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How to Lead a Household Life

How to Lead a Household Life
Item Code: IDE281
Author: Swami Ramsukhdas
Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8129300354
Pages: 60
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.1" X 5.3"
weight of the book: 86 gms


At present the system of social orders of the Hindu culture is breaking up. The household social order which is the root of all the four of them, is in a very deplorable condition. A householder has been gripped firmly by several problems and he is leading a life full of disappointment, disquietude and tension. Many householders, men and women pay a visit to reverend Swami Ramasukhadasaji Maharaja; they put problems of their personal life before him and seek a proper solution to them. Therefore there was longfelt need of such a book which besides providing knowledge pertaining to necessary household affairs may provide them with proper solution to their complicated problems. This book fulfils that need. Readers are requested to study this book carefully and also inspire others to study it. Every household should have this book in his house. It should be offered as a present on auspicious occasions such as marriage etc.

Besides this book there are two more booklets 'Guard Against the Deadly Sin' and 'Duty of Offspring' (Duty to Parents) written by Swamiji which are also very useful for householders. Readers are requested to study these two booklets also and be benefited by them.

Household Duties:

"Lord Sankara wears garland of skulls and snake while Parvati wears beautiful ornaments. Sankara's son Kartikeya has six faces while Ganesa has a big belly. Their vehicles – bullock, lion, peacock and rat also devour each other. In spite of different (contradictory) natures there is always unity in lord Sankara's family. (In the same way every person should live with the member of his family, who have different natures, with affection, renouncing his pride and pleasure, keeping in mind the welfare and convenience of others)."




1. How to Lead a Household Family Life 1
2. Dealings (Behaviour) 12
3. Advice Pertaining to Children 26
4. Advice Pertaining to Women 34
5. Solution to Strifes and Quarrels 50

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