Fatehpur Sikri
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Fatehpur Sikri

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Author: Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi
Publisher: Archaeological Survey of India
Language: English
Edition: 1992
Pages: 110 (11 B/W Illustrations & 3 B/W Maps)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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History 1
The Agra Gate, the Bazaars, the Palaces of the Noblemen and the Diwan Khana-i- Amm  
The Gateways 13
The Agra Gate Caravanserai 14
Tansen's Baradari 14
The Chahar Suq 15
The Karkhanas 16
The Hauz-i-Shirin 17
House of Muhammad Baqir 17
House of a Nobleman 18
Hakims' Quarters 19
The Diwan Khana-i-'Amm 19
The Daulat Khana (Palace), the Treasuries and the Offices  
The Daulat Khana 23
The Diwan khana-i- Khass 24
The Khilwatkada-i-Khass 26
The Anup Tala'o 27
The Hujra-i-Anup Tala'o 28
The Abdar Khana 29
The Courtyard 30
The Treasury of Gold and Silver Coins 31
The Treasury Kiosk 32
The Jewel House 33
Cloisters 34
The Daftar Khana 35
The Maktab Khana 36
The 'Ibadat Khana 36
The Imperial Harem  
The Shabistan-i-Iqbal 39
The Hawa Mahal 41
The Badgir 43
The Sunahra Makan 44
Zanana Garden, Bath and Nagina Masjid 46
The Ladies' Guest House 47
The Haram Sara Offices 47
The Northern Palace of the Haram Sara 49
Minor Haram Sara Buildings 52
The Kabutar Khana 53
The Female Guards' Quarters 54
The Hathi Pol 54
The Sangin Burj 54
The Great Mosque and the Chishti Monuments within it  
The Badshahi Darwaza 57
The Courtyard 57
The Birka (Cistern) 58
The Mosque Tank 58
The Jami' Mosque 59
Shaikh Salim Chishti's Tomb 60
The Jama'at' Khana 66
The Reception Rooms 67
The Buland Darwaza 68
The Environs of the Jami' Mosque, the Chishti Buildings and the Rang Mahal  
The Jhalra 72
Nauwab Islam Khan's Hammam 73
The Langar Khana 73
The Princes' Nursery 73
Portico of Shaikh Ibrahim Ma'sum 75
Bale Miyan's Tomb 76
The Stone Cutters' Mosque 76
Shaikh Salim's House and other Monuments 77
The Rang Mahal 79
Nauwab Islam Khan's Chauk 80
Shaikhim's Mosque 81
The Water Works, Hiran Minar, and other building north and west of the Place  
The Water Works, 82
Stone Tank in the Daulat Khana 83
The Hiran Minar 84
The Water Places 85
The Caravanserai 86
The Samosa Mahal 86
The Emperor's private Bath 87
The Principle Court Bath 87
The Sourthern Waterworks 88
The Sukh Tal 88
Monuments of the Southern Environs  
Todar Mal's Baradari 90
Mosque and Tomb of Bahau'd Din 90
The Midhakur Mosque 91
The tombs of Shaikh Musa and Shaikh Ibrahim in Rasulpur 92
Glossary 93

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