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न्यायसुधा: Nyaya Sudha (Set of 12 Volumes)

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न्यायसुधा: Nyaya Sudha (Set of 12 Volumes)
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Author: श्री जयतीर्थ (Shri Jayatirtha)
Publisher: Dvaita Vedanta Studies and Research Foundation
Language: Sanskrit Only
Edition: 2009
Pages: 7792
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10.0 inch X 7.5 inch
weight of the book: 15.1 kg

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Nyayasudha of Sri Jayatirtha is a detailed commentary on Brahmasutranuvyakhyana of Sri Anandatirtha alias Sri Madhvacharya. Anuvyakhyana is in verse like slokavartika of Kumarila. It contains 1919 verses. It is a polemical work. It deals with the major issues of Indian Philosophy such as the validity of cognition, the nature of erroneous cognition, the status and the procedure of verbal communication, apauruseyatva of Vedas, the concept of Brahman, Jivas and Jagat. The problems of Satyatva and Mithyatva, the difference and identity, the means of liberation, the special role of bhakti and prasada and the code of conduct to be followed for spiritual quest to lead a pious and noble life.

All these are briefly stated in Anuvyakhyana and a strong foundation of Indian Philosophy is laid down.

Nyayasudha gives a detailed explosion of all these issues. The areas of epistemology, ontology, ethics and linguistic are extensively covered. The views of all major schools of Indian philosophy are examined. Advaita views are particularly reviewed. In a way it is an encyclopedia of Indian Philosophy.

There are two dozen commentaries on this valuable work.

Most of them cover Jinasadhikarana only. It is planned to publish the texts of Anuvyakhyana and Nyayasudha with six commentaries that cover the entire in eight volumes. One of these commentaries viz. Vakyartharatnamala is recently discovered. It is very extensive.

These commentaries give deeper insight into the philosophical concepts and issues and enrich the comprehension of Indian Philosophy.



Sriman Nyaysudha of Sri Jayatirtha is a detailed commentary on Brahmasutranuvyakhyana of Sri Anandatirtha. It s objects are two fold i) interpreting Brahmasutras and the Srutis critically so as to develop the thesis that the doctrines of Dvaita Vedanta are enshrined in Brahmasutras.

ii) Reviewing critically the major philosophical issues presented in the six systems of Indian Philosophy and Buddhist philosophy, and formulating the correct position of these philosophical doctrines.

For the purpose of the first object the format of the Brahmasutra text is followed. The Sutras and Sruti passages referred to by the sutras are critically interpreted. The interpretation offered by Advaita and Visistadvaita are reviewed.

For the purpose of the second object, the major philosophical issues are raised in the relevant context and critically examined.

Nyayasudha is a large work. There are nearly three dozen commentaries on it. Most of them comment on Jinasadhikarana. In this edition six commentaries that cover the entire Nyayasudha are included. Vakyartha ratnamala, a sub-commentary on Vakyartha Chandrika is recently discovered. It is a large sub-commentary. It is included here.

The publication of Nyayasudha with these six commentaries of eleven volumes already published. This final volume contains four padas of Fourth Chapter.

We offer our pranamas to Sri 1008 Sri Satyatmatirtha Swamiji of Sri Uttaradi matha for providing the manuscript of Vakyartha ratnamala.

We thank Vagartha for good printing and neat get-up.













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