The Path of Meditation: A Step by Step Guide to Meditation

The Path of Meditation: A Step by Step Guide to Meditation

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Rebel Publisher
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788172610715
Pages: 262 (6 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
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Want to tell you that it is destructive to believe anybody, and it will be harmful to your life. No belief, no belief at all! Whosoever makes a belief system a basis for his life is entering into a world of blindness – and no light can ever enter into his life. He can never attain to light in his life. Someone who believes in others will never be able to know hi, self.

My approach to meditation is not based on any scriptures, any specific school of thought. I am only talking about the paths which I have walked on and which I have known by going within myself. This is why what I am saying is not just a theory. And when I invite you to try it, I have no doubt that you will also be successful in finding what you are longing for. Rest assured that I will only talk about that which I have experienced.”


When you are not doing anything at al – bodily, mentally, on no level – when all activity has ceased and you simply are, just being, that’s what meditation is. You cannot do it, you cannot practice it; you have only to understand it.

Whenever you can find time for just being, drop all doing. Thinking is also doing, concentration is also doing, contemplation is also doing. Even if for a single moment you are not doing anything and you are just at you center. Utterly relaxed – that is meditation. And once you have got the knack of it, you can remain in that state as long as you want; finally you can remain in that state for twenty-four hours a day.

Once you have become aware of the way your being can remain undisturbed, then slowly you can start doing things, keeping alert that your being is not stirred. That is the second part of meditation. First, learning how just to be, and then learning little actions: cleaning the floor, taking a shower, but keeping yourself centered. Then you can do complicated things.

For example. I am speaking to you, but my meditation is not disturbed. I can go on speaking, but at my very center there is not even a ripple; it is just silent, utterly silent.

So meditation is not against action. It is not that you have to escape from life. It simply teaches you a new way of life. You become the center of the cyclone. Your life, with more clarity, more vision, more creativity – yet you are aloof, just a watcher on the hills, simply seeing all that is happening around you.

You are not the doer, you are the watcher. That’s the whole secret of meditation, that you become the watcher. Doing continues on its own level, there is no problem: chopping wood, drawing water from the well. You can do all small and big things; only one thing is o allowed and that is, your centering should not be lost.

Back of the Book

The culture that will arise in the future, if it is truly to be for the evolution of mankind, will be a balance of science and religion. This culture will be a synthesis of religion and science. It will not be only religious or only scientific: it will be either scientifically religious or religiously scientific.

Recorded at a meditation camp in the hills of Mahabaleshwar, this book is illustrated with beautiful photos.

This is not a book just to read but an invitation to experiment with the extremely powerful techniques that are given.




  Preface viii
Chapter I The Foundation of Meditation 1
Chapter 2 Begin with the Body 25
Chapter 3 Finding Quality in Life 61
Chapter 4 Understanding the Mind 93
Chapter 5 Understanding Emotions 117
Chapter 6 Body and Soul: Science and Religion 147
Chapter 7 The Light of Consciousness 183
Chapter 8 Truth: Your Birthright 207
  One Step at a Time 235
  About The Author 258
  Osho International Meditation Resort 259
  More Osho Books 261
  For More Information 262

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