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Karmic Illusions (Demystifying The “Being" To Realize The Potential)

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Item Code: NAE078
Author: Sanjeev Chugh
Publisher: Wordizen Books
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9789381836248
Pages: 155
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 170 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Book

The book dissects the consciousness to break the myth of the static mind. The realities of existence and the forces that question the controversies in the mind invoke reactions and impact the beliefs. The digression from the values and ethics distort the truth disturbing the ideology and placidity of the mind resulting in Karmic illusions.

Karmic realization initiates a positive vision to once again establish the principles of inner expressions or the dharma of origin. That all subjects have a defining tenet, the perception is influenced, resulting in reflections that can have undefined time.

Only when there is transcendence of spirit through understanding the conditional realities and the impelling impermanent influences, that one attains Nirvana. The invoking of the soul brings forth the ‘fundamentum inconcussum’ that shows the rational Being, when the seed of birth is revealed. All panic states stand corrected once the source is understood, devoid of fallacies. Only the soul can show the breath of life in the correct discipline.

Though relativity might exist vis-avis the values, only by making our conscious pure can a person give up the skeptic arguments and rising doubts regarding the beliefs. Ignorance leads to confusion and one is led astray from truism, draining the self of all evaluative capacity-destroying the evidence of strong judgments. The reality then is result of suppositions borne of Karmic illusions that are against one’s universal principles or dharma.

The scope is to transform the subjective associations in the mind to a non dual state where reasoning is not dead reckoning. By nature the individual is reticent and thus the spirit remains enmeshed in trivialities. By nature the individual is reticent and thus the spirit remains enmeshed in trivialities. There is realization of self, where consciousness in deep thinking and in exigency does not falter in subjective interpretations. Here one understands the negotiating mind.

The book examines the influence of thoughts that make up the consciousness where the mind makes legitimist decisions only when one precisely defines the false suggestions; the illusions that are a phenomenon in their own. As karmic actions of past and present govern the future, it I important to understand man as a “being” of time and alive with the impressions of ego and emotions. This helps to realize the anima or inner nature.

The final deliverance, having realized a birth of choice proves the fact that there is no surrogate to the universal truth and nothing can replace the inseparable qualities of the Being.

About the Author

Sanjiv Chugh is a commerce graduate from Delhi University, Who started his career working for Mercantile Credit Corporation, in the credit card division. As a senior marketing executive, he was awarded the best executive award for two years. His last assignment was as a CEO of leather garment manufacturing unit. He is now a full-time writer, who devotes his time to subjects like politics, religion, and philosophy. He also writes poetry.

Karmic Illusions is his debut book and was written distilling years of experience gained in sales and marketing as well as projects at his manufacturing unit. Situational leadership helped in handling several goal directed projects simultaneously, evolving perceptual insight and strategic competence as also administering decisions in processes sensitive to time.

In all this, having understood the minutiae of human behavior and organizational management, there was realization of existential dynamics. The overflowing sentiments in situational conflicts are explained in the book through analyzing consciousness and time.


All Individuals are governed by their own values and intentions. Everything that emanates and is absorbed is the reflection of the elements. What is left as residue is the unattended karma that governs your next fate. Quell the vision with faith in the self or remorse is truly how you want existence in your face. The sheen of the soul is better than a proud dress.

The Essential Being

Karmic illusions are the interplay of the time tied radical responses against the incisive soul causing apathy and decay, concealing the real nature of the individual. It is apt to say that the core identity although pure, its sensitivity is destroyed by the ignorance caused by the illusions.

Disguised in them are the collaborators of desire, the mysterious conflicts in the mind, the unattended questions. It holds in them the agony of the soul, the sorrows of time. Since man is a creature of omissions, they echo through ages.

They lead to dangerous persuasions that resonate with negative consequences and entangle the spirit in arguments with false claims.

The spirit then goes through imperfections, giving rise to pretence or mithya. It is necessary to wake up to the resultant sensual afflictions and mental suffering, transforming the provocations of the many bodies of ages to personal and religious ethics of today.

The elevation to the nature of the Being is to understand existence in the purity of forms, shedding the 'I' factor that contains the ego, affections, attachment, other emotions and the like.

