God Is God Only - Not More, Not Less

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Item Code: NAE443
Publisher: Readworthy Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Author: Vijay Venkateswar
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9789380009261
Pages: 239 (6 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 340 gm
Book Description
About The Book

This book presents a picture of the Ultimate Reality which is timeless and universal in apj5eal and which encompasses all beliefs. It dispels popular misconceptions regarding God and presents an unbiased, balanced view of the Supreme Truth.

The book respects all faiths. It does not seek to guide or advise anyone on spiritual matters. It merely presents the quintessence of the Highest Truth. It gives complete freedom to everyone to do whatever he or she feels is best.

About The Author

Vijay Venkateswar, B.Com, ACA, is a chartered accountant. At the age of eighteen, a profound spiritual experience completely changed the course of his life. From then onwards, he began an extraordinary voyage into the subtle realms of the Absolute. Different facets of the Supreme Truth were revealed to him in the course of this incredible inward journey. He has two decades of mystical experiences and understanding of the Ultimate Reality.


Who are we? Why does the cosmos exist? Does God exist? If yes, what is our relationship with Him? Why does evil and misery exist?

Such questions have troubled man since the dawn of civilization. All religious and philosophical beliefs and all modern scientific theories—relativity, quantum theory, string theory are nothing but the outcome of man’s quest to make sense of the universe he lives in.

In recent years, the realization has dawned on many scientists that science alone cannot give a complete theory and they have started giving serious attention to eastern and western mysticism. The international best sellers “Tao of Physics” and Dancing Wu Lu Masters” are the result of a fusion of modern science and ancient spiritual wisdom.

The primary reason for the renewed interest of scientists in philosophy is the anthropic principle. There are over a hundred unvarying aspects to the universe. If you made the slightest alteration in any of them, it would become impossible for life to exist.

The electromagnetic force is exactly 1039 times stronger than the gravitational force. Had it been a little weaker, say 1033 times as strong, stars would have been a billion times less massive and would have burnt a million times faster. Long before any of us were born, universal darkness would have engulfed the cosmos!

The difference between the mass of the proton and the neutron is roughly twice the mass of the electron. If it were not exactly what it is, all neutrons would have become protons and matter would have ceased to exist!

Water, almost alone among compounds, is lighter in its solid state than in its liquid state. This is why ice floats. Had it not done so, the oceans would have frozen from the bottom up, and in time the earth would have been entirely covered by ice!

The examples pile up one after the other, from several branches of science: physics, chemistry. astronomy and bio-technology.

Many scientists are in agreement that all this could not have happened by chance. Slowly scientists are being forced to acknowledge that there is some supremely intelligent power which is responsible for all this.

We, human beings yearn to know the Highest Truth. The grand unified theory which scientists are in search of, can become a reality only if scientific ideas and discoveries are integrated with mystical experiences of the Absolute.

Our goal is a complete, consistent, logical theory which plains everything that can be understood by us. This book is a small step in that direction. Combining scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom, this book presents a picture of the Highest Truth, which is timeless and universal in appeal and which encompasses all beliefs.

Scientific and religious prejudices prevent humanity from knowing the Supreme Reality. This book challenges conventional views on science, religion and philosophy and offers a radically different view the Supreme Truth. It dispels popular misconceptions regarding God and presents are unbiased, balanced view of the Truth, in a simple, concise manner so that the common man can easily grasp it.

I thank God’s laws for choosing my body to reveal the Highest Truth to mankind. I am deeply indebted to my mother for all that she has done for me. I dedicate this book to her. I am very grateful to my publishers for undertaking the publication of this book.


1God and His Aspects1
God has Countless AspectsUnknowable State
Formless State
Origin of Life
Seven Stages of Spiritual Evolution
Analysis of the Scriptures
Relationship between God and His Aspects
The True Nature of God
Everything Doesn't Have a Soul
The True Nature of Soul
2Important facts68
We are both Insignificant and Significant
God's Laws Decide, Control and Guide Everything
All Are Equal
Everyone and Everything Is Equally Divine
All Will Become Enlightened at the Right Time
Constantly Progressing towards Enlightenment
No One Wastes his Life
Change Is Inevitable
Same Amount of Time to Attain Enlightenment
We Go through Our Quota in Bits and Pieces
There is No Fixed Pattern in Our Journey
Anyone Can Become Enlightened Anytime
Each One of Us Is Unique
3God and Evil100
Good, Evil, Joy, Sorrow always Co-exist
Good and Evil
Worldliness and Spirituality
Pleasant and Unpleasant Experiences
Happiness and Unhappiness
We Should Look at the Bright Side of Life
4Spiritual Misconceptions119
Worldliness and Spirituality Are Equally Essential
The Highest Truth Is Meant for only a Few
All Religions Are of Equal Value
Never Fear God
Don't Try to Bribe God
Don't be Spiritual for Securing Worldly Happiness
Any Action Can be Followed by any Consequence
Spirituality Does Not Make Us Pure and Happy
Enlightenment through Effort or Grace
Enlightenment Cannot be Bought
There is No Path for Attaining Enlightenment
Spirituality Does Not Laed to Everlasting Bliss
Enlightenment Is a very Rare Phenomenon
5Important Topics151
Mystical Experiences of Stages Three to Seven
Spiritual Masters
Mystical Worlds
Heaven and Hell
Human Should Treat Plants and Animals Nicely
Everything Is Inter-connected
Everything Affects Everything else Instantly
Everything Is Known to All Instantly
There Is No Ignorance or Knowledge
Intellectual Understanding and Direct Experience
Understandings the Highest Truth
Combining theEssential of all Subjects
Ego is Divine
We Get Fooled by God's Laws
All of us know only a tiny portion of God
6Philosophical Doubts: A Dialogue between a Seeker and the Master194
7Practical Advice and Conclusion225
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