India’s Contribution to Management

India’s Contribution to Management

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Author: Pravir Malik
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8170601525
Pages: 170
Cover: Paperback
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Comments about India’s Contribution to Management

“India’s Contribution to Management.’ A Vision offers an alternative view to the traditional management perspectives which are largely shaped by the experiences of western practitioners, and to that extent, will provide insights to all those who have an interest in the subject of management... The influence of his cultural roots on Pravir’s work is very clear, and I can only compliment him on how he has retained his attachment to these despite the extensive exposure he has clearly had to academic institutions and professional organizations overseas.. My congratulations to him...”
Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Industries Ltd.

“India’s Contribution to Management: A Vision is a thought-provoking treatise. It effectively integrates western and eastern thinking on management, synthesizes matter and spirit... .Pravir Malik in this seminal volume lays the foundation of his theory of Quantum Management where blending of matter and spirit will create a corporation which will be driven by purpose as well as people...

- During recent years, a large number of books have been written on management; however, India’s Contribution to Management: A Vision is a very different. Very refreshing volume...”
Mr. Dharni Sinha, Former Principal, Administrative Staff College of India

“India’s Contribution to Management: A Vision is valuable and relevant, not only for managers but to all those interested in business, professional growth and organizational development. For it integrates the inner and outer dimensions in a holistic way — the goods, with The Good — empowered by the human, psychological and ethico-spiritual foundations as the bases of all dynamic action and energy in individuals and corporations for societal leadership and service.

The book is a must reading for businesses, schools, and libraries, nationally and internationally. It is an investment in the future for successful development for both business and industry, and the business of living, galvanized by the human spirit.”

Vasant V. Merchant, Ph.D., LL.B., Professor (Emeritus), Northern Arizona University, Editor, The International Journal of Humanities and Peace. Foreword by Dr. Karan Singh.

From the Jacket

Pravir Malik has a decade of experience in the areas of strategic business planning, marketing planning, business process reengineering, business process improvement, change management, and information technology planning & development.

He has an M.B.A. from J.L.Kellogg Graduate School of Management of the Northwestern University, Chicago, with majors in Marketing. International Business, and Organizational Behavior, an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Florida, Gainesville, with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence, and a B.S.E in Computer Engineering from the Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland.

Pravir is the Founder of Aurosoorya, an organization aimed at accelerating the flowering of Business, Organization, Management and Industry. He has been a Manager with AT. Kearney, a Management Consultant with EDS and with Ernst & Young, and a Technical Consultant with ZS Associates, He is currently a Senior Consultant with The Concours Group. He is on the advisory panel for International Journal of Humanities and Peace, and is a Special Consultant tome Awakening Ray, the bi-monthly journal of The Gnostic Center.

Pravir welcomes any comments you may have.


Aurosoorya, The Golden Sun, is derived from the Latin word Auto’ (Gold) and the Sanskrit word ‘Soorya’ (Sun), and exists to bring into manifestation insights, tools, and companies ‘hut will accelerate the flowering of Management, Organization. Business and Industry., Aurosoorya’s first spin-off, has created a number of software tools to assist individuals, Learns, and organizations to climb to the summit of their possibility. The software is free, and is directly downloadable over the Internet.

Aurosoorya is consecrated to the Vision and Work of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.


With the globalization of the world economy, the importance of integrated management practices continue to grow rap idly The development of modern tools of communication, satellite technology and other startling innovations require a new and creative approach to management. While certain principles are common around the world, each civilisation can make a very special contribution to the growth of man age men philosophy. Japan has shown how an Eastern civilisation can, while retaining cultural independence, bring to management certain concepts that have enabled it to race ahead of the developed West on its own turf.

India is the oldest continuing civilisation in the world, and over the millennia has made outstanding contributions to various fields of human knowledge. The development of the zero, for example, based on the Sanskrit Shunya, has made possible all the amazing advances in mathematics, physics and computer technology that we now take for granted. Similarly in the realm of exploring the inner psyche, India with its tradition of Yoga in the broader sense of that term has made remarkable discoveries. In our own times the great savant and philosopher Sri Aurobindo has thrown fresh light upon a vast spectrum of human concern and activity.

Pravir Malik has evidently been considerably influenced by Sri Aurobindo and his philosophy. In this book he has brought together articles on management that he has written over the last few years which, taken together, present a re fleshing alternate view on management philosophy to what is found in classical textbooks. The human factor has got to remain central to any new management philosophy. Unless we are able to manage our own thoughts and emotions, we are unlikely to succeed in creating a same and equitable global society in the millennium that lies ahead. I am sure this book will be of wide interest to managers not only in India but in other countries also wherever there is a quest for new, holistic approaches to management.


India’s Contribution to Management: A Vision, portrays a holistic, spiritually-based contribution that India can make in the field of management.

This book is divided into three parts. Part 1, The Possibility, discusses how the confluence of certain world trends and India’s own uniqueness positions it to provide critical components to greatly enhance the field of management.

Part 2, The Imperative, highlights the necessity for change in management approach, by examining various dynamics at the individual level, the organizational level, and the level of Economy.

Part 3, The Future, indicates what future management may evolve into if the necessary holism is injected into its foundations.

India’s Contribution to Management: A Vision leverages off the author’s previous book, Flowering of Management. Several chapters from Flowering of Management have been revised, enlarged or repositioned to support the thesis of India’s Contribution to Management: A Vision.


Acknowledgments iii
Foreword by Dr. Karan Singh v
Introduction vii
Part 1: The Possibility
1. The Asian Resurgence 3
2. The Role of the Corporation 9
3. The Role of India 16
4. The East-West Synthesis 23
Part 2: The Imperative
1. The Need for a New Management Framework 41
2. Macro-trends in Management 49
3. The Digital Economy 59
4. An Effective Approach to Change Management 69
5. Within: A Leadership Development Model for the Digital Economy 81
Part 3: The Future
1. Business for the New Millennium: Breaking through Limitations 95
2. Making Quantum-based Predictions108
3. Toward Quantum-based Reality 123
4. Redefining Profit 138
5. The New Management Paradigm 148
Design-oriented Quantum ability 161
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