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The Golden Rules of Astrology

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Item Code: NAL062
Author: Dr. S.S.Chatterjee
Language: English
Edition: 2012
Pages: 408
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

It is well known dictum in astrology that 4th lord in an angle showers the person with a long life, a luxurious life with immovable property, all around success etc. These types of 500 golden rules have been presented in chapter – 1 The role of planets in shaping or maring destiny patterns of human beings have been described in 15th chapters. This book provides excellent information about brilliant career, accumulation of huge wealth, business caliber, poverty yogas, lunatism, sun-satrun relationships, mute yoga, influence of guru chandala yoga etc.Yogas for a wonderful manager who can change the face of the country have been described. It should be borne in mind that astrology offers an insight into the meaning and purpose of life and its predictable/unpredictable pattern of events in life which moulds one’s destiny patterns through an invisible force called Law of Karma. This book will surly help hard working astrologers with a gift of synthesis to become brilliant predictors.


About the Author

Dr. S.S Chatterjee, now 70, is a noted authority on Vedic astrology & a prolific writer in predictive astrology. This is his 10th book. Ist book is “Cosmic Influences on mind & IQ” appeared in the market in 1992, “Advanced Predictive Astrology Vol 1-2” were published in 1999-2000, “Fortune and Finance”(2002), “Astrology Applied”(2004), “Astrology Nectar” (2005), “House 8th & 3rd in Advance Astrology” (2008), “Advance Medical Astrology”(2007), “Jyotish X-ray” (2011), are the beautiful creation of the learned author. His books and as well as write ups are not only authentic but also give thought provoking clues to the judgement of horoscopes. The author does not write anything without verification of golden rules in real life.



Stephen Hawking, The author of “A Brief History of Divine” has told in T.V. channels throughout the globe in April, 2011, that God exists. Our wise sages believed the same thing many thousand years ago. We believe in Karma theory. What western scientists prove today, was proved by great Indians at least 4000 yrs, B.C.

Astrology gives a comprehensive look at the sorrows and the joys, the miseries and the happiness and the tragedies and comedies of life for imparting purposeful teachings and hilarious acceptance of the dictates of divinity. Man is the integral part of the ultimate universe and can do nothing except to accept and abide by the infinite and illuminating cosmic rules in its many sideness. Sages found it to their utter discomfort that the virulent currents of the previous sinful deeds make their caves in the embodied ego in the form of afflicted house and the planets for easy penetration and forceful effectuation of the physical constitutions of the man so that the desired effects can materialise in unimpeded fashion. Psychological self is utterly helpless and has no protective cover to avoid these unscrupulous currents. Latent potentialities are buried in the horoscope.

All the future incidents in life surface out at the appropriate time. One has to start from 5th house in order to determine its connection with the past Janma, If a person’s 5th house has connection with his Lagna, Lagna lord, The moon, The moon’s dispositor, or balance dasa lord, then he has connection with his past Janma. Such a native gets direct upliftment in his life without much efforts. Natural luck flows to him. He has got the ability to make use of credit balance from his Poorva Janma. Though they have their share of ups and downs in their life, but their life will not be curtailed due to some ailment or disease or some happenings etc. Planets play a very important role for they not only after the results of the house but also depict the past life of the native. Placement of benefic in the 5th house is better than the placement of malefic.

Now we shall discuss the rags to riches phenomena in the life of a Keralian native.

DOB : 21-02-1963, TOB : 5:00 am., POB : Cochin, Lagna : Capricorn, Mercury, Saturn, Ketu. Aquarius : Sun, Jupiter. Cancer : Mars(R), Rahu. Sagittarius : venus, Moon.