The T factor sacrifices the inner nature or the anima for in it are the morals of the higher Being. It satisfies the wants at the cost of control, disturbing the karmic deliverance. It incapacitates the self to act and all deliberations fall flat to conform to the principles of conduct as the thoughts or ideas produced are deceitful and deride facts. There are manipulations to control the conscious states by countering the deprivations through false hopes. There are allegations that thrive on false power and illusions, always citing an alibi to put blame on another rather than understanding the self insufficiency.

Through the process of karmic awakening, there is self realization. The self unfolds the illusions to return to the true knowledge of the soul, identifying the evolvements of the seed of birth.

Realizing karma is not living an ascetic life but a step towards higher consciousness. It helps to confute representations for which man has been inflicted with pain, disgust, the morbid self contradictions, the thoughts that breed contempt. That there is always confusion because thoughts are exaggerated and need to be expanded as there is a tendency to overlook. Only through a deep karmic insight does one rise from the 'I' of births escaping the fornication of a depressive influence, the torture of being a prey of time.

One tries best to preserve the individuality; there is degeneration as a result of living within a demanding society. It is important to understand the 'I' factor of the spirit that has the negativity of undefined activities where often the spirit breathes in a quiet soliloquy when vision and action do not match.

The neutrality as well as the radical opinion tha texis ts towards the consciousness that one is seeking to define gets clarity. It is also the understanding of the psyche, the behavior and the discovery of the Being. The soul converts all opposites through its karmic experiences and does not discriminate in the events of time.

Introspection makes us experience through the precepts, the hidden self that has in it in part or whole, the Being of births. It also has the faith that one carries towards the Supreme Being. One is able to interpret the self by unveiling the seed of birth that reveals the Being and raises one to a higher realm of thinking. It aids in defining the karmic revelations and the skeptic morality. Originating from the soul are the expressions of authority and the absolutes of experiential truths.

Karmic illusions are the unfamiliar mental expressions that show the trodden path which is a shift from the desired concepts of existence. The illusions elicit a feeling of false elation and play havoc in the emotive demonstration. We all have a defining supreme principle of birth. The transmitted reality, the garb/In or the embryo with the seed of birth, brings forth the wisdom and the true values of the Being through spiritual expressions or transcended contents, which are the logically ideated beliefs.

He seed of birth, the unseen force is the IIIysterill III tremendous that through the consciousness takes the psyche to a new experience of the soul. It transmits knowledge to reintegrate the identity of the births. It is a battle hardened cry towards establishing an identity without the conflicts and cultivated desires. This force concerns the rightful will of the soul. It is the force that does not flatter but is unleashed, establishing principles towards a productive cause, once again expressing the self as a non substituting Being, to a higher consciousness with defense towards the complementariness of the ego. It is to achieve oneness of births.

The religion inherent is the sacrifice of ages that the soul lived as a sundered Being. In this it possesses a religious function (naturalize religious ) that the self forms commandments of these truths showing a supreme good in their acceptance, the demonstration of which have shown and reflected virtues with just disposition.

It can be understood in isolation as the reality of the spirit in which lies the true nature. The soul symbolizes all forms yet remains one and deliberates the spirit towards prudence. Consciousness shows quietness like still water till somebody stirs up the mind to discover the opportunities for transformation. The moment the mind comes alive, the elements displaying the seed or germinal essence in which there is justice of existence, explains the wisdom of time. It defines in it the neglected transitory causes of births, the unjust criticism in opportunities, and a reason for suffering till one attains true existence. Realization of karma then is emancipation, the first step towards freedom by choice. The fact is that the karmic illusions are states contrary to one's true self the dream haunts, the forces to debate and the utterances of unripe thoughts in the unconscious arising.

Once the negative thoughts that have created differences in judgmental thinking, disintegrate, the relation between the conscious & the unconscious mind narrows down and liberates the individual from the bondage of time, defining the Being. Introspecting through knowledge the self that he is, one isolates the 'I' factor.

The self reflects the" Being" of reality when the influence of duality of subjection responses is missing from the conscious decision making. Thus, there is no double dealing and the mind does not get entangled ill useless inquiries.

