Grains - The Cause of Human Diseases (Unfolding The Root Cause of Human Degeneration Deformities & Diseases)
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Grains - The Cause of Human Diseases (Unfolding The Root Cause of Human Degeneration Deformities & Diseases)

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Item Code: NAQ591
Author: Dr. N. K. Sharma
Publisher: Teenage Publishers, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789385385445
Pages: 188
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About The Author

It is said that the Divine doesn't come Himself onto this earth, instead He incarnates those elevated souls into the world, who, letting go of their own self- interest, willingly work for the upliftment of humanity, for their enlightenment, and establish a Divine order based on the immutable laws of Nature, devoting their whole life in a self-less way for the greater good. Two such Divine souls have thus incarnated in the forms of Dr. N. K. Sharma and Dr. Savita Sharma, who are fulfilling their duties in a wonderful way, working for the betterment of the world.

For the past thirty five years, since the time the Sharma couple were joined with the nuptial knot, they have been experimenting with optimal health projects. Right from the beginning they were against the idea of sitting and waiting in hospitals or clinics for people to fall seriously ill and come to them and then make them waste their own precious time in healing them. In their opinion, wasn't it a better option to educate them before hand, acquaint them with the natural laws of the Universe, even before they were forced to go to the hospital? Those who really desire to avoid diseases and doctors and hospitals, would definitely want to learn how to do so, and even if only about twenty percent of the people did actually get awakened, the mission would still be successful, and in the future, more people could be saved from falling victims to fatal diseases. Otherwise, even after building thousands of hospitals, we wouldn't be able to cope with the overwhelming flood of diseases. Our resources, time and energies would thus be unnecessarily frittered away. With this thought prominently in their minds, despite running a number of hospitals in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and in Gujarat, the Sharma couple have been constantly experimenting with newer modalities. They had, in fact, made a rule in their practice, that whichever patient did not attend their 2-day workshop on ' Be your own Doctor', they would refuse to meet or counsel him the next time he came to them. It was their firm belief that ifthe patient is continuing to suffer from the same issue, that means he is still unawakened and is actually inviting the disease into his life. So there was no use wasting one's time on such people when it could be profitably used on those who were willing to be awakened. Dr. Sharma believes that disease is nothing but a reflection of incorrect habits, a darkness born of ignorance. A fight should be undertaken against such disease causing habits, against ignorance. One just needed to light the lamp of knowledge to promote health, darkness would automatically get destroyed. For this body has been created to be healthy, not be in a diseased state.

Keeping this belief in mind, the Sharma couple have not only visited different cities in India but also countries abroad, organizing training camps to promote health by bringing about awareness amongst the people.

By successfully curing cancer and other such incurable diseases through natural healing modalities, they have firmly established the prominence and strength of natural ways of healing. They are the foremost naturopaths in the whole world for having successfully healed more than fourteen thousand cancer patients so far. They have a long history of competently treating cancer. In fact, they have even received recognition for their achievements from the President and have presented their completely recovered patients in front of him, the Prime minister and other dignitaries of the Loksabha and Rajyasabha. Thousands of their articles and interviews have appeared in various media and newspapers. They have received accolades, appreciative letters and awards not only in India but also from countries abroad.

Many eminent people from all over the world, like Presidents, Prime ministers, ministers, prominent industrialists, and even film actors have benefited from their knowledge and advice.

The Dr. Sharma couple have a number of revolutionary achievements to their credit, prominent among them being:

They are the foremost naturopaths in the world to have proved that 'animal milk is harmful for humans', and have presented their findings in their revolutionary book 'Milk-a Silent Killer', which has confounded scientists the world over. The book has already been translated into eight languages.

They are also the first naturopaths to have conducted an in-depth research on grains and cereals and have undeniably proved that these are not natural foods for mankind. By consuming grains, humans can remain alive but never healthy. It is because of grains that we have been victims of innumerable diseases through the ages. They encourage people to either give up consumption of grains completely or at least reduce their intake if we want to live a long, healthy, disease-free life. We can never live a healthy life if we continue to allow grains to be a part of our daily diet.

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