The rules framed by our sages are still valid even in 2012, Raja Yoga formation in a horoscope helps the mundane journey of the native in a very nice manner. Only 4 signs are occupied by planets. 9th lord in Lagna, conjoined with lagnapati, Ketu generated formidable Dhana Yoga. 4th lord Mars has generated Neehbhanga Raj Yoga in the 7th house. Exchange of aspects between 4th/9th lords, 2nd lord saturn and 11th lord saturn and 11th lord mars formed super Dhana Yogas for him. 6th/8th houses are vacant and 12th house is occupied by two natural benefic planets. Planets remained silent upto Rahu-Venus dasa. He came to Delhi with a small job. On my advice he started export and important business, and became a very rich man between 2001-2011. He has purchased several flats in Noida. His 4th lord mars is in a char rasi, hence this mars provided him many flats. Maximum money was showered on him like rain water during Jupiter Mahadasa. One yellow sapphire did the tricks. His 11th lord (elder brother) is debilitated in his 7th house in direct aspect of Saturn, Rahu, Ketu. He committed suicide by consuming poison in March 2008 in Chennai. Death of his elder brother was written in his horoscope. Karakwata of planets flourishes in 12th house. Venus increased his wealth, provided him number of vehicles, his wife became happy in life, Moon=Mind & Mother. He has long living parents in 2012, mother is 79 yrs, father is 84 yrs. Old. Venus in 12th house makes anybody financially sound. Partial Kal Sarpa Yoga did not allow him to enjoy comforts of life up to 37 yrs. of his age. Since Lagna is hemmed between benefics, he has strong Lagna and its lord. Until or unless, these two factors and Moon are not strong, Raja Yoges do not bear fruits. He started his life 8th lord Sun’s dasa. When a native starts his life with this evil dasa, he struggles very hard upto 25 yrs. of his life. He was satisfied with a small clerical job upto 37 yrs of his life. 10 lord in 12th helped him in export business. Whenever Rahu joins quadrant/trine lords it generates “Astalaxmi Yoga”, a yoga for fabulous wealth. Yogakarka of any Lagna does not deny a person. Since he will never enjoy Mahadasa of Venus, Venus ordered his sign lord Jupiter to pour money on him. After birth, luxury and comfort for which one struggles whole life is decided by the 4th house. The fourth house being 9th of 8th house explains the prospects of comfort and complacency in current birth as per the strength of credit or debit balance of Karma in past birth. If anybody has connection with his past Janma, his life get direct upliftment in this life. Natural luck flows to him. He has got the ability to make use of credit balance from his Poorva Janma, Lagna lord in Lagna grants and eventful life to a native, when it is aspected by another natural benefic planet. Saturn, Mercury Yoga in Lagna, made his horoscope very powerful.

In order to help the young astrologers of India, the author has penned down this present book. Hundreds of astrology slokas have been included in the Chapter – 1. These golden rules will open the eyes of the savants of astrology . From 2001 onwards with the advent of 21 century people have started earning croros of rupees. Who can earn crores of rupees, have been explained in Chapter-5-6. Total there are 15 Chapters. Art of prediction have been included in Chapter-2. By knowing the various Karakwata of planets, drawing a Solar return chart and by mastering 3 dasa systems, it would be easier for anybody to forecast mundane events in life. 7th house is actually opposes the Ist house, So evil planet in the 7th house may give too much trouble, opposition, rivalries and these will take away his valuable time and energy to fight them and his success is delayed too much and his career may be tarnished due to much of opposition and enemies. Saturn and Mars in the 7th house does not allow the native for the fuller utilization of his inherent talent.




