Learn to Play on Sitar
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Learn to Play on Sitar

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Item Code: IDF302
Author: Ram Avtar 'Vir'
Publisher: Pankaj Publications, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788187155140
Pages: 95 (Illustrated With B & W Figures)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.4" X 7.4"
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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From the Back of the Book:

An extremely popular Indian String Instrument Pumpkin Ground at one end, 19-20 frets, 7 main strings and 11 sympathetic strings. 127 cms, this marvelous instrument, when played properly, has the quality of a Spanish guitar in the hands of a master.

Learn to play on Sitar is a handy reference to master the art of playing Sitar for the amateur, the professional and the decorative.


Preface 4-5
Comparative Technical Music Words 6-7
The Evolution of 'Swaras' (Notes) in Indian Music 11
Brief Outlines on Indian Music Theory 12-16
Taal & Lay (Time & Rhythm) 17
Lay (Rhythm or Speed) 18
Indian Music Notation System 19-20
Western Notation System 21
Points to Remember for Combined Notation System 22
Combined Notation System 23
Part - I
Types of Sitar 25-26
Parts of Sitar 27-28
Identification of Finger Board 29
Strings & Frets 30
Part - II
Sitting Position of Sitar 33-35
Handing of Sitar In Proper Way 36-37
Production of Basic Boles on Sitar 38-41
Position of Frets And Notes on Finger Board 42
Position of Basic Notes (Swaras) on Sitar 43-44
Exercise for Basic Notes 45
Part - III
Tuning of Sitar 47-48
- Independent Tuning of Sitar 49-50
- Tuning of Sympathetic Strings (Tarabs) 51
Treble Clef And Bass Clef 52
Maintenance of Sitar 53
Repairs of Sitar 53-54
Understanding Thatas 57-58
Understanding the Ragas 59-61
Natural Scale Exercise 62-68
- Bilaval Thaat  
Sharp Tone Note Exercise 69-73
- Bhairavi Thaat  
Sharp Tone Note Exercise 74-77
- Kalyan Thaat  
Gat Rag Hamir 78
Mixed Tone Note Exercise 79-83
- Kafee Thaat  
Gat Rag Khamaj 84-87
Gat Rag Asawari 88-90
Gat Rag Bhairava 91-92
Gat Rag Poorvi 93
Gat Rag Todi 94
Gat Rag Marwa 95
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