A Guide To Palmistry

A Guide To Palmistry

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Author: Dr. Shanker Adawal
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2012
Pages: 237 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inc
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About The Author

Dr Shanker Adawal, the author, is a management professional. He has over the last thirty three years worked with various prestigious corporates in India and abroad. His experience of working with L and T, Xerox, Tata, Nortel and with a leading energy major of the country, alongwith a Jyotishacharya from Varanasi gives him the perfect blend of intellect and logic. The son of a bureaucrat father and an educationist mother, he is a graduate in Economics (Hons), Masters in Business Economics from Delhi University, PhD in Economics and complementing his skills with software and other leadership programs from Singapore and other countries.

His passion has been astrology, a passion that fell his way in childhood, a zeal that he picked from his father. As a child he often saw his father, a bureaucrat and an astrologer, getting admiration from many eminent astrologers, which inspired him. He used to spend long hours participating in intellectual debates that his father used to have with his friends and fellow astrologers. With thousands of books in his library, free consultations through magazines, television, portals, and newspapers around the globe, he continuous his journey on his passion. He has been felicitated and awarded for his contribution in this field. He also has keen interest in Human Rights.



There have been innumerable requests to me for writing a book on Palmistry. This is not the area of my research. I have therefore tried to write a book that gives the basics of this science.

Palmistry has been there from the early ages and we find literature where Sanskrit language has been used in explaining issues of this science in the early Vedic ages.

In this book I have tried to explain the uniqueness of each hand and as to how it helps in deciphering characteristics.

In the science of hand reading importance is given to the shape, size, lines and the marks on hand. These have been dealt in details through various chapters in the book.

Palmistry is in no way related to the science of Occultism but can be divided into two parts viz the art of reading character from the shape of hands/fingers and the science of reading he actions and habits. Also it gives an insight of the future if one is able to correlate the shape of the hand with the lines marked thereon.

I have in the various chapters tried to explain various factors like the size, shape, texture, lines and marks that help in deciphering character and the actions that a person is prone towards.

This is a basic book on Palmistry which will be useful reading to all I am sure. One could develop on these basics for a greater understanding of the subject.




1 Palmistry - An Introduction 1
2 The Hands 10
3 Fingers and Finger Tips 23
4 The Characteristics of Lines And Marks 39
5 Thumb and its Secret 54
6 The Mounts 60
7 The Mutual Action of Mounts 85
8 Essentials and Rules for Hand Readng 121
9 The Lines of the Hand (General) 129
10 The Line of Heart 135
11 Line of Head 151
12 Life Line 165
13 Line of Saturn (Fate Line) 176
14 Line of Sun 187
15 Line of Mercury 194
16 The Minor lines or he Lines of Influence 200
17 Marriage and progeny 216
18 Profession 221
19 Tips for Hand Reading 224

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