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Importance and Benefits of Chanting

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Author: Jayant Balaji Athavale, Kunda Jayant Athavale
Publisher: Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskruti Sanstha
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788189970543
Pages: 62
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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About the Author

“In all their Holy texts, Dr. Jayant (Mrs.) kunda have presented the theoretical and practical aspects of the science of Spirituality from all angles. Since the holy text are based on personal experiences. They inspire even the ignorant to undertake spiritual practice, and strengthen the faith of the seekers on the path of Spirituality, the worshippers and the devotees. Being pleased with Dr. Jayant and his wife Dr. (Mrs.) Kunda’s humble and devoted Sava in a true disciple spirit, H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj bestowed on them abundant supreme spiritual knowledge and devotion. As a result, Dr. Jayant established established Sanatan Sanstha. The centers of the Sanstha far and wide and are engaged in spreading the eternal, the eternal, true knowledge of the science of the science of Spirituality in scientific terminology in a perfect manner.”

Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavala: the very first Holy text I wrote in 1987 was cyclostyled that too was in a scientific language where the subjects were explained with the help of charts comparative studies percentages etc. which are normally not found in text on spirituality. Later too my technique of writing remained the same was this because I am a student of science? Or did god get it done through me to suit the present kaliyug?


Our Sadguru H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj has explained the importance of the Lord’s Name though His bhajans (devotional songs). A few translation lines from His bhajans are give here.

O God! Your name alone is the basis of all scriptures.

Your Principal is beyond the description given in the Veds. (The most sacred Hindu scriptures, directly by God.)

It is difficult to follow Dharma (Righteousness) in Kaliyug (the current era). However, the Lord’s Name can take us beyond the vast ocean of life and death.

Several Saints like Saint Tukaram, Brahmachaitanya Gondavlekar Maharaj and Saint Kabir also explained the importance of chanting the Lord’s Name. Even so, many people have doubts about how one can cross the vast ocean of Maya (The Great illusion) with the help of a small boat of chanting the Lord’s Name and have God-realisation. Without Chanting, we cannot get the spiritual experience of God; at the same time, we cannot start chanting the concept intellectually. Because of this confusion, even without chanting many ‘conclude is useless’.

We have compiled this Holy text with the purpose of clarifying all doubts about chanting and highlighting the importance of the Lord’s name. We have explained several facts like, even the Veds having originated from the Lord’s Name, that the Lord’s Name is the saviour of both the virtuous as well as the sinner, the Lord’s Name is essential for the completion of any spiritual practice, it is essential even for the seeker who has been liberated from the cycle of life and death etc. After reading this Holy text, the faith in the Lord’s Name will definitely increase.

Chanting helps in alleviating physical and psychological ailments, increasing concentration, reducing sorrow, nullifying all sins and is useful after death. As listed above, many other benefits of chanting at various levels are narrated throughout the text. There are several paths of spiritual practice like Karmayog 9Path of Action), Bhaktiyog (Path of Devotion) etc. Dhyanyog (Path of Meditation), Dnyanyog (Path of Knowledge) etc. This Holy text also explains how those living a worldly life can adopt the Path of Chanting which is simple, with no restrictions of time and place and which can constantly keep us in communion with God. Thus, the chanting the Lord’s Name is the only path in which the spiritual practice can continue uninterrupted. From all the above it will be evident why it is important for all of us to follow the Path of Chanting.

It is our prayer at Guru’s feet that every reader understands the importance to start the spiritual practice of chanting the Lord’s name.


1Definition of Namasankirtanyog11
2Synonyms of Namsankirtan11
3Types and meaning of jap11
4Misconceptions about chanting12
5Special features12
5BThe Veds have originated from the Lord’s Name12
5CThe Vedic mantras begin with ‘Omkar’, meaning the Lord’s Name12
5DThe Lords Name itself clears doubts about the name12
5EBenefit even in the absence of faith12
5FChanting the name amounts to actually surrendering oneself to it13
5GThe all-powerful Lord submits to the who chants13
5HAlthough the Name seems insignificant, what we can accomplish by it is magnificent13
5IThe Lord’s Name is both the means as well as the end14
6Principle of chanting14
6ANeed for chanting to reduce attachment to Maya14
6BWhat is the need of chanting the name of the One who has no name14
7Importance of chanting14
7AImportance of the God having a Name14
7BThe Lord’s name does the same task as God himself16
7CThe Lord’s Name is superior to His from16
7DThe Name helps determine the goal16
7ELove for God though the medium of His Name17
7FSpiritual practice suitable for all17
7GThe Lord’s name helps everyone19
7HSpecial Importance20
7IFinal moments of the and Namsmaran20
7JThe Lord’s Name is necessary for the jivanmukta21
7KNegative energies can be defeated by the Lord’s Name21
8Benefits of chanting22
8ACommon benefits22
8BMedical benefits22
8CPsychological benefits23
8Dbenefits according to the science of Spirituality25
8ELord Shiva and ‘Halahal’-Namdharak and chanting41
8FAcquiring siddhis (supernatural powers)42
8GSpiritual progress is expedited due to chanting42
8HDissolution of Ego42
8IGuru’s grace acquired by chanting42
8JWe can merge with God due to chanting, that is, achieve advait43
8kChanting helps even in after-life43
8LBenefits in relation to smashti sadhana43
9Comparison between chanting and other parts of yog44
9AAsans, Tatak, Pranayam and Namjap44
9BKarmayog (Path of Action) and chanting45
9CBhaktiyog and chanting45
9DMantrajap and Namjap47
9EDhyan and Namjap48
9FDnyanyog Namjap50
9GGurukrupayog and Namsankirtanyog52
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