Edifying Parables

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Author: Sri Abhinava Vidyatheertha Mahaswamigal
Publisher: Sri Vidyatheertha Foundation, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788190381543
Pages: 320
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Author

A rare sage, who renouneed the world before completing 14 years of age and who attained Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the highest state of Yoga. Before He was 20, His Holiness Jagadguru Adhinava Vidyatheertha Mahaswamigal was a renowned Jivanmukta and a scholar par excellence in Tarka and Vedant. He aborned the sacred Sringeri Sharada Peetham and brought great glory to it in the 35 years of his pontificate as its 35th jagadguru Shankaracharya. The very embodiment of compassion, the Acharya graced innumerable devotees in many a way. He had the innate ability to effortlessly render even highly complex sctiptural topics easily and thoroughly intelligible by means of stories conceived by him on the spot or based on the Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Puranas and other works. This book contains over a hundred of his edifying parables culled from his public discourse and personal conversations.



Acharyal had an innate ability to explain even complex topics in a simple manner through stories composed by him on the spot or based on texts such as the Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas. This book contains well over a hundred edifying parables of our acharyal compiled by a disciple and groped under 97 heads. The sources of the parables are Acharyal's benedictory addresses and his private conversations with the disciple. Following are the minor liberties that have been taken in the preparation of the text.

1. Parables narrated by Acharyal in more than one benedictory address have been grouped under a single head.
2. In rare cases, names have been given to the characters of a story even when Acharyal did not do so during His talk with the disciple.
3. Where Acharyal has narrated more than one version of a story, information from all the versions have been utilised.

We are extremely thankful to Ms. K. Rathna Kamakshi for transcribing and correcting material presented to her in cassettes, computer – composing the account about Acharyal and proof correcting part of the text. She worked for long, unmindful of strain, with great sincerity.

Our heartfelt thanks are due to Sri. R. Subramanian who computer – composed and proof – corrected the text with his customary punctiliousness and dedication. It was he who enabled us to bring out Enlightening Expositions" and "Divine Discourses". So consistently helpful has he been that we have almost begun to take his support for granted.

Sri. G. Raghavan of Anugraham Computer services took personal interest in generating the laser print out of this book. He also gave valuable suggestions and liberal access to his impressive computer facility, even at nights. Our thanks to him.




Glimpses of Select Facets of Acharyal-Compiler 1
Beware of Desire, Anger and Rashness 14
The Snare of Longing 15
Dange Of Fascination With Sence – Objects 19
Lust Ruins 21
Insidious Attack of Desire 22
Harmfulness of Anger 28
Look Before you leap 34
Never too late to Reform 41
The Path of Dharma 49
The veda Deternines what is dharma 50
Knowledge of Tradition 51
Spotlight on Speaking the Truth 53
Truth and Silence 55
Subtle Aspects of Truthfulness 56
Vedic chanting should be Error – Free 61
Potency of Vedic Mantras 63
Parents and Children 64
Thankfulness 66
Doing Good to others 71
Joy at the expense of others 73
The nature of the Great 74
Religious Practices and Helping others 75
Benefits of charity 76
Farcical offers of Gifts 78
Charity in Keeping with capacity 80
Hospitality then and now 81
Norms and Exceptions 82
Profundity of Dharma 92
Conversion, an absurdity 103
God, the Refuge of All 105
Though unseen, God Exists 106
Atheist in a Quandary 107
God, the Greatest Magician 108
Impeccable ways of God 109
God Punishes when Due 111
God's Merciful Justice 113
Success and glory due to God 116
Dweller in the Heart 119
Jiva, the Reflection, and God, The Prototype 121
Anyone Can Tread the Path of Devotion 122
God Graces Anyone Who Thinks of Him 126
God Will Accept us 130
God Never Abandons his true Devotee 132
stages of Devotion 133
Divine Mother Graces without Dealy 134
The All – Pervading Lord's Sport 135
Forms of God 137
Devotee's Offering 138
Light on idol worship 139
Combined influence of many 143
Significance of Shivarathri 145
To which Deity Should a Person Pray 146
Gopurnms Induce Hummility 147
Characteristic of a Great Devotee 149
Concentration 151
Scope of Destiny and Human Endeavour 153
Fate and Free Will 154
An Inadvisable Attempt to Avert Fate 167
The way to Deal with Adverse Destiny 169
Towards Mental Purity and Dispassion 171
Mental Cleanliness Necessary 172
Ganga, the Great Purifier 173
Influence of Food on the mind 175
Impure Food Must be Eschewed Except to Save Life 178
How a Householder should conduct himself 180
Sameness in Conduct and in Mental Responses 183
Karma Yoga 185
Fitness for Knowledge of The Supreme 191
Contentment 193
Rise and Fall of Envy 195
Problem Due to Possession of a Valuable 196
Wealth Yields comforts not happiness 198
Life is Transient 201
The Feeling "Mine" Kills Peace 205
The Souurce of Happiness 209
Guru, the Visible God 211
Entrapment in Eddies 212
Ignoring the Knock of Opportunity 214
Need for a Guru 215
No analogue for a Guru 216
The Sadguru Graces all Immaculately 217
Where Censure is a Blessing 222
The Sadguru Rewards Unstinted Guru Seva 231
God and the Devas Favor a True Guru Bhakta 234
Teaching through Silence 242
Brahma's Advice: "Da, Da, DA" 244
Essentiality of Humility 245
Self – control and Fructification of Guru's Teaching 247
Price of Inadequate Faith 251
Some Errors of Disciples 254
Teachers to Avoid 257
The Hypocrisy of Pseudo – Advaitins 263
Realization of the Supreme 267
Search Without Dismantlement 268
Superficial knowledge 269
Overlooking What is Immediate 270
Upanishads are a Flawless Means of Knowledge 272
Unreal Can Point to the Real 274
Recognition of Identity 275
Mind, the Cause of Bondage and Liberation 276
Renunciation of Everything 282
Illusoriness of the world 287
Non – Recognition of Falsity 294
Vision of Unity 296
Lessons from Shuka's Life 300


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