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प्रयोगरत्नमाला: Prayoga Ratnamala - A Commentary on Apastamba Srouta Sootra of Sri Chowndapacharya (An Old and Rare Book)

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Tanjore Maharaja Serfoji Saraswavati Mahal Manuscript Library brings out his valuable book Prayoga ratna Mala part I a Commentary of Apsastamba Srowta Sootras.

Sootras are short sentences/concise rules for sacrificial ceremonies, conventional coustoms, philosophy, grammar, etc. (eg. Srowta Sootras, Grihya Sootras, Vyasa Sootras, Paniniyya-Sootras, Dharma Sootras etc.

The sage Apastamba discovered many such sootras, founded directly on Yajurveda for the performance of sacrificial ceremonies. As the Sootras are containing hidden meanings/mystic sence, a good commentary was necessitated in the midst of 15th Century. Sri Bhoopathy the ruler of Vijayangaram requested his chief Minister Sri Chowndapacharya to write a commentary on the Srowta Sootras. Sri chowndapacharya himself was a renowned scholar in Vedas and Vedangas ( the six works regarded as auxiliary parts to Vedas and he has written a good commentary on the srwotha Sootras of Apasthamba.

There are four manuscripts of the same commentary in the library ( B. Nos.) 3848, 3849, 3850 and 3854) and it is now released for the first time. The 2nd part of the above commentary will be published soon. We hope this work will be welcomed by Vedic scholars who are interested in performing Vedic Sacrifices.


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