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Practical Nature Cure Home Remedies (Easy-Early Cure-Authentic and Original)

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Author: Dr. Ashutosh Sharma
Language: English
ISBN: 9789380056579
Pages: 133
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

We are quite well aware that diseases come as imbalance occur in the body. The imbalance comes when internal and external interactions produce undesirable, undesirable things and processes inside our body/mind systems. It is good to know that the imbalances could be prevented and cured also with intake of right foods, ingredients relating to functioning of body/mind systems. Body and mind closely inter-relate. A healthy body helps sound working of mind, so the right working mind regulates harmonious and well rounded working of limbs and systems of our body. It is as important to keep mind in right balance and cheer, as for the body systems to work well and with sound parameters. Then only both work in right harmony and the system keeps going, the way it should. Certain fundamentals have to be well borne in mind. If we keep our intakes (of foods and thoughts) in right order, then you prevent the imbalances which we have talked about in the foregoing. When you see signs of some such imbalance, we could take some corrective things right at the beginning so that the Problems get addressed when their impact may be lesser. For that we need to be familiar what works for which problem. In this presentation, we endeavour to give some remedies and preventives which we daily encounter. These are given in alphabetic order. If we were to know what good or bad effects these familiar things have, we could derive right and full benefits of these very familiar things around us.

How many of us know all the good characteristics of blue berries these are great for enhancing immunity systems of the body whereby so many harming things would be resisted and we shall be spared from many diseases and debilities. Do we know that pears are natural cure of fibroid, or that many an organic juices reverse on-set Alzheimer’s disease and hepatitis C also. Neem is one of the most effective purifier, antiseptic and destroyer/preventive of nuisance of many pests and insects. Some of the salients we mention here below:

-Generally ‘satvik’ (digestive, nutritious) foods enhance body and mind vitality, keeping you healthy and cheery.

-Organic foods (no use artificial/chemicals) resist and kill toxic things.

-We should try to eat fresh and naturally occurring things to maximum extent.

-The best nutrients to the body are pure water and unpolluted air. We should take in plentiful of both.

-Vegetable and fruit increase alkalinity of our body, which is a boon when lot of our foods are of acidic nature.

-In modern living style-vegetables, fruit, grains are being exposed to many chemicals. We should try to remove these chemicals to best possible extent, by washing/airing/filtering etc.

-Try to have minimum packaged-ready to eat foods, in your living style, these are not conducive.

-Try to eat Vegetables and fruit which occur in that season they are more suited to suited to environments of respective seasons, thus promoting wellness.

They match natural constituents of body better in different weather conditions.

They enhance alkalinity of the body in a natural way they encounter adversity of extreme weathers the best, to the extent possible, eat their peels also.

and those are more economical also.

-When eating sea-food, ensure that its source is unpolluted, there is a lot of Mercury pollution these days in water.

At all stages food items should be with closest possible proximity of natural conditions.

-Try to take in maximum fresh prepared food, not preserved or kept long.

-In modern food intake, there is less of fiber which produces many a health problems. Increase fiber intake.

-Where as spicy and heavy oily food should be minimal, carefully used condiments address many health issues.

-Four whites-sugar, salt, white rice should be consumed in controlled quantities. These are health-foes in

Modern living style and their usage is in abundant excess.

-Red meat should be greatly substituted with fish and poultry. The latter is far healthier.


Asafetida (Hing)7
Aloe Vera9
Apple Cider and Its Vinegar18
Bitter Gourd (karela)24
Beetroot (Chukandar)27
Barley & Butter-Milk (Chhachh and Jau)29
Carom Seeds (Ajvain)30
Cardamom (Elaichi)32
Carrot (Gajar)34
Celery (Ajmod)36
Coriander (Dhania)36
Curry Leaves38
Cloves (Laung)38
Cumin Seeds (Jeera)40
Cucumber (Kheera)41
Custard Apple (Sharifa)44
Fenugreek (Methi)45
Fennel (Saunf)47
Fig (Anjir)48
Garlic (Lehsun)50
Ginger (Adrak)51
Grapes (Angoor)53
Guava (Amrood)54
Indian Gooseberry (Amla)56
Indian Black Berry (Jamun)60
Jaggery-Cottage Whole Sugar (Gur)61
Lemon (Nimbu)62
Mustard (Sarson)64
Musk Melon (Kharbuza)66
Mango (Aam)67
Maize (Makai)70
Onion (Payaz)71
Orange (Santra)73
Papaya (Papita)75
Black Pepper (Kali Mirch)76
Pulses and Grams77
Radish (Mooli)80
Sesame and Its Oil (Til)82
Spinach (Palak)83
Stone Apple (Bel)85
Snake Gourd/Ribbed Gourd (Tori)87
Tulsi (Indian Sacred Basil)92
Turnip (Shakagam)95
Wheat (Gehun)96
White Gourd (Lauki)98
Pomegranate (Anar)101
Pine Apple (Anna Nas)106
Annexure-Nature Thus Cures Diseases/Deficiencies111
Appendix I-Honey121
Appebdix II-Water124

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