Saadhe Saati - A Balanced View

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Author: K.N. Rao
Publisher: Vani Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8189221698
Pages: 144
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This book aims at helping an astrologer draw a balanced view of Saadhe Saati. It is a very useful group research.The purpose of these papers presented readers draw their own conclusions on the basis of the intimate studies presented by students from the horoscopes of people known to whom they have over a period of time.

Some parameters have been evolved to examine the results of saadhe saati which are:
Examine first the promised results of the maha, antar and pratyantara dashes and then see the results of saadhe saati.
Examine the transit of Saturn on Sarvastakavarga which is abbreviated as SAV.

When can saadhe saati be said to have begun? If a person has his Moon at one degree in Mesha, a second person at 11 degree in Mesha and a third one at twenty eight degree in Mesha. Can it be said that all will have their saddhe saati at the same time?

If sometime wants to argue that saadhe saati is fatal because Mahatma Gandhi died in his saadhe saati. The arguments that can be proffered against it is what Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru became the Prime minister of India in his third saadhe saati. See some more instances give with horoscopes. Indira Gandhi lost her mother in her first saadhe saati and her husband and father in her second saadhe saati. But she also became a Minister in the cabinet of Lal Bahadur Shastri during the same saadhe saati.

1. Astrologers frighten their clients in India by mentioning saadhe saati as a period of fatality. Is it so? Read the papers and draw your own conclusions.
2. Can the entire of seven and a half years be bad? Read the papers and draw your own conclusions.
3. Is saadhe saati a period of some notable achievements/ Read the papers and draw your own conclusions.
4. Are marriageable girls getting married during their saadhe saati? Read the papers and draw your own conclusions.
5. Is it correct to stick to the dogma that the second saadhe saati is invariably good and the third invariably bad? Read the papers and draw your own conclusions.


1Importance of group reseachers5
2Are you afraid of Saadhe Saati?11
3Saturn's Transit14
4"Saadhe-Saati"-case studies20
5"Saadhe-Saati"- a case studies26
6Jupiter in the 4th house Saturn in the 5th house, Moon in the 8th house and the saadhe saati29
7Saturn Transit- a case study36
8A tale of four Saadhe Saatis43
9Saadhe- Saati- a case study47
10Is Saadhe Saati always bad?50
11Studies in Saadhe Saati54
12The three cycles of Saadhe Saati- case studies83
13A study of Saadhe Saati- Is it Good or Bad92
14The person survived Bomb-Blast during Saadhe Saati106
15Saadhe- Saati109
16Summary Tables114
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