Muslim Married Couple
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Muslim Married Couple

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Author: H.H.Nawab Sultan Johan Begam
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8171511503
Pages: 54
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
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About The Author

In this little treatise the author has thrown light on the main aspects of the Muslim women is Islam. She has interpreted their status in the modern age and examined it on the basic of the Holy Scripture.



For ages Islam labored under misrepresentation in the West. Things unknown to Muslim world were ascribed to their faith and its inherent virtues denied. Islam reached Europe through adulterated channels and could not escape the consequences. Dense clouds of misinformation and misconstruction, therefore, enveloped its brilliant face and its beauty became disfigured. This state of things continued till recently when the trend of events began to change their course and the Western mind became anxious to know more and better of Islam, and get itself disabused of what it saw of our religion through coloured glasses.

Like many other things of Islam the Occident was given a very wrong and, I may say, false notion of the Qur’ anic teachings as to the position of woman in Islam; in fact the very opposite of what has been taught of the fair sex in the Muslim sacred scriptures. It is only to repeat naked truth, if I say that Islam simply came to the redemption of woman when she was “in the lurch”. Woman was hardly allowed to stand even at the lowest step of the ladder of humanity, and Islam, simply came to the redemption of woman to stand even at the lowest step of the ladder of humanity, and Islam, with one bound, raised he to the top. Prophet Muhammad the only position, religious, social, and intellectual, which a woman prior to his advent could not even dream of. The last word of advice which the Holy Prophet of Arabia had to give to his companion and through them to the whole world was to respect and maintain the sacredness of female rights. “The rights of women,” “Fear God, in regard to the treatment of your wives, for verily they are your helpers, you have taken them on the security of God.”

In matters of inheritance Islam gives us right which no other civilization, modern or ancient, could think of.

To codify all the rules and regulation promulgated by the Qur’an and the Holy Messenger to better female condition, to follow which would make simply a paradise of our home, is a work demanding labour and time, which one entrusted like me by God with the duties of administrating a Stage, could hardly afford. I, however, intend to do something to the enlightenment of my sister in the West on this subject and write a book, which I name “Muslim Home”. It will appear in different parts, and the first of it I publish in the form of these ages under the title of “A Present to Married Couple”.




1 Foreword (v)
2 Man and Woman and their Relative Position 1
3 Marriage 8
4 Polygamy 11
5 Nuptial Rights 17
6 Mutual Fidelity and Love 22
7 Some Measues to Avoid III- Treatment and keep peace In the Family 26
8 Separation Between Man and Wife 28
9 Khul'a 34
10 Iddat 38
11 Inheritance 40
12 Kins,am 42

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