Luminaries of Indian Medicine: From the earliest times to the present day

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Author: Dr. K.R. Srikanta Murthy
Language: English
Edition: 1997
Pages: 164
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

Ever since I started my study of Ayurveda. I have felt a dire need for a comprehensive but concise book dealing with the biography of great Ayurvedists past and present. During my post graduate study I felt it still more acutely. By this I do not mean to say that there are no books at all on this subject. On the contrary we have very scholarly treatises in Sanskrit English and other languages of India and Europe which discuss the subject in very elaborate detail.

Unless a perserverant and devoted study is made of such great dissertations it is nearly impossible for an average interested reader to get to know the great personages and their significant contribution to Ayurveda. Even a research worker may get lost in abundance of facts and fancies. Such being the case the plight of student of medicine can well be imagined.

With the happy trend in recent years of increasing interest among students of medicine both Indian and western for the study of history of ancient Indian Medicine the need for a concise text is all the more great.

With the happy trend in recent years of increasing interest among students of medicine both Indian and western for the study of history of ancient Indian Medicine the need for a concise text is all the more great.

With this in view I started compiling informating on the subject and began publishing a serial entitled Lumimaries of Indian Medicine in the National Medical Journal Mysore Encouraging letters from various quarters institutions teachers research scholars and students have emboldened me to publish the same in this form.

In this survey I have not gone into much details of discussion about the identity dates etc. of the luminaries but have presented the widely accepted view of modern authorities on Ayurveda and other branches Due attention has however been paid to point out the significant contribution of every person for the advancement of Ayurveda. I have made the survey upto date as in contrast with other books which usually end by about the 17th century A.D. I know that there are more Luminaries and facts then those found in this book but I have selected the brighter and salient ones only.

History of Indian medicine is not complete without a sequential survey of its origin growth and progress. It is my fond hope to publish that survey in the near future if only the grace of almighty and encouragement of the public be with me.

In this uphill task I have received good amount of inspiration from my students to whom I have the occasion to teach history of ayurveda. I am reminded here of the statement that a teacher learns while he teaches which has been more true in my case hence my first thanks should go to them.

Next I own a great debt of gratitude to sagacious Dr. P.M. Mehta, former Director centreal institute of research in indigenous system of medicine Jamnagar. I was fortunate to be one of this students at Jamnagar and it is he who nursed my interest in the study of history of ayurveda. His patronizing care in my writings is with this book in the form of the foreword which has greatly enhanced its prestige.

I have always received a cordial encouragement in my writings from my zealous friend Dr. T.V. Kasturi, Managing and finding place for this serial in the columns of the journal during many years the survey would not have been complete. I thankfully acknowledge his cordiality and help.

I am greatly beholden to a number of dignitaries who readily responded to my request by furnishing me with their bio data and other kinds of information. I thank M/s Sree Kantha power press Mysore for the neat printing in a very short time.

In consider my labors amply rewarded if this fact humble contribution of mine can kindle an iota of interest for the study of ayurveda among the readers.


The author of this book Dr. K.R. Srikanta Murthy L.A.M.S H.P.A is respected as a good scholar of Ayurveda. He had regular college training for his L.A.M.S and Post graduate training in Post graduate institute of Jamnagar where an Ayurvedic University has been established last year. When he was taking his course for the post graduate degree I had observed in him a tendency and craving to do some useful research work that may be helpful in reviving the pristine glory of Ayurveda.

After settling in Mysore he has continued to purse his academic activities in various ways. As an associate editor of national medical journal he has contributed of articles and helped to organize and make the journal esteemable all over the country.

For the last years he has concentrated his energy to compile a short history of the biographies of the luminaries of Indian Medicine from the earliest pre vedic period to the present day. This is a Herculean task and a very difficult subject but the author has the ardent zeal and courage to make a beginning in this direction for this bold step he deserves all praise and congratulation from the ayurvedic world.

The medical historian will find it difficult at present to compile and present to the world a regular and comprehensive picture of the History of Medicine in India. The reasons for such a condition are many and varied. The foremost of them is that the medical history is a part and parcel of the national and regional history. Thus unless the facts of chronology and of the political and cultural history of India are fully established it would not be feasible to give a correct portrayal of the medical part of Indian history. Regarding chronology nothing is certain before 328 B.C. the invasion of Alexander or at any rate before the seventh century B.C. that is the time of the Buddha. There are further peculiar obstacles in ascertaining the chronology names and biographical details of persons who have played important part in the evolution of Ayurveda in ancient period. Max Muller says from the actual works themselves written by the poets philosophers and scientists of India very little material is to be had pertaining to the life and work of the author. Most often even the name has to be learnt from the colophons or such other appendages to the original contributed by the editors commentators and such others. The difficulties in computing the dates are augmented by the prevalence of different eras in vogue in various parts of India.

In spite of such indefinite and confounding circumstances the author persisted in his work and as a result of indefatigable industry and diligence he has been successful to complete and publish the book containing the sketches of the Luminaries of Ayurveda past as well as present. On reading the sketches one is convined that he has taken great pains to collect the scattered data from various sources with one clear motive that is to elucidate the fact that the luminaries specially of the ancient period possessed and practical were quite scientific they had humanitarian and universal spirit. They disseminated encyclopedic information regarding evolution of man when in health and restoration of health when man was ill. In old Aryan culture such persons were considered authorities and entitled to write main classics.

The authorities are men who freed themselves from passion and ignorance by means of spiritual endeavor and knowledge whose understanding embracing the past present and future is pure and at all times unclouded it is these that are the authoritative the learned the enlightened their word is unimpeachable and true why will such men devoid as they are of passion and ignorance give utterance to untruth.

The author has implanted a fresh and fertile seed in this particular aspect of the history of Indian medicine. The season in the independent India is very favourable and higher studies and research in Ayurveda are fast progressing and it is hoped that some more scholars of Ayurveda may be inspired to do devoted work in this branch. I wish the author continues his endeavor in this very useful but undeveloped branch and contributes more and more in this matter year by year.

I Mythological Personages:
Brahma - Vishnu - Shiva - Daksha - Aswinis - Indra - Bhaskara - Agni - Varuna - Bhaskara - Agni - Marut - Soma - Dhanwantari - Brihaspati - Ravana - Sushena - Nimi.
1 to 14
II Semi-historical Personages: Bharadhwaja - Vasishta - Agastya - Garga - Narada - Chyavana - Vyasa - Markandeya - Sanatkumara - Shounaka - Kanada - Kankayana - Atri - Dattatrey - Punarvasu Atreya - Agnivesha - Bhela - Jatukarna - Parashara - Harita - Ksharapani - Divodasa - Sushruta - Kashyapa - Vriddha Jeevaka - Vyadi. 15 to 32
III Historical Personages:
Gautama Buddha - Bhikshu Atreya - Jeevaka - Kashyapa II - Charaka Patanjali I - Patanjali II - Patanjali III - Nagarjuna I - Nagarjuna II - Nagarjuna III - Shalihotra - Palakapya - Kapilabala - Dridhbala - Bower Mss - Simhagupta - Vagbhatas I, II & III - Bhattaraharichandra - Amarasimha - Poojyapada - Madhavakara - Ugraditya - Jejjata - Indu - Kartikakunda - Vrinda - Gayadasa - Tisata - Dalhana - Naradatta - Chakrapanidatta - Someswara - Arunadatta - Somadeva - Yashodhara - Keshava - Bopadeva - Hemadri - Shodhala - Ishanadeva - Iswarasena - Govinda Bhagavata (Bhikshu) - Rasarnava - Dhanwantari Nighantu - Vijayaraksita - Srikanthadatta - Vangasena - Vachaspati - Udayaditya Bhatta - Bhattanarahari - Vishnudeva - Sharangadhara - Narahari - Veerasimha - Basavaraja - Nityanatha - Dhundukanatha - Gopalakrishna - Govindacharya - Shivadasasena - Bhavamishra - Kshemaraja - Anandarayamakhi - Lolambaraja - Todaramalla - Indrakantavallabhacharya - Nayanasekhara - Moreswara Bhatta - Mitramishra - Bhaskarabhatta - Raghunatha Pandita - Bindu - Madhva upadhyaya - Rajavallabha - Govindadasa - Ganga prasadasena - Gangadhraroy - Haranachandra Chakravarti - Bhagawatsimha - Zandu Vittalji Bhat - Umeshachandra gupta - Shankardaji Shastry Pade - Warrier P.S. - Jeevaram Kalidas Shastry - Uzutra Warrier - Keralavarma - Harisharananda - Gopalacharlu - Gangadhara Shastry Gune - Jogesh chandra Ghosa - Laksmiramji Swami - G.N. Mukhopadhyaya - P.C. Ray - Yadavji Trivikramji Acharya - Lakshmipathi, A. - Yogendranathasen - Gananathsen - N.L. Bhattacharya - Adya Ananthacharya - Ramadayalu Joshi - C.G. Kashikar - B.D. Basu - Lakshminarasimha Shastry - Ramanath Chopra - K.M. Nadakarni - Shaligramaji Shastry - Capt. G Srinivasamurthy - Doreswamy Iyengar - Satyanarayana Shastry - B.V. Pandit - Pandit Taranath - Pratapa Simha - Hariprapannaji - Hemaraja Sharma - Bhudeva Mukherji - Nagindas - Nagindas Chaganlal Shah - P.M. Mehta - Ranjit Simha - Daljit Simha - B.G. Ghanekar - B.V. Gokhale - R.R. Pathak - V. Narayanaswamy - Y. Suryanarayana Rao - Pandit Shivasharma - C. Dwarakanath - Viswanath Dwivedi - Anantatripathisharma - Ashutosh Majumdar - Priyavratasharma - Atrideva.
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