.

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The writings and speeches of Swami Abhedananda, a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, were spread over a long period of spiritual ministration both in America and in India. His deep philosophical insight and unfathomed spirituality attracted the learned and the intelligentzia. All his writings and speeches are available in one set of eleven volumes entitled THE COMPLETE WORKS OF SWAMI ABHEDANANDA, the last volume being a Guide to the Complete Works, edited in full by the most renowned philosopher and writer Swami Prajnanananda, a direct disciple of Swami Abhedananda. We invite all lovers of philosophy, religion and culture to avail of the golden opportunity of collecting this set without delay.

Medium Octavol. Printed in good quality paper, clothbound and covered with coloured jackets.

Subject Pages
The Existence Of God 1-18
Human reasons exhausted both for and against the existence of God Monotheistic conception of God-Extra cosmic God-Range of sense-perception-Infinite is one and not many-Materialistic view of the infinite-God or Brahman as depicted in the Upanishads-God though unknown in ordinary sense but spiritually more known and knowable-The knower of all-Infinite substance beyond all objects of sense-What is meant by 'to know the infinite'-God seen only in the superconscious plane-The way to reach spiritual realization.
Attributes of God 19-30
God as described in various scriptures-One or many 'Gods'-the same God worshipped by all religious-Anthropomorphic conception of God-God with form must die-God is the only reality-What is meant by spirit-Infinite Being pervades all things-Phenomena and the absolute Being-Brahman and Maya-Isvara and Cosmic ego-What is creation-Divine energy and matter-God the repository of all good qualities-He is just yet merciful-The effect of realization of God-Life is transformed and Divinity reveals through all deeds and works.
Has God Any Form 31-43
The God as described in the Old Testament-The Jewish belief in God-Yahveh the God of the ancient Israelites-Various tribal gods amongst the different tribes of the Jews-The humanized God of the ancient Greeks Jupiter or Zeus Pitar of the Greeks-What are the Vedic Devas- One supreme God above all gods of the primitive people-Refutation against the many gods-The Powers of nature personified and called humanized idea of God-The attempts for forming the impersonal conception of God-God with form and beyond form-Dualistic belief-Vedic conception of God Isvara or the supreme manifestation of the Infinite-The story of prince Prahlada, the great saint.
Fatherhood And Motherhood Of God 44-67
Fatherhood of God first of all known by the Aryans-Christ preached it ages after-Man's relation to God as described by Judaism-The first growth of conception of God in human mind-The origin of the conception of the word 'Jupiter'-The supreme God as described in the Rig Veda the Hymn to Hiranyagarbha or the Cosmic Being-Aditi the mother of gods-God both as Father and Mother known to and worshipped by the ancient Indians-God both the efficient and material causes of the universe-Fatherhood and Motherhood of God as conceived by the Vedas-The phenomena are the evolutes of the eternal Energy-Prakriti or the eternal Cosmic Energy-The Hindus worship it as the mother of the universe-Vidya and Avidya Maya and there functions Indian (Hindu) women revered as the living images of the Divine Mother-Brahman, Isvara and Divine Mother-Efficacy of worshipping God as Mother-Sri Ramakrishna, the blessed child of the Divine Mother-Hymn to the both aspects of God as Father and Mother.
The Relation Of Soul To God 68-82
Man and his relation to God an eternal question-God's existence denied by the artheists-Dualists, Qualified Dualists and Monistic (Advaitists) believers-Jehovah of the Old Testament-The first man and the origin of sin as described by the Bible-Jesus the Christ 'an exception' to the law of nature-New Testament does not give any clear conception of soul-All souls will be liverated-Divinity pervades all things and beings-God rules from within-Not erreation but evolution-Human and other souls are one with God-Human souls are parts of the Divine Being-The monistic belief-The soul always is one and not many-Soul and Arman, their difference-The true nature of the Atman-Phenomena and the unchangeable Reality-Atman and Brahman as interpreted by the various schools of Vedanta-The succesive stages of the worshippers in relation to the Infinite.
What Is An Incarnation Of God 83-94
Christian belief in incarnation of God-Jesus in his life-time not recognized as the incarnation of God-Doctrine of Christian Trinity-Controversy on Trinity in the Church of Alexandria-Decision in the Council of Nicea in 327 A.D.-The divine incarnationship of Jesus established on the majority of votes-Disbelief of the then thinking people in the incarnationship of Jesus-Difference of the Hindus with the Christians on some points with regard to God's incarnation-When and why God incarnates-Srikrishna's declaration of incarnationship in the Gita-God incarnates whenever there is a necessity-the characteristics of a divine incarnation-The birth of an ordinary man and that of an incarnation of God not of the same cause-God incarnates both in the male and female form-Sri Ramakrishna, the latest incarnation of God-An incarnation of God delivers men from all bondages-He is the supreme giver of salvation.
Son Of God 95-110
Christ upheld by the Christiants as the Son of God-Investigation of the sonship of God by the non-Christian scholars-the two conceptions of sonship of God in the Gospels-Disbelief of the Jews and Mahamadans in the sonship of God-The doctrine of sonship borrowed by the Christians from the ancient Greeks-Philo the Alexandrian Jew and his theory of Logos-The Word in the fourth Gospel borrowed from the non-Christian sources-Messianic hope of the ancient Jews-Messianic conception derived from the Zoroastrian idea of Sosiosh-'Logos' as interpreted by Heraclitus, Anaxogras and other scholars of the ancient Greece Neo-Platonic school and theory of Logos-Various meanings of the word Logos given by the ancient Greek scholars-Logos or the type of ideal man in the Divine mind-Divine sonship as interpreted by Vedanta-Every man is the son of God-The Parable of the self-forgotton prince-Jesus alone was not son of God-Sons of God were many besides Christ, Krishna, Buddha and others.
Divine Principle Of Man 111-125
Divine qualities within every man-Man is a transition point between animal and God-The life of the savage people and that of the civilized men-Vices and misdeeds grow out of the animal tendency in man-Love for all is the basis of divine principle in a man-Consciously or unconsciously every man moving towards Divinity-Awakening of the human soul leads to the Divine realization-Divinity lies within every man-Christian doctrine of 'original sin' refuted-Exception to the law of nature not a miracle but effect of some hidden cause-Jesus alone was not the only-begotten son of God-All men and women are essentially divine-Image of God as meant by Vedanta-Worldly desires are barriers against the manifestation of divine principles already in man-Man struggles through various births and at alst manifests his divine nature-The animal and divine nature within every man-The illustration of two birds as described in the Upanishad-Human soul and its inseparable relation with Divine being-Divine principle is all-pervading and eternal-It is the very essence of all things and beings.
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