Chapter 1 Golden Rules of Astrology 19
  Example 1 : Horoscope of an MBA who earns in crores 32
  Example 2 : Horoscope of cricketer Chris Gayle 33
  Horoscope of Virendra Shewag 33
  Paribartan Yoga 37
  Maha Yoga 41
  Special role of 4th and 10th lord 42
  Example 3 : Horoscope of Richard Nixon 44
  Example 4 : Horoscope of an IAS Officer 45
  Example 5 : Story of a Bengali girl married in London 47
  Example 6 : Horoscope of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherge 57
  Example 7 : Eloped with a boy friend from a poor class 59
  Horoscope of George Bush (Sr.) 95
Chapter 2 Exalted and Debilitated Planets. 106
  Example 1 : Emperor Shivaji 116
  Example 2 : Horoscope of Mrs. Bandarnayak 118
  Example 3 : Story of clerk 123
  Example 4 : Story of property dealer of Delhi 125
  Example 5 : Story of day dreamer 126
  Example 6 : Life long health problem of a married lady 128
  Example 7 : Story of an illustrious old lady of the society 129
  Example 8 : Spiritual inclination of a computer engineer 130
  Example 9 : Rags to riches 131
  Example 10 : Doctorate in IT with debilitated Mars in 8th 132
  Example 11 : Struggle of a clerk for debilitated Saturn in 11th house 134
  Example 12 : Rags to riches 135
  Example 13 : Ruined career 138
Chapter 3 The Art of Prediction. 140
  Karakas or Significators 142
  Karkas as destroyer or Bhava 149
  Jaimini Karakas 149
  Minor Karakas 150
  Bhukti of Atmakaraka 150
  Example 1 : Success story of an IIT, Delhi Computer Engineer 151
  Example 2 : Death in infancy 162
Chapter 4 Identification of the Ascendent. 171
  Example 1 : Sachin Tendulkar 181
  Example 2 : Rahul Gandhi 186
Chapter 5 Financial Prosperity 188
  Example 1 : Horoscope of a successful Chemical Engineer 191
  Example 2 : Horoscope of President Truman 194
  Millionaire Yoga 197
  Akhanda Samarjya Yoga 199
  Lakshmi Yoga 199
  Vasumati Yoga 200
  Gaja Keshari Yoga 200
  Parjata Yoga 201
  Mahabhagya Yoga 202
  Padma Yoga 202
  Differnent types of Paarijata Yoga 202
  Example 3 : Doctorate in economics form Standford University 206
  Example 4 : Prominent career of a Chemical Engineer of BHU 208
  Example 5 : Prominent career of a ComputerEngineer 209
  Example 6 : Horoscope of a business magnet of Assam 210
  Example 7 : Rich businessman of Kolkata 211
  Example 8 : Doctorate from Buffalo University 212
  Example 9 : One industrialist of Noida 213
  Example 10 : Doctorate in computer Engineering 215
  Example 11 : Doctorate in Computer Engineering 216
  Example 12 : A successful lady Doctor 217
  Example 13 : Riches to rags for enormous greed 218
  Example 14 : Success story of Crorepati MBA 219
  Example 15 : Barkrupay of Crorepati MBA 220
  Example 16 : Loss of Charm of life of a crorepati for leg injury 224
  Kuber Tulya Raja Yoga 225
  Source of wealth. 225
Chapter 6 Professional Brilliance 226
  Example 1 : Pandit Madan Mohan Malavia 234
  Good Priod of life 235
  Example 2 : Bad health 236
  Example 3 : Kendradhipati Dosha 237
  Money power 238
  Dhan Yoga 239
  Combinations of Poverty 240
  Example 4 : Poverty 241
  Example 5 : Struggle of a highly qualified engineer 242
  Sudden Gain 243
  Windfall and hidden wealth 243
  Source of wealth 244
  Rich through self effor 244
  Example 6 : Successful IIT, Delhi , Mechanical Engineer 245
  Money earning capacity of various ascendants 246
  Example 7 : Ram Jethmalani 251
  Example 8 : Brilliant professional career of a General of Army 252
  Example 9 : Brilliant career of an electrical engineer 254
  Example 10 : A lady in a high job 255
  Example 11 : Ph.D in cosmetology 256
Chapter 7 Successful Manager and Business Tycoons. 257
  Supreme Importance of Bhagyasthan 273
  Example 1 : Chairma of FERA Board 275
  Example 2 : Ratan Tata 276
  Example 3 : Rahul Bajaj 277
  Example 4 : Nusli Wadia 279
Chapter 8 Stars of Sun and human destiny. 281
  Example 1 : Horoscope of a CA 285
Chapter 9 Brilliant Venus. 298
  Example 1 : Immoral tendency of a man 299
  Example 2 : Rags to riches 301
  Example 3 : Sex scandals of a CA 309
  Luni Solar Influence on Venus 310
  Baneful Venus and Locomotion 311
  Example 4 : Mahatma Gandhi 312
  Example 5 : President Roosovelt 313
  Example 6 : Prof. Stephen Hawking 313
  Poets, Musicians and Venus 314
  Poets 319
  Musician 319
  Example 7 : Abraham Lincoin 321
Chapter 10 Mysterious Ketu Mahadasa. 322
  Example 1 : A very rich person became beggar 324
  Edger cayce 325
  Example 2 : President Eisenhower 327
  Example 3 : Harshad Mehata 330
  Example 4 : Loss of wife during Ketu-Venus dasa 331
  Example 5 : Become crorepati during Ketu Mahadasa 332
  Example 6 : Loss of son during Ketu dasa 332
  Example 7 : A lady went to jail during Ketu dasa 333
  Example 8 : Return from death during Ketu dasa 333
  Example 9 : Mysterious role of Ketu in the killing process 334
  Example of an IFS 335
Chapter 11 Political Success. 336
  Yogas for Politicians 337
  The Sun and political career 340
  Example 1 : Adolf Hitler 340
  Example 2 : Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 341
  Example 3 : Richard Nixon 344
  Example 4 : Mahatma Gandhi 345
  Example 5 : Jahwar Lal Nehru 346
  Example 6 : Roosevelt 349
Chapter 12 Mental Imbalance 353
  Example 1 : Marilyn Monroe 354
  Example 2 : Deep depression in a young man 356
  Example 3 : Lunatic girl form the day of birth 364
  Example 4 : Lunatic Oriya boy 364
  Example 5 : Turned lunatic for over ambitions 365
  Example 6 : Suicidal Tendency 366
  Example 7 : Deep mental depression of a house wife 368
  Example 8 : Premature death of an electrical engineer 369
Chapter 13 Guru Chandala Yoga 370
  Example 1 : Huge loss of money 372
  Example 2 : Harsha Mehta 375
  Example 3 : Education in Purdue University 377
  Example 4 : Role of Ketu in the horoscope of a CA 379
  Example 5 : Role of Jupiter-Ketu in the 8th house of a young sanyasin 380
  Example 6 : Success stories of an IIT 381
  Example 7 : Guru Chandal Yoga in the horoscope of Prof. Mukherjee 383
  Example 8 : Extinguished family tree by a lady 385
  Example 9 : Guru Chandl Yoga in a Civil Engineer's horoscope 386
  Example 10 : Horoscope of an ordinary Hindu Computer Engineer who married a Muslim lady 388
Chapter 14 Prospects of Father and Son. 391
  Example 1 : Horoscope of an IAS Officer 392
  Exampel 2 : Loss of job of father of an infant 397
  Example 3 : Horoscope of an MCA 398
Chapter 15 Yoga for being Mute. 401
  Example 1 : Mute son of a prosperous man 403
  Example 2 : Mute boy of a Civil Engineer 404
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