Lord Parashurama (The Great Warrior and He was Incarnation of Lord Vishnu)

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Author: Dr. Mahendra Mittal, and Translated by Igen B.
Publisher: Manoj Publications, Delhi
ISBN: 8131003647
Pages: 40 (38 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.3" X 7.2"
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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The Ancestors of Parashurama 3
Son is Born 4
Gaadhi and Satyavati 5
Wish for offspring 6
Vishwamitra and jamdagni born 7
Jamdagni Marries 8
Parashurama and Born 9
Parashurama and Cows10
Sahasrarjuna's Charity 11
Jamdagni Welcomed12
Fancy for Pick Axe13
Jamdagni family Retunes 14
Parashurama Wanders Around15
Jamdagni and Sudasa 16
Parashurama's Hero Act17
First Meeting 18
Lomharshini's Proposal19
Sudasa and Parashurama 20
Vasistha Jamdagni & Parashurama 21
Kamadhenu in Ashram22
Lomharshini Love 23
Kartvirya Comes Hunting 24
Kartvirya in Ashram25
Surprise for Kartvirya 26
Kamadhenu Stolen 27
Parashurama's Fury 28
Hunt for Kartvirya 29
Abduction of Lomharshini 30
Confrontation with the Culprit 31
Kartvirya Slain32
Kamashenu-Lomharshini Freed33
Ashram Inmates Rejoice 34
Jamdagni's Ire35
The Matricide 36
Repentance 37
Parashurama 38
Kshatriyas Eliminated 39
Ashwamedha Yajna 40
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