Divya - The Rainbow Child
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Divya - The Rainbow Child

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Item Code: NAK872
Author: Dwarkanath Reddy
Publisher: Zen Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9789384363512
Pages: 176
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.0 inch X 5.0 inch
Weight 180 gm
About the Author

Dwarakanath Reddy is a spiritual seeker, his self enquiry driven by Ramana Maharshi's initiative: Who Am I? An M. S. in chemical Engineering from USA, he has written books on pure philosophy, but has also assessed the concept of Reality through the scientific frane of relativity. Divya: The Rainbow Child is his only foray into fiction so far. Written in his 85th year, this novel bears the potent message of philosophy coming to the rescue of ailing humanity. The author's considerable monetary wealth, earned by fostering a thriving industry for fifty years, has been formed into Ramanarpanam Trust to support and empower families living below the poverty line in city slums and rural or tribal tracts



The State of equanimiry is a balance of the 'head' and the 'heart' an indicator of a divine instrument who is on the last rungs of perfection. Such a Ripened soul exudes the fragrance of divinity and soothes the suffering souls around. It also lights of divinity and soothes the suffering souls around. It also lights lamps within, removing darkness (Ignorance), and strengthening by steadfastly showing the true path.

It is indeed a joy going through this gem of a book, which fills us with the fragrance emitting from the beautiful, equanimous soul of Dwaraknath Reddy. This is indeed a much-needed, practical book which lifts our minds from the terrestrial plane to our consciousness (God), where true solace and strength is found. This novel can be crucial aid for the questioning, and often depressed, patients coping with cancer or other critical, life-threatening health problems. It can help them reach our to their higher consciousness for the courage to overcome their fears of debility and death, bringing them closer to their self the Creator. It is a special books , in tune with our times, meeting the need of the hour.



Sorrow and sickness hount the lives of the rich and the poor alike today. Society has lost its age-old tradition of surrender to the higher Cosmic Order which governs the universe and bestows both peace and prosperity on the human mind. Feeling forlorn and forsaken, helpless and haunted, we cannot face approaching death when the time comes.

What happens to a middle-class family when confronted by major health problems - cancer, kidney transplant, heart surgery, liver failure, cerebral haemorrhage, paralysis and many others? Medical science has treatments within limitations, but the cost and suffering and uncertainty always sink the family that is trying to save a soul

Man's mind must abide in the knowledge of the Cosmic Order, the laws of life as ordained in Creation. It is within the reach of each one of us. Only then can we face ordeals serenely, mankind can bear 'the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' only through such an understaning of cosmic purpose and method.

Divya's story is of a life that could transcend death through such an understanding of cosmic purpose of writing about Divya is only to show despairing humanity the direction toachieve renewed strength and redemption.


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