Secrets of Astrology: Based on Hindu Astrology

Secrets of Astrology: Based on Hindu Astrology

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Item Code: IDE535
Author: Dr. L.R. Chawdhri
Publisher: New Dawn Press
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788120768802
Pages: 199 (Figures: 21)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.4" X 5.4"
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From the Jacket:

"The future's not ours to see, what will be" says a popular song of yesteryear.

Not so for the astrologer who views the celestial bodies and studies their influence on human affairs, in order to control the calamities of life. As R.W.Emerson wrote: "Astrology is astronomy brought to earth and applied to the affairs of men".

Mastered long ago in the Vedic times, astrology helps in predicting future events and catastrophes.

Secrets of Astrology is based on Hindu astrology. Dealing with the most important aspects of human life - marriage, children, profession, finance, love and personality - it is an interesting guide to mitigating misfortunes in one's life, and predicting accurately incidents and events shaping the lives of human beings

It will help you work out predictions and character readings for your friends and yourself. With this book, you will gain insight into the aspects of your personality and can take appropriate measures to ensure a happy and prosperous life.

About the Author:

The late Dr. L.R.Chawdhri had an experience of 39 years in the fields of astrology, palmistry and numerology. He specialized in remedial measures developed through these sciences, and wrote 17 widely-acclaimed books on occult science.



This book, based on Hindu astrology, aims to cater to the general interest of the public and serve as a guide to students of this science in predicting accurately incident and events shaping the lives of men and women. It deals with the most important aspects of human life - riage, children, profession, finance, love, personality, etc.

The final chapter on Mantra, Yantra and Tantra brings out their beneficial effects on people using them.

Tables showing the Zodiac signs and various aspects of life are designed to help readers to know the nomenclature of planets and un- derstand the signs terminology along with nakshatras, colours, gems, etc. The Ascendant Table at the end of the book provides a useful guide for readers to determine the propitious time and place for the com- mencement of a business venture, professional career or a journey.

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  Preface v
1. Astrology and its Uses 1
2. Basic Rules of Astrology
The Asterisms or Nakshatra
Use of Tithis
Sun's in Western and Hindu Astrology
Moon through Signs
Houses and Planets
Signification of Planets in Houses
3. Your Basