Indological Miscellanea
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Indological Miscellanea

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Item Code: NAK926
Author: R.N Dandekar
Publisher: Bhandarkar Oriental Research Insitute, Pune
Language: English
Edition: 1997
ISBN: 9788194124320
Pages: 463
Cover: Hardcover
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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Some Aspects af Vedic Exegesis 1-18
Reflections on Vedic Mythology 19-37
Commentators of the Rgveda: A Recapitulation 38-56
Soma is not Fly-agaric 57-67
A Decade of Vedic Studies in India and Abroad 68-98
Germany and Vedic Philology: Some Recent German Contributions to Vedic Philology 99-116
The Mahabharata Revisited 117-127
The Quintessence of the Gita in a Verse-half 128-148
Gleanings from the Sivapurana: I 149-175
Gleanings from the Sivapurana: II 176-205
Heretical Doctrines in the Puranas 206-227
Early Indian Philosophy: Some Casual Reflections 228-239
The Theory of Purusarthas: A Rethinking 240-254
Hindu Ethics: A Few General Reflections 255-263
Hinduism and Modern Culture 264-288
Jivana-Catuhsutri 289-294
Some Trends in Indian Historiography 295-317
Historiography of Ancient India: Some Reflections 318-328
Missionary Accounts of Hindu Religion 329-335
Ancient Indian Polity: Some Notes 336-343
Some Trends In Indological Studies 344-365
Literary Criticism in India 366-370
Relevance of Sanskrit in Modern Times 371-376
Ancient Scientific Literature in Sanskrit and Prakrits 379-386
Gandhiji and Indian Tradition 387-390
Max Muller: Tribute I: Comparative Religion and Mythology 391-397
Max Muller: Tribute II 398-401
Max Muller: Tribute III 402-415
Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar and the Academic Renaissance in Maharashtra 416-431
Professor P. V. Kane: A Tribute 432-446
Index 447-457

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