The reality principles are established and the self no longer keeps the thoughts suspended in determining the means to the false impulsive pushes. The individual practices his discretion through well established facts. Decision making in relationships is free from suppression to the extent of coherence in difficulties, cor ad cor loquiior as an intense soul. This selfless spirit that god accords with an established reasoning, preserves the continuity of parleys towards normative causes.

There is no fixation of responses as a result of subjective duality or emergence of psychic exploitation. The self sustains its power in critical thinking when it has understood the opposing forces i.e. duality of illusions.

Thus the self seeking the real, in its quest to understand the germinal essence or the seed undergoes mental adjustments that might be natural or imaginative or the necessities of previous births left unattended.

While assimilating and recollecting subjects it is important to bear in mind not to neglect the fallacies. Although there is desire to unite with the supreme soul, one turns back when it comes to exploring the unknown. The duality creates perplexities that reflect a want of power, a source that will give expression to our false premises.

A piercing vision into the religiosity explains through awakening the absolute Being. The intellect does not speculate but picks up the experiences to understand the responses of the psychic state.

There is contentment only when the self rejects the substitutes. Only when one invokes the soul does he realize the prejudice in perception. Any bias towards understanding results in duality of identity. Most reflections of the mind escape an organized base till the energy of the self harnesses, the hidden consciousness.

All bodies till they realize the Being are in an escape mode as a result of preferences rather than facts. The desire of the false is so strong that it silences the real. There are states of contemplation where there is a want to attain communion, to change the false beliefs, experiences, the opportunities of indulgence and of wanted and unwanted actions.

The karmic reflections present to the spirit higher reality towards attaining a mystic union or oneness with the Supreme Being.

What is to be the dharma or commandments is known only through recognizing the determined values and doing away the illusions. Is it the things that we desire that creates a want or is it something borne out of time torn dissatisfaction that has created a false notion to the accepted opinion is what needs to be inquired?

Many a times what is sought by the mind is rejected by the body. Thus prudence of the mind is unthinkable till one recalls its governing principles. It is also important to understand whether we are struggling for the considered values or are we satisfying some underlying want that is worthless as we surrender our values for such possessions. It is worthwhile to add that such actions should not usurp to endure that which is not right.

Only the soul provides the insight to the governing morals as it observes all contents and complexities with impartiality. There is no disorder in its ruling and is the only true provider for the passing of the spirit in its state. The soul de novo interprets all births so that with time we change and readjust the senses. The specifics shift and so does the perceptual vision. Through the conception of the Being we establish the commandments or dharma of the self.

What gives fecundity and relevance to the commandments are the facts that they end in a unified mind sans self deception. The commandments handle and answer conflicts which one has been avoiding. A feuding mind is at variance with the intentions. Though there are several levels to relative truths, the unified mind conceptualizes all and communicates to the conscious self. Any argument invokes these truths to surface in a form. The commandments provide a concluding face to the argument.

Tackling reality is not an obstacle in tuning the mind, it's a winning and one's mental ability is dependent on it. Many events carry outside justifications that undermine one's own

He Being with a unified mind has a 11 progressive optimism". It does not fall prey to any occurring non disclosure and its fragmented fallout. As these are incomplete thoughts it is best to keep them in a rejected state only then there is emotional passivity. The maxims help to work under stress and increase the ability to take positive actions.

He Being reflects the complete personality and the complexities of inner nature with an insight into the human behavior when on a spiritual plane towards perfection. It is a sum of all births.

Karmic awakening diffuses the conflicts arising out of the phantom situations and instances. It is all attempt to unite that which is known with the unknown. There is an endeavor to extend the mind to the furthest reaches of the reality of the soul.

Within the religious doctrine it defines the existential power with the highest in the primacy of the self, the Supreme Being. The self expression defines one's own potential to the Supreme of which he is a part. It is a reflection of the true insight in time, shedding light, where the soul transcends into the realm of god qua his subject.

It is here one activates his own powers towards the commandments or principles that rule the individual. The transcendental power leads to growth to end in the highest precepts or commandments, a freedom in time where the individual is no longer in the state of ignorance.

All existence is marked within and embedded in a cultural and social framework. It reaches a state of absolute Being where the conscience ceases to exist to outside pressures and the inner nature of the self is maintained to the core with the commandments that are a result of one's karma.


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