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Sadguru Tatwa "Basic Principles of Understanding"

Sadguru Tatwa "Basic Principles of Understanding"
Item Code: NAE197
Author: C. S.Varada Raja
Publisher: Pattabi Enterprises
Pages: 70
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 71 gms

"Mookam karoti Vaachalam Panghum Langhayate Girim Yatkripa Tamaham Vande Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda .Jagadgurum Sri Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum-Paramananda Madhavam"

It is entirely due to the benign grace of our beloved Parama Poojya Sadguru Deva who not only inspired me but also blessed me and permitted me to bring out this book having three parts namely

Part - Sadguru Seva Dharma Bodha,"
Part - II - "Guru Geetha Saara"
Part -III - " Yaduraja Geetha "

In this monumental task, I have drawn inspitarion from Swamy Manasa Datta, (Secretary)' Swamy Dattananda, "Sh r i H.V. Prasad (PS & Executive Trustee), Prof. Krishnakumar, School Principal, Shri T.R. Krishnappa, family members of our revered parents Late Smt. Sharadamma (Chikkamma) Late Shri C.R.Shankaran (father), our aunt Smt. Subbamma (Doddamma) - her family members, Late Shri M. Krishnamurthy (My father-in-law & Ex-Manager) and many ardent devotees of Mysore, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderbad and Vijayawada Ashramas including foreign devotees (Angels). I am extremely greatful and thankful to Parama Poojya Shri Sadguru Deva without whose ever-radiating grace on an ignorant and illiterate follower like me, it would have been impossible to bring out this book - a challenging task indeed!


Book writing is an art. Very few can convey the thoughts they have in striking. simple. lucid and clear terms. The writing becomes even difficult if the matter is of spiritual context; More so if the matter is of spiritual nature. The French word "Spirituel" meant "matter connected with Spirit". With what spirit? Spirit of the SELF. To illumine and examine that Self. the assistance is rendered by the knowledge we acquire in the proceedings. Sri Varada Raja has done a commendable job in conveying that procedure in its minute details. His association with Sadguru Deva for over three decades puts him in a unique position and unique perspective. Having gone through the whole procedure. he is capable of telling others. He has done it in a simple. humble. earthly manner.

May Sadguru Deva Bless his efforts and spirits to write more and more.


Part-ISadguru Seva Dharma Bodha05-20
Part-II"Guru Geetha Saara"21-42
Part-III"Yaduraja Geetha"43-62
Kaaragraha Bhandhana"63-67
Yoga Tatwa Bodha68-70

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