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Rabindranath Tagore (Songs of Awakening)

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Item Code: NAL186
Author: Mohit Chakrabarti
Publisher: Kanishika Publishers
Language: Transliteration With English Translation
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788173919244
Pages: 140
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 300 gm
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Book Description
About the Book

The songs of Rabindranath Tagore are the eternal treasures of our quest for the true identity of man in terms of music. His songs of awakening are a prelude to the why and how of this quest in a very crystallised and transparent pattern presented in poignant and telling words of the mind and the heart. Our moments of joy, sorrow, love, languishment, hope, disappointment, loneliness and wonder are woven in unparalleled words in these songs of awakening. As one reads and attunes with the very words of these songs, one is blessed with a new dawn of awareness for marching ahead in search of excellence and ascent.

A permanent companion to anyone who wants to be in perfect tuning with Tagore for awakening anew and afresh any time anywhere.

About the Author

Mohit Chakrabarti, D. Litt.: Teaches Education and English at Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, India. Honoured with National Award as Teacher Educator.

Credited with participation/ presentation/ acceptance of papers in international/ national conferences/ symposia/ seminars etc. like The World Assembly of Teacher Educators, The University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica; Beijing Normal University, Beijing; Institution of Education, Singapore; First International Conference on “Literature in Translation”, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi; First International Symposium on “India and World Literature”, University of Delhi, Delhi; Workshop on “Setting the Agenda for Change for Central Universities for the 21st Century, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Associated with different Universities, National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) and Educational institutions, Professor Chakrabarti has recently acted as member, Teacher Education for Curriculum Renewal, National Focus Group on Teacher Education, NCERT, New Delhi.

Consistent and prolific contributor to studies and researches on Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore and Swami Vivekananda. Writer of books for children in Bengali and English.


The songs of Rabindranath Tagore bring forth a vision of life in fullness. His catholicity of vision in delving deep into the finer feelings and softer emotions of life in aesthetic and mystic grandeur is incomparable and unparalleled. This is perhaps all the more justified when his songs of awakening ring in the innermost core of the mind and the heart.

What makes Tagore’s songs of awakening so significant? What are the very essential points of departure in which these songs are enriched? Why should one consider these songs of awakening as milestones of one’s ascent and excellence as the best creation of the All Beautiful? One might go on supplementing numerous other questions prompting, of course, apposite answers. What is really very amazing is that his songs of awakening simply prepare us to be more vibrant and spontaneous in making newer and more challenging adventure within ourselves where the diverse components of the human feelings and emotions –freedom, joy, love, sorrow, loneliness, separation, pains, trials, doubts, disturbances, devotion and dedication—all await a symphony in all brilliance and perfection in consciousness par excellence.

When love is considered to be a serene component of awakening, it turns out as a perennial force not only for the time present but remarkably for the time past with all its glorious moments also, and for the time future that beckons with promises and perfume of perfection. In fact, Tagore’s songs of awakening with fullness of the vision of love are the benchmarks of the quest for the beyonding of man. Moreover, love embodied and personalised in and through Nature unfolds a newer horizon of the soul of love which is the All Soul, Infinite, All Illumined One. What a quest for love in the muse in awakening?

Hope in Tagore’s songs of awakening also plays a very characteristic role. He adores and embraces it in terms of pain, desolation and disappointment so much so that in the final analysis we come across a newer avenue of awakening with absolute glory and serenity. Tagore also introduces the songs of awakening not simply as an exercise in optimism but more than that. These reveal how one can undergo an inward endeavour at viewing life as a variegated casket to finer and softer sensibilities that moderate and crystallise whatever stands for excellence and ascent to man. The oyster in every mind looks more illumined with the exquisite exploration of feeling and emotions sensitised in one’s own approach to soul consciousness.

Humility is the essence of Tagore’s songs of awakening. Therefore, a positive and vibrant attitude to all constraints is the hallmark of the true identity of humans continually striving for oneness with the All Serene. Distress and disgrace, darkness and desolation, wounds and agonies-all are warmly welcome as boosters to awakening and reawakening in contemplation and action, and, with these ends-in-view, his songs make a calm and serene call complimenting everyone with askance and counter askance for finding out the true inward world of freedom and joy, serenity and extinction of personality.

In selecting the songs, care has been taken to be justified to Tagore as far as possible in highlighting the most natural and significant components that adorn as marvels of awakening. At the same time, these songs are so poignant in unfolding the true image of man in pursuit of fullness that even a cursory effort to be attuned through the invaluable words would always pay startling dividends.

I earnestly carry forward within myself the endless warmth of love and affection from my eldest sister, Shrimati Madhabilata Brahmachari. I humbly dedicate this book to her as a token of reverence and gratitude.

Sobdo, my son, has satisfactorily processed the computer work for the book. Hearty congrats!

If the book appeals to all lovers of Tagore, I would recall his own words as a tyro in appositely attuning myself: “Thy infinite gifts come to me only on these very small hands of mine. Ages pass, and still thou pourest, and still there is room to fill.


1Your White New Conchshell Blows All Through the Sky1
2In the Eastern Part of the Sky2
3Awake, My Mind, in the World of Goodness3
4When Have You Come at Dawn and Touched with a Smile4
5Even Now Your Numbness Does Not Slip Away, Eyes Do Not Open Up5
6Who Awakes Today in the Fearlessly Asleep World?7
7The Night Dawned, the Path Ended8
8O the Dream at Night Removed, O Just Removed, the Strings Cut Off9
9My Void of Many Days Would Have to be Filled In10
10O the Ever New, Today in This First Song11
11The Life of Life is Awaking in Your Very Life13
12Awake in Eyes Distinct on the Other Shore of Night14
13If Thou Dost Shatter the Dream at the Dawn of Night16
14Play On, O Poet, Your Pleasant Music17
15O Enchanter of Mind, at the End of Dense Night18
16Traveller, Why With Idle Limbs Even Now!19
17Who Called O Lord, on the Night of Sorrow!20
18Call on Me Tonight at Dead Hours21
19Awake in Joy, O Awake with Him22
20O Awake in Pure Joy23
21All Make Merriments24
22Awake Me with the Touch of Thy Drink Thyself25
23Friend of My Heart, Give New Life in Today's Auspicious Morning26
24Listen to His Pleasing Message on the Auspicious Moment in a Calm Heart27
25Day and Night Look at His Countenance28
26Awake O Awake -the Morning Passes in Vain!29
27Who Has Sat Today on the Seat of the Heart, Lord, the God of the Earth!30
28Spreading a Seat on the Two Hearts, Be Seated, O Lord31
29The Calm Evening Came, the Tired Sun Went Down the Setting Horizon32
30From Fear to Thy Fearlessness, O Deliver Me to Birth Anew!33
31In Thy Name Do I Today Open My Eyes in the Auspicious Morning34
32Lord, Saluting You, Shall I Go On with Worldly Work35
33In Deep Sorrow Did I Awake, the Night Dense and Gloomy36
34Why Sleep is Not There in Your Eyes Alone37
35When Tears Trickled Down with the Rains of Sorrow38
36The Bee Came Inside the Room Humming39
37Day and Night Sans Happiness in Yoke, You are Wandering With a Poor Life41
38Who Knew That You Would Call on Me! I was Immersed in Slumber42
39Arise and Let Us Go, the Good Day Arrived, the Fragrance of Joy Overflowed44
40Lord, If You Awaken Me Today45
41More Strike I Would Bear, I, Too, Would Bear46
42Give in the Heart Thy Pure Juice of the Touch, Thy Cool Calm Virtuous Hands47
43O Wherefrom Rings the Pain of Love!48
44The Dark Night Dawned, in Joy Was the World Filled49
45In the Sea of Nactar Do I Immerse, the World Do I Forget51
46Let Me Receive Thy Kindness in My Heart52
47Awake, O Rude, Awake!54
48This Course of Test Came to An End55
49Awake, Awake O Awake Songs, Make the Sky of the Mind Wavy56
50Eyes Floated in Water57
51Victory, O Poet, to Thy Diverse Joy!58
52Where the God of the Silent Heart Awakes Alone59
53The Lord Awakes in the Moonlit Night60
54When the World is Rapt in Slumber and the Sky is Dark61
55That She Came and Sat Beside Me, Yet I did Not Awake62
56When I Came out Singing Your Song63
57In Thunder Your Flute Plays on. Is That a Simple Song?65
58My Massage Touches My Heart66
59O We Would Have to Awake!67
60Amidst the Awakening Noise of the Universe68
61To Break the Doors in the Retreat of the Demons of Dry Heat69
62What Massage of the Very Spring Did the Yonder Full Moon Bring Forth!70
63In Drizzles Drops the Fountain of Colours71
64With Whose Letter Did the Full Moon Come!72
65O My Moonlight, Today in the Evening of the Early Spring73
66The House of Play Have I Started Building Amidst the Mind74
67The Heart of Midnight75
68Moon, Who Will Give You the Swing!76
69Slowly, Slowly, Blow Slowly, O Restless Wind!77
70How Would He Remain Secret by Hiding the Seized Heart!78
71That Thou Hast Come to My Residence, the Sound is Surging all Thro' the World79
72In the Full Moon Tonight Everyone Has Gone to the Forest80
73This Flower of the First Moment of My Morning81
74Become One in Unison, Place the Head at the Feet of One82
75Adorning the Sail With Your Open Wind by Cutting Off the Rope83
76O My Mind, When You Awoke Not84
77In the Heart You were Awake85
78Wherefrom I As If Listen86
79With What Affection the Spring Goes on Writing Its Song on the Dust!87
80The Last Star of Night, in Secret Half-Slumber88
81My Lamp is Put Out in the Wind at Midnight89
82Would Your Work Be Finished By Stringing Wires90
83Let Victory, Victory Be to New Sunrise91
84With the Very Beginning of the Early Spring, All Dry Leaves that Dropped Down92
85Come O Come, the Water for Quenching Thirst94
86From His Eternal World of Goodness96
87Plays On, O Plays On, the Drum Plays On Amid the Heart, Amid the Heart98
88I Know Not When With the Touch of Rains99
89Giving, Taking and Returning Between You and ME100
90My Heart, Perhaps Yonder Your Early Summer Storm Arrives101
91Yonder in the Blue Horizon the Fire of Flowers Caught102
92Today the Inner Words of the Sky in Drizzles Ring103
93What a Poignant Massage Came Along the Shade of Dense Cloud105
94Slowly is Plunging the Dense Night in My Life106
95Sing Shall I with Thy Tune, Give Me that Veena107
96Sorrow There is, Death is There, the Pangs of Separation Ache109
97Take, Take the Silent Veena Up110
98The Wind Touches the Sail of Songs112
99The Permanent Words That You Have Strung in the Global Tune113
100Look At Me Not, Knowing Me Old114

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