Photography Picture-Making and Islam
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Photography Picture-Making and Islam

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Author: Majlisul Ulama
Publisher: Idara Isha' At-E-Diniyat (P) Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 8171014267
Pages: 87
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About the Author:

In present days so-called modern society, the photography or making the picture has been named as an art and awarded handsomely. There are lot of houses (not Knowing that it is forbidden) having pictures of some or the other. The deals exclusively the effect and demerits of photography and why the photography or making pictures are strictly forbidden in Islam.



By way of introduction to this booklet we quote Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi Saheb (Rabmatullah alaih) the then Grand Mufti of Pakistan: "In the authentic Ahadith it is reported that the Messenger of Allah said:

'There will be people in my Ummat, who will change the name of wine (giving it some other fancy name) and consume it. And, at these drinking sessions music, singing and dancing will prevail. Allah Ta'ala will cause them to be swallowed into the earth, and others among them will be transformed into apes and swines'."

This practice (of changing the names of forbidden things with a view to legalise them) which our Nabi mentioned with regard to wine has today been employed by Muslims, not only for wine, but for many other forbidden practices. Practices which the Shariah has proscribed as Haraam (prohibited) have today been painted in the colours of modernity and their names have been changed so that people could indulge in these forbidden practices without any restraint. These people labour under the misconception that they have escaped the Divine Prosecution by employing this self, deceptive trick.

If they had any insight they would have realised that by the employment of this deception they are guilty of two crimes, i.e., (1) the commission of the sin, the name of which they face changed, and (2) being devoid of regret and shame for the crime thus perpetrated. These are such people who are forgetful of repentance.


Introduction 01
The Purpose of the Booklet 06
Why Photograph is not a Picture? 07
The Picture 08
The Photograph 09
The Camera 12
Prohibition Remains with all Means of Production 20
Asbaabul Hurmat of Picture of Animate Objects 22
Ahadith Prohibiting Pictures of Animate Objects 23
The Sahaba and Picture-Making 32
Pictures are the Cause of Idolatry 33
Imitating the Unbelievers 38
Imitation of Allah's Creation of Life 40
The Angles' Abhorrence of Living Pictures 40
Pictures Divert Man's attention from Allah and the Hereafter 41
Pictures Agent of Pornography and Obscene "Art" 43
Picture Sources of Fakhr (Pride) 44
Pictures Engender Israaf (Waste) 44
Allah Ta'ala Abhors Pictures of Animate Objects 46
The prohibition was not only for the Time of Rasulullah 48
The Abhorrence of Pictures not Restricted to Muslims 61
Western's Views on the Prohibition of Pictures 63
Consensus of Opinion of Jurists of Islam on the Prohibition 66
Conclusion 72
The Blasphemy of Pictures 74
Why Pictures of Animate Objects have been Prohibited 82
Opinions of Ulama on Prohibition 84
Photography 86
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