The Road to Ayodhya
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The Road to Ayodhya

Item Code: NAM198
Author: Jay Dubashi
Publisher: Voice of India, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 1992
Pages: 195
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book

All roads lead to Rome elsewhere in the world, but in India they lead to Ayodhya. At least they have done so far in the last few years. This book is an account of the long intellectual journey that has brought some of us to Ayodhya, though the road is long and the journey is not yet over.

Ever since independence, the Congress party, led by 'secularists' like Nehru and others, had succeeded in twisting the meanings of words like nationalism, communalism, secularism, etc. The very word Hindu has become an ugly word, a word of abuse, while to be Christian or Muslim is, for some people, the height of secularism. This basic perversion has been at the root of all other perversions in the Indian political lexicon, and consequently in the mind-set of the 'modem' Indian. It is esssential to correct the distortion before moving ahead.

It is good that the Hindus have at last realised that they have been kept down all these years in the name of a phony secularism, just as the poor Russians were kept down for three quarters of a century in the name an equally phony socialism. It is not an accident that both came to grief on the same day, November 9, 1989, when the first brick of the new temple was laid in Ayodhya, and the first brick from the Berlin Wall was removed by an angry crowd in East Germany. The Berlin Wall has vanished and so has East Germany - as also the Soviet Union-but the temple at Ayodhya is yet to come up. It is only a matter of time before it does.

Most of the articles in this selection first appeared in Organiser under the author's popular’ weekly column "Thinking Aloud."

About the Author

Jay Dubashi was born in Goa and brought up in Bombay, where he took his first degree before proceeding to London, where he did research in engineering and economics for seven years, and obtained his doctorate. He has combined writing and journalism with his career as economist and has been associated with a number of leading newspapers and magazines in India and abroad, including India Today, where he was an editor and columnist for several years. He has been a contributor to Sunday Times (London), Time and Tide (London) and Nikkei Weekly (Tokyo), and is a long-time columnist in Sunday Observer (Bombay and New Delhi) and Organiser (New Delhi).

Dr. Dubashi acquired a taste for politics-and political writing-while working with Krishna Menon in London but soon outgrew that Nehruist phase and is now its leading critic. He was adviser to Union Minister of Industry in 1977 and is a member of the National Executive of Bharatiya Janata Party. His books include Science, Technology and Industry and Snakes and Ladders. He is married and has. A son, Jagan-nath, who is also a wellknown journalist.


Ayodhya: Before and After
1The Angry Hindus are Political Hindus1
2Who is a Hindu?4
3Hindus Deserve the Best9
4Wave of the Future13
5November 9 will Change History15
6From 'Shianyas' to Berlin Wall18
7The Pre-eminence of Ramjanmabhoomi Issue21
8The Catherine Mayos of Today24
9A Temple in Every Comer28
10News from Ayodhya31
11National Consciousness34
12Ayodhya is the Issue37
13The Renewal of India40
14The National Culture43
15What is Secularism?46
16Nehru and Savarkar49
17The Goa Inquisition'52
18Ayodhya is the Centre of Hindu Nationhood55
19A Sense of the Past58
20The Minorities and the Mainstream61
21The Muslim Vote Bank64
22The Guilty Men67
23Shiv Sena's Hindu Platform70
24Thakeray's Deadly Bowling73
25The Hindu Revolution76
26Are Hindus Fascists?79
27The Brown Saheb82
28The Rage for the Raj85
Part II
Aydhya: Friends and Foes
29Salaam Nehru91
30How Nehru Superseded Patel96
31The Immoral Creed99
32Communism and Religion102
33From Stalinism to Nehruism105
34Nehru's Disastrous Legacy108
35The Irrelevance of Nehru111
36The Rise and Fall of Empires114
37Death of Communism117
38The Nehruvian Breed120
39Bread and Freedom123
40"If I were A Communist, I would Commit Suicide"126
41Decline and Fall of Marxism129
42Collapse of the Soviet Economy132
43The Marxist God is Dead135
44The Moscow Patriots138
45If the Communists Seize Power141
46Can India go the Soviet Way?144
47The Marxist Gang147
48The Pak-China Lobby150
49Blood-soaked Beijing153
50Leftists' 'War and peace'156
51Murder in Siliguri159
52Rushdie's Plight162
53The Miracle in Moscow165
54Saddam'a Friends168
55Fake Revolution171

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