The Essential Writings of Sri Aurobindo

The Essential Writings of Sri Aurobindo

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Author: Ed. By. Peter Heehs
Publisher: Oxford University Press, New Delhi
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 0195649761
Pages: 418
Cover: Paperback
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From the Jacket:

Scholar, poet, political and revolutionary leader, philosopher and social theorist, yogi and spiritual leader, Sri Aurobindo (1872 - 1950) is one of the most important figures of twentieth-century India. This is a selection from his major works as well as letters and some lesser known pieces. It includes writings covering more than fifty years (1893 - 1950) of his life. There is also a general introduction giving an overview of Sri Aurobindo's life and works as well as extensive critical apparatus.

As the only collection of Sri Aurobindo's writings that gives a balanced coverage of the different phases and aspects of his concerns, this volume will interest students of Indian history, Philosophy and literature, as well as spiritual seekers.

About the Author:

Peter Heehs is an archivist at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives and Research Library, Pondicherry. A widely-published historian, his other books include The Bomb in Bengal: The Rise of Revolutionary Terrorism in India 1900 - 1910(OUP, 1993), Sri Aurobindo: A Brief Biography(OUP, 1989),India's Freedom Struggle 1857 - 1947(OUP, 1991) and Nationalism, Terrorism, Communalism(OUP, 1998).

Excerpts from Reviews

'A simple, yet wholesome approach to reading Sri Aurobindo.' - The Statesman

'Peter Heehs … has dine a commendable job in presenting this anthology…(he) has dealt with a difficult subject with painstaking attention. The apparatus, notes, references and documentation are excellent.' - Indian Review of Books.

Preface ix
Introduction xi
The Spiritual Revolution 3
Part One
Nationalism and Beyond
New Lamps for Old 7
The Doctrine of Passive Resistance 12
The Present Situation 18
Uttarapara Speech 32
The Ideal of the Karmayogin 42
Letter to Joseph Baptista 47
Letter to Balakrishna Shivaram Munje 51
Part Two
The Indian Tradition and the Future
'Is India Civilized? 57
The Evolution of Indian Spirituality 69
The Secrets of the Veda: The Problem and Its Solution 86
Readings in the Taittiriya Upanishad: The Knowledge of Brahman 93
Kena Upanishad: A Last Word 98
The Core of the Gita's Meaning 104
The Renaissance in India 114
Indian Civilization and the Evolutionary Future 127
Part Three
The Individual, Society and Humanity
The Turn towards Unity: Its Necessity and Dangers 143
The Ideal of Human Unity: Summary and Conclusion 148
A Note 156
The Cycle of Society 157
The Advent and Progress of the Spiritual Age 167
Part Four
The Evolution of Consciousness
The Teaching of Sri Aurobindo 177
The Human Aspiration 180
The Two Negations: The Materialist Denial 185
The Two Negations: The Refusal of the Ascetic 196
Man and the Evolution 204
Man and the Supermind 227
The Involved and Evolving Godhead 231
The Evolution of Consciousness 235
Rebirth 239
Rebirth and Karma 249
Rebirth and Personality 258
Metaphysical Thought and the Supreme Truth 260
Part Five
Yoga and Life
Life and Yoga 267
The Synthesis of the Systems 271
Standards of Conduct and Spiritual Freedom 280
The Cosmic Consciousness 299
The Ananda Brahman 308
The Integral Perfection 314
Karmayoga 321
Bhakti 323
Meditation 326
The Central Process of the Yoga 329
The Novelty of the Integral Yoga 336
Part Six
Poetry of the Spirit
The Essence of Poetry 343
Selected Short Poems
Invitation 351
Trance 352
Ocean Oneness 352
Descent 353
Thought the Paraclete 354
Transformation 355
Nirvana 355
The Indwelling Universal 356
Bliss of Identity 356
The Pilgrim of the Night 357
Liberation 357
Krishna 358
The Word of the Silence 358
Savitri: The Finding of the Soul 359
Appendix: The Fifteenth of August 1947 369
Further Reading 373
Sources of Selections 379
Chronology 381
Glossary 385

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