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Scientific Contents in Prakrta Canons (An Old and Rare Book)

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Scientific Contents in Prakrta Canons (An Old and Rare Book)
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Item Code: MZH340
Author: N. L. Jain
Publisher: Parshwanath Vidyapeeth, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 1996
ISBN: 8186715118
Pages: 612
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.67 kg
About the Book

There has always been two categories of scholars - traditionalists and moderates. It is the later who carry the torch of knowledge ahead. The scientific age has resulted in increase of moderate scholars with scientific outlook presuming knowledge as ever-flowing river. The Austrian indologist and Dixit have initiated the approach of studying Jainology with historical and scientifically evaluative perspective to contain the current of faith erosion.

The early Jaina Canons contain about one-third of their contents related with physical world. The above approach directs to treat these contents as specific to those, periods and as mile-stone in development of thought process. This book is an attempt to induce this approach to cover the con-tents in the areas of Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Food Sciences and Medical Sciences. The material presented here will convince the reader that religious themes have also been undergoing changes like scientific concepts and therefore science should not be degraded on this score. Secondly, the book will lead one to learn that the Jainas have had better intellect in contemporary theorisation. However, their physical observations on visible phenomena seem to be quite insufficient in number and variety in views of our current knowledge, which has not only supplemented them to a large extent but has given better understanding and clarity on many issues. This non-traditional book has a point to improve the status of scientificity in religion to strengthen faith in moral and spiritual values.

About the Author
Born in Chhatarpur district of M. P. ( India ) and educated at Kodarma and Varanasi upto Shastri and Acharya in Jainism and M.Sc. in Chemistry, Dr. N. L. Jain did his Ph. D. in U. K. and VLA post-doctoral training in -.' U. S. A. He served as 1=--- Lecturer and Professor in M. P. State Service retiring in 1988. He has since been project investigator, U. G. C. and National Science Academy, Delhi based at Rewa, M. P.

'Religion and Science' has been his most interesting subjects. He feels Jaina system has highest trend and content of scientificity which should be well promoted. He has presented large number of papers in national and international seminars with about four scores of published papers and books. He holds 'Lal' and 'Children Literature' awards for his literary activities. He attended Assembly of World Religions ( 1989 ), Parliament of World Religions ( 1993 ), International History of Science Congress in Germany & Spain and International Anti-vivi-section Conference in London. He has lectured in Jaina centres of U. S. A. and U. K. He has developed a uniform Jaina Glossary through Jaina International, Ahmedabad. Currently, he is involved not only in authoring original books on scientificity of Jainism but also in translating advanced Jaina pro-canons in English besides sending Jaina literature ( worth Rs. 1,25,000.00 ) abroad through various agencies. He is actively associated with Theosophical Society and Jaina Kendra, Rewa ( M. P. ).

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