Modern Science in the Ancient Land

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Author: Prof. Kuppa Venkata Krishna Murthy
Publisher: I-S.E.R.V.E (Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas) Hyderabad
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788190587228
Pages: 86
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book & the Author

We fin d a rare combination of ancient and modern knowledge’s in Prof. K.V.Krishna Murthy, the Author. As a traditional scholar and as a post graduate of Pure Mathematics, his persistent work on both the Eastern and Western sides of knowledge, for over 3 decades, has led to the establishment of the “Institute of Scientific Research behind the Institute is H.H. Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, the Peethadhipati of Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Mysore.

Prof. Krishna Murthy is the Vidyadhikari (Academic Secretary) of that Peetham and the Editor of its monthly journal, Bhaktimala.

The booklet in your hands is a collection of three of his brilliant articles which are sure to provoke your thoughts into a hitherto forgotten kingdom of Vedic Sciences.


Publishers Note

The ancient Indian Civilization was very advanced and very scientific in development. The marvel of the scientific progress of those times is gradually revealing itself. Scriptures like Vedas Upanishads, Puranas, Shastras, Agamas, Tantras and Samhitas are treasure troves that bear within them the secrets and mysteries of the scientific theories and developments of those glorious times. These keep popping up as sparks every now and then, Today, after several thousand years that these scriptures were written, man has learnt to split the atoms, journey into space, and understand the cosmos and the planetary movements and their significance. He is now trying to explore the hidden secrets of the human anatomy and physiology. These and many other gems of knowledge already exist in these scriptures. Studying them and deciphering the content would help us advance further and in the right direction. What we are doing at present is just re-inventing the wheel. We are going through the act of rediscovering all that had already been done during the Vedic times!

Some believe Vedas are just a fig of creative imagination. Many however, do believe that they have a scientific basis. The Nobel Laureate, Mr. Schrödinger has stated that he was inspired by the study of Upanishads and was guided in his quest by the theories mentioned therein.

Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, attributes his thesis on plants as living things to the study of Vedas. There are many such instances we can name. The fact is that we are all sitting on top of a bounty of knowledge, a treasure trove of scientific excellence, unaware, and without a care. The time is running out. It is time to unveil the secrets, unravel the mystery and enjoy the fruits of scientific wonders and extract the nectar that the nature has stored for us and thus benefit the entire Human race.

Currently there are some individual scholars who are involved in this pursuit. But this is like a small lamp that flickers for some time and then dies out. This vicious cycle goes on as it comes up to another scholar with his interpretation. This cycle has to be broken. The lamps should come together and with their collective glow light the whole world. In addition, unlike the modern science pursued today. it also offers scope for an unadulterated non- destructive scientific approach and results to emerge from the research. But, for this to happen, certain steps have to be taken like:

* Preparing a list of the ancient scriptures available, locating them and collecting them.
* The scriptures so collected should be categorized and studied.
* The origin should be ascertained, authenticated, deciphered from its original language and summarized in English or Telugu.
* The content and its meaning should be subjected to modern, scientific research and comparative study.
* The information so gathered should be recorded and should form the basis of future studies.
* To help in preparing a location containing all words used in the scriptures, both technical and other wise with their relevant meaning in the modern context.
* Many new theories and new branches of science may emerge from this exercise.

This is all possible only when learned Scholars of Indian scriptures, Modern Scientists, Sanskrit Scholars, University Professors and many others from different fields come forward to work together, think together, analyse together. The nectar that comes out of such an intellectual churning should benefit the entire Humanity and serve the Human race. This is the purpose of establishing I-S.E.R.V.E- the Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas! The idea is to provide a platform for the intellectuals of the society to come together, interact and through brainstorming sessions, visualize and design the future of the Human Race. It is proposed to be done by conducting a scientific research on Vedas, in the modern context. I-S .E.R.V.E, a chari- table trust, is founded and presided by Awadhoota Datta Peetha Vidyadhikari Shri Kuppa Venkata Krishna Murthy under the auspices of Sadguru Shri Shri Shri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, with the aim of rendering such a divine service to the Human Society. I-S.E.R.VE, located at Hyderabad, functions without any discrimination of caste, creed. religion or language, with the sole aim of progress of the entire Human Race.

The plan of action is to pursue this mission at two levels.

a) Addressing the scientists and intellectuals by presenting the subject in a well defined, comprehensive and systematic way.
b) Addressing the common man in a simple and lucid manner, without the technical jargon.

The booklet in your hand is a humble attempt by our Chairman and Managing Trustee Sri K.V. Krishna Murthy to address the common man. This booklet which was first published in Telugu in 2003 was well received and more than ten thousand copies were circulated so far. Now, we are happy that the English version of the same is being published a second time. Thanks to the help rendered by Dr. Vemuri Ramesam garu in translating this book! We hope this little booklet would spark new thoughts in the readers and more works in this direction would emerge out by the grace of "Veda Matha"

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