Jaina Method of Curing: Healing Through Mantra, Tantra and Yantra

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Author: Dr. Ms Manju Jain
Publisher: International School for Jain Studies
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 9788185708669
Pages: 408 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
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Book Description
About The Author

Dr Ms Manju Jain is a Spiritual Healer working on the Jaine Method of Curing. Her spiritual healing revolves around the philosophy, “Where faith in God is an Essential element”. Her spiritual inclination and immense faith in her spiritual healing has cured incurable diseases – defying logic & science. Even doctors have endorsed her unique style of spiritual healing and the miraculous results obtained – reducing the sufferings of her innumerable patients. She has worked on cancer, psoriasis, kidney failure, tuberculosis, skin problems and many more – successfully. She has giving surprising results on a patients suffering from deflection spinal deflection in spinal cord – thus avoiding surgery on his spinal cord. In another case, the patient suffering from throat cancer who had lost his voice – got his voice restored – due to the intense spiritual healing process of Dr Ms Manju Jain. She attributes these phenomenal recovery – not to any magic, but, to the immense healing powers in the 48 shlokas/mantras of Bhaktamar Stotra.

Dr Ms Manju Jain is a managing Trustee of the Indian federation of Spiritual Scientists (IFSS), based in Bangalore. She is the Vice President of Integrated Healing Forum, Nagpur. She is associated with various Spiritual Organisation Organisations and spiritual inclined person. She has attended and addressed innumerable Conferences on Spiritual and related areas in India and abroad. She has written and complied books like: Saadhak – A Journey of Divine Image – both in English and in French language; Jainism and its Antiquity; Mantra cards in English, French and in Hindi – based on Bhaktamar Stotra, and others. She has produced Documentary Movie on “A Tale of Jain Saint” and animated movie on Acharya Maantungaji, the creater of Bhaktamar Stora. She drivers her energy, inspiration and enthusiasm from Bhaktamar stotra and the Jain Philosophy of life, Living and Curing. She is a noble soul – who has always done – Spiritual Healing and everything that she does – is with a missionary zeal; in a selfless manner – to its utmost purity and perfection. Dr Ms Manju Jain born on March 25, 1968 and is the daughter of Dr Jeevan Lal Jain and Mrs Manorama Jain. She is married to Sandeep Jain. Managing Director of Metalfab Hightech Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur manufacturing Wind Mill Towers. They are blessed with 3 lovely sons: Chaitanya, 16 years (student of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Nagpur), Gaurang, 13 years (student of Jain international School, Nagpur) & Garv, 6 years – who is a student of Children’s Nook School, Nagpur.

Dr Ms Manju Jain, right from her early childhood was educated in a Convent School and it is noteworthy to mention that, she is a born leader. She is a Merit Scholarship holder all through her academic career. She has done her graduation Science (B.sc) and post graduation in Business administration (M.B.A. specialized in Marketing) from leading Institutions / Universities in India. She has been awarded the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) on “Jainism Method of Curing, with special reference to Bhaktamar”, from Zoroastrian College, affiliated to : The Open International University, U.S.A; Moscow State University and others.

She has also to her credit many fashion shows with NIFD, Media, Hindustan Times, the Hitavada, The Times of India, Nav-bharat, etc., and is in the forefront of various cultural activities. She has also to her credit exports of designer sareers to Dubai, U.A.E. and Sri Lanka. She enjoys participating in all sorts of exhibitions like ‘Brides & Grooms’ at Hotel Taj, Delhi; Home Products exhibition organized by Society in metro cities.

Vocationally & business-wise, she is associated with Metalfab Hightech Pvt. Ltd. – where she initiated the certification (2007) and re certification for ISO 9001: 2008 from M/s F.Q.C. International in February 2011. She has undergone training for lead Assessor from Quality Management System affiliated to International Certifications Ltd., U.S.A. She is looking after proper implementation and functioning of the ISO 9001:2008 System – on a day to day basic – for quality and production system of her Company. She got accreditation from National Accreditation Broad for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, Govt. of India – for non-destructive testing laboratory of M/s Metalfab Quality Testing Lab, Nagpur.

Dr Ms Manju Jain is above all a great spiritual leader and an untiring social worker. She has been associated with various social organization in leadership positions and has undertaken numerous projects for the well being of the downtrodden and needy sections of our Society. She is a well wisher of every needy person and – thinks and does good to the best of her capacities and capabilities.

In a nutshell, Dr Ms Manju Jain is a noted Spiritual Healer; philanthropist and a wonderful person – who touches life, the Best way – she can.



It is with great pleasure that, I pen these lines to introduce the great healing work of Dr Ms Manju Jain, in her excellent book Jaina Method of Curing.

The genesis of this book is her Research Thesis for her Doctorate Degree through the Zoroastrian College / OIUCM, titled Jainism Method of Curing – With Special Reference to Bhaktamar.

Manju is a devout and noble soul, self sacrificing her personal life in the cause of health for Humanity. She spends the midnight hours in devotion and prayers in the purity of her special prayer room in her beautiful home in Nagpur. The many hours she devotes to praying for her patients has proved the success of her method - through the recovery of the numerous grateful patients, who have been given up as "hopeless - incurable - cases" by the allopathic doctors and hospitals in Nagpur. To her everlasting credit, she does not take a single rupee from her patients. She says, the gratefulness in their shining eyes and smile on their lips is enough reward for her. In her work, she is fortunate to have the understanding and support of her father-in-law and mother-in-law and her husband. She also has the support of medical Doctors working in hospitals in Nagpur, who tests her results and certify her reports.

Her system of treatment is based on Sound Vibrations – Mantra Therapy, Combined With Thought Vibrations – Mantra Therapy. It is the purity of her mind, the zeal of her heart - which combined with the sound of the Jain mantras that, she chants for hours on end - concentrating on the photograph of each patient and that, is the secret of her success in treatment. Her main mantra is Bhaktamar- a very old Jain prayer of devotion to Lord Aadinatha -the Lord of Good Health. She believes that, her system of Spiritual Healing is a distance therapy; a drugless method - which has the capacity to cure all types of diseases.

She has done tremendous research in the ancient Jain books written in Prakrit, Pali, Sanskrit and other old languages, along with research done by Scholars from Europe such as Prof. Dr. Hermann Jacobi of Germany, and others.

She has divided the healing mantras in 48 shlokas, which are used for different purposes. For each shloka, she has given the wording, the meaning, the mantra, the riddhi, method of reciting the shloka, the yantra and colours and the purpose for which the shloka is used along with its evidential story. These range from removal of headaches; curing of eye diseases, leprosy, skin diseases, all types of abdominal pain, diarrhea, all kinds of gastro-intestinal tract diseases; fertility improvement; prevention of premature abortions; cancer; to removal of fears; and emotional problems; attainment of wealth; and even problems created by the spirit world - removal of turbulences - made by ghosts and devils.

Her research work is solidly backed up by her patients case history reports. She has succeeded in curing patients suffering from cancer gastro-intestinal problems; women's child birth problems; skin problems and emotional problems arising out of domestic conflicts in family life. Her research work is backed up by medical tests on patients at various hospitals in Nagpur, Hyderabad and other places. Before and after the medical tests - the reports are documentary evidence of the success of her method of treatment.

She believes that Faith in God is an Essential element for Spiritual Healing. The patients who had faith in her and her system recovered more rapidly - than those who were not even aware that, she was giving them distance healing treatment. But, even from those who were not aware, the persons who had faith in God recovered faster.

Her systematic presentation of this ancient Jain wisdom - for the universal benefit of humanity has been done - for the first time in the English language. Further, she plans to publish it in French and Russian translations, as well. She believes that, the benefit of Jain Mantras is meant for the whole of Humanity worldwide. She believes that, every human being whether Jain or follower of any other faith can benefit from this mantra therapy system.

With noble and pious aim, she has undertaken the task of publishing her research thesis in the format of a BOOK, so that the mantras can be made easily available to all persons - anywhere.

May the Blessings of all the Jain Teerthankars and all the Good and Holy Departed Souls Be Bestowed on Dr Ms Manju Jain To Help her to Accomplish her noble Purpose.

I wish her all success in her endeavours and give her my Blessings.



Jainism is one of the finest religions in the world based on the noble principles of humility; simplicity; peace and ahinsa (without hurting any living being, could be the smallest of the smallest life being ).The values of life based on these noble principles of Jainism are to be imbibed in the life of the follower of the Jain dharma ( religion ). The purity of the human life consists of the physical aspects and the spiritual aspects. This book in your hands, "Jaina Method of Curing" is my humble effort of imbibing the various above aspects - alongwith its healing powers - to the immense benefits of the mankind. The Power lies within us. Discover now.

I believe life is always a Team Work. Indeed, this fine creation that you are reading now - is the perfect team-work of the following personalities - who had left no stone unturned in doing their individual assigned roles to master perfection. I would like to thank each one of them - for their unstinted efforts and co-operation - in making my THIS BOOK CREATION dream come true.

First & foremost, my sincere gratitude to Brahmarshi Subhash Patriji, Founder Chairperson of Pyramid Spiritual Society, Bangalore for inspiring me to take up this work - and - providing me various platforms amongst international spiritual luminaries, from time to time. I would also like to thank Mr I. V. Reddy of Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists, for his support and encouragement at various spiritual levels.

I would like to thank Dr. S. N. Umathe, Professor & Head of Pharmacy Dept., R. T. M. Nagpur University, who consented to be my guide and helped me plan my work and gave scientific interpretation of mantras.

My deepest gratitude to Dr. M. K. Ozha, my Assessor-for assisting me in my work and for all the expert timely help provided. My sincere appreciation for all his contributions to this book - from registration till synopsis.

My acknowledgments are due to Zoroastrian College, especially Dr. Meher Master-Moos for accepting my thesis for the degree of the Doctor of Science, although, I am only a management student. I got to learn so much during my stayat Sanjan. A special thanks to Madam for the valuable guidance and her warm hospitality.

My special thanks to Dr. Jawaharlal Jain, retd. Professor of Geography, ex-Dean Science, Sagar University, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh for putting his heart & soul in giving shape to the Beej Mantra - precious elements from the Bhaktamar Stotra. Also, I acknowledge with thanks the contribution of Mr V. S. Tomar Sir for translating the Beej Mantra - in all its totality. A special mention is of Dr. Bhagchandra Jain, retd. Head of Pali & Prakrit, (and an eminent Scholar with achievements in academics globally), R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur - who had analysed & written the Beej Mantra of Bhaktamar in Hindi language.

Dr. Surendra Dass, Chairman of Integrated Healing Forum, Nagpur had been a lighthouse & a beacon guiding me thru’ out this journey in creation of this book. Special thanks to Dr. Shugan C. Jain, founder Director of International Summer School for Jain Studies, New Delhi for taking my Spiritual Healing Systems - globally. He has guided me in writing of the Chapter on Jaina Healing in this book. Also, Dr. Sulekh C. Jain (Houston, Texas, U.S.A. ) has been a constant source of support and encouragement in spreading my various book/s in various Universities & Associations in the U.S.A.

I would like to thank Ms Vandana Pande for typing and working wholeheartedly in compiling data for years. I would like to mention Mr. Murtuzaa who guided Ms Vandana for making my website blog. Special thanks to Ms. Shilpi Jain from Google India for uploading my videos of patients on You Tube. Also, thanks to Mrs Noori, for regularly visiting and printing my thesis and my Bhaktamar Cards in Hindi.

I must mention the rock-solid support received by me from my wonderful family comprising of my father-in-law Mr. Satish Chandra Jain, mother-in-law Mrs Mohini Jain. My source of inspiration & fascination is always my husband & better half Sandeep - who supports and encourages each and every activity / creativity done by me. All that I do in my life - is as per the wishes of my revered Guru Acharyashri Vidhyasagarji. I am more than blessed by my revered Guru and my entire family. Our three wonderful, bright, brilliant ‘n beloved rising sons of our family: Chaitanya, Gaurang and Garv need a special mention - as I derive my energy and enthusiasm from this dynamic trio.

Last but not the least; I would like to thank my elder brother Ajay S. Gokhale and his team of Synergex International Pvt Ltd - for putting day & night efforts for understanding Bhaktamar Stotra; Spiritual Healing and for making the design; layout and the overall presentation of this book. He has almost by-hearted it in its real sense. My heartfelt gratitude to Sunayana; Vijaya & Priyanka for their hard work. My sincere thanks to Vaishali Bhabhi - the better half of my elder brother Ajay for editing the book neatly. Mr Vinod Athavale has done a fabulous job of printing many of my book/s / editions and especially the 48 Mantra Healing Cards.



Bhaktamar is a very old prayer of devotion of Lord Aadinatha (The first Jain Prince - God Apollo). I shall be dealing in this book about effectiveness of spiritual healing and how does it works.

Spiritual healing is a drugless therapy to cure all types of diseases. I have been working in this field for the past five years. An extensive research and intensive study for treating illness through spiritual healing is conducted to understand the Science behind it and, the effectiveness of mantra healing.

Human body is an indivisible unit and this whole, has to have connection with the infinite - The Divine. When mantra is chanted with concentration, the sound energy penetrates the human body energy field - effecting chakras of body which in turn effects and energizes organs.

In Mazdayasnie Zarathustrian Daena also narrates the method of treatment through 'mantravani' the foundation is the divine law of 'STAOT'. In accordance with the functioning of this law, vibrations are produced by the recitation of Avestha Mantra. These vibrations produce colours of light. These light colours pass through aura of a patient, hence through the chakras to the affected physical body organ.

The Life of cell book argues that we have been able to eradicate only one disease say, small pox by simple vaccination.

Root causes of illness is human mind; 90% of disease have psychological roots, also spiritual deformities. Bhaktamar is a prayer of devotion. This form of bhakti is so intense that it generates strength and power.

In Bhaktamar Stotra, the devotee and developer of Stotras - Acharya Maantunga-ji is expressing his humility before Lord Aadinatha.

He expresses his extreme love for God which has formidably impelled him to compose the 48 verses. Acharya Maantunga knows that, he would be a subject of laughter when people will come to know that he is writing a poem for Lord Aadinatha. (I" Jaina Teerthankar). But, he cannot help himself praising the Lord. He explains the Lord. "Your qualities are infinite", which even Gurus, i.e. the person practising yoga and holistic science, are unable to state, then how can I? I am a finite creature. Lord, by narrating your attributes and experiences, our sins dissipate, then imagine how effective, will be hymns in praise of your virtues.

All have equal rights to practice spiritual healing. By touch therapy energy flows. Energy resources are hands. Life flows through each cell of the body, and this knowledge was available only to priests and spiritual leaders who used to pass it on to their disciples by word of mouth. This fact is now also accepted by modern science that each cell of the body receives and transmit energy.

A person is opened up and establishes a link with the God, concentrated energy flows in each cell of the body. Mind controls the body and human body should develop strong immune system to fight diseases. To create a balance between one's inner-self and outer- self - unifying the mind, body and soul. Deep connection with God is to be established. Link formation with God who has tremendous source of energy (The Healer)

This is based on nano-technology which is 10.9 (50,000) times smaller than hair size.

These are the basics of my work and are enumerated in this book. I have experimented on 45th shloka of Bhaktamar for my Healing mission.




1) Introduction - Highlights of Thesis (Mission, Objectives, Programme) 1
2) Chapter I - Antiquity of Jainism 3
3) chapter II - Jaina Method of Curing 10
  Case Study - Patients Case Reports 13
  Certificate - Oncologists's Dr. Ajay Mehta & Dr. Bipin Mehta 26
  6th Shloka for I. Q. & Memory Improvement 32
  Traners Pre-requisties (file) 36
  questionnaire & Analysis of feedback form 37
4) Chapter III - Jaina Healing 42
5) Chapter IV - Spiritual Healing as per to Jainism and other faiths 53
6) Chapter IV (a) - Fact - Faith - Feeling ! 58
7) Chapter IV (b) - Reiki - Self Healing Technique 61
8) Chapter IV © - Mental Health with Questionnaire 66
9) Chapter IV (d) - Hindu Hygieia and Panakeia vis-à-vis Mahamrutyunjay of Mantra - Simple Innovative Practice to Achieve Global Goals of Health 68
10) Chapter IV (e) - Scientific Analysis of "Mantra" 72
11) Scientific Interpretation of Mantra 75
12) Chapter V - The source, story and significance of Bhaktamar 76
13) Chapter VI - (a) Bhaktamar Stotra - A prayer - First Sanskrit Composition 78
14) Chapter VI - (b) 1 to 48 Shloka, Meaning, Pre-text report Method, Resources, with Mantra & Yantra 79
15) Chapter VI - (c)Translation of Bhaktarnar shlokas in English Introduction 232
16) Chapter VI - (d) Miracles of Bhaktamar 237
17) Chapter VI - (e) Other uses of Bhaktamar 238
18) Chapter VII - (a) Beej Element in Bhaktamar Stotra 239
19) Chapter VII - (b) Charts - Ready Reckoner of Bhaktamar 258
20) Golden Memories - Photo Souvenir 291
21) Chant of Miracles 299
22) What Media Speaks 301
23) My Experiences 302
24) My Experiences a different angle 303
25) CONCLUSION - by Sister Irma 305
26) Footnotes 306
27) Bibliography 309
28) References - I 312
29) References - II 315
30) Publications of Dr Ms Manju Jain 316
31) Let's meet the author : Dr Ms Manju Jain 317
32) Pearls of Wisdom : Dr Ms Manju Jain  

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