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Grandma's Home Remedies Tips (Easy-Early Cure-Authentic and Original)

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Author: Dr. Ashutosh Sharma
Language: English
ISBN: 9789380056593
Pages: 149 (15 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description

We are much familiar with helps and tips, our grandmother or grandaunt of the neighbourhood would tell us to observe when some disorder or injury came our way. It was their very nature to prescribe these handy tips to over the problems which they would see around. What they gave used to very effective, but that time we did not value it so much. Often we would have a cynical view of it, thinking it to be not scientific. What they told was usually based upon long established remedies of Ayurveda base. There is a long derived series of results of experiments of Ayurveda practitioners of various ages. Grandmas medicines were taken out of the repertoire. Over her long experience of life, some of these were well tried and their efficacy directly seen by her. Often you would hear her saying that though such and such thing was learnt by her from her elders but in these circumstances, this remedy has this limitation or in so and so weather conditions, it is wise not to take this herb or medicine. In other world, her herbal know-how was well rounded with her own experience.

We do remember her many poultice applications for various skin injuries/eruptions, she would say-try rubbing asafetida around navel area when the patient feels uneasiness of stomach or sort of cramps or bloating. Her Triphala preparations were on the mark, most times. Do not drink lot of water after taking profuse amount of melons and many such things to be done or avoided. Though such things were popular all over the world, but India has a bigger store of these old gems. Else where people were less skeptical of these old formulae of health and wellness. The old ladies also had many a beauty elixirs up their sleeves too. They were themselves using these and advising their daughters/grand-daughters/daughters-in-law of the usage.

Most things that would come here are quite well known to us, but we are not aware not aware fully of their medicinal effects or various aspects of nutrition these address in the functioning of mind, body and psyche. Here we shall cover many usual problems of body, mind apparatus. We shall also strive to cover some basic aspects of beauty treatment-like skin, face, hair, hands and feet. The emphasis is on usual ingredients. Any queries by the valued readers are welcome and it will be striven to be responded to by our panel of experts of the relevant discipline. If you would point out some errors in the presentation, you would do us a great favour so that the same could be rectified in next versions. We have also tried to use common Indian terms for various herbs.


IDisorders of Digestive System7-32
Stomach Pain/Heaviness/Burinig11
Gas Flatulence & Belching12
Worms in Digestive System25
No Appetite28
Ulcers in Stomach/Intestine31
2Nose, Throat,Ear33- 45
Dry Cough33
Cough With Phlegm34
Throat Irritation35
Congestion of Colds, Coryza36
Nose Irritation/Bleeding39
Asthma/Bronchitis/Hard Breathing40
Internal Boils and the pain that of43
Ear Infection and Ache43
Ear Ozzing/Pus44
Improving Hearing45
3Problems of Eyes, Mouth and Teeth46-58
Ache of Eyes46
Strain of CRT/TV Screen47
Tired Eyes47
Burning in Eyes48
Sore Eyes49
Weakening Eye Sight50
Dark Circles around Eyes51
Vision Problem During Darkness51
Eye Wounds, Web, Water Oozing etc.52
Swelling of Pupils53
Bad Odour53
Hoarseness of Voice54
Mouth Infection and Ulcers54
Teeth Disorders56
Tooth Ache and Loss of Firmness56
Teeth Cleaning-Yellow and Dirty Teeth58
Tooth Decay Arrest/Strengthening Teeth58
4Treatment of Fevers59- 68
Miscellaneous Fevers60
Fever with Whooping Cough67
5Heart Problems, Blood Pressure69-75
High Blood Pressure/Hypertension69
Giddiness/Chest-pain etc. Due to High BP70
Heart Tone-uo/Stabilizing71
Tonics for Cardiac Health/Anemia72
Low BP and Associated low Feeling73
6Urinary System And Kidneys76- 79
Painful Urination76
Sensation of Burning and Blockage while Urination76
Scanty Urination77
Kidney Disease78
Urinary/Gall Bladder Stones78
Involuntary Urine Passing79
7Muscles and Body-Joints80- 87
Muscular Cramps80
Muscular Pain81
Burning Sensation in Palms and Soles83
Paining Heels83
General For Muscle Toning85
Athlete's Foot And Foot Corns86
Bed Sores/Bruises86
8Obesity and Diabetes88- 93
Obesity and Diabetes90
Cholewsterol Control92
9Body Cosmetics and Health94- 119
Face Scars95
Pimples and Black-Heads96
Burns and Pustiles/Boils97
Ventilation of Skin-Pores98
Treatment of Freckles/Skin Color- Patches98
Facial Treatment99
Treating Hand/Arms106
Cracked/Chafed Skin109
Skin Allergies/Itch/Irritation110
Itch of Ringworm and Eczema111
Body Warts112
Burning of Palms/Feet113
Unpleasant Body Smells114
Body Color-Spots and Boils114
Hair Care Regimen115
Graying of Hair116
Unhealthy Follicles/Falling of Hair118
10Nervous Tone up, Depression, Headache Cures120-126
Nerves Tonic, Remedies for Fits121
Headaches and Heaviness124
Headache of Sides and Migraine126
11Female Diseases127- 133
Menstrual Pain127
Menstruation Delay127
Excessive Bleeding of Menstruation127
Irregular Bouts of Bleeding of Menstruation128
Painful Menstrual Cramps129
No Menstruation During Reproductive Age130
White Discharge in Females131
Prior and Post Natal Care of Ladies131
Morning Sickness132
Lactation Facilitation132
12Disorders of Males134- 138
Weakness and Lack of Vitality134
Sex Urge Lack135
Premature Ejaculation137
Involuntary Night Ejaculations137
Softness/Swelling inTestes138
13Diseases and Cures of Fruit139-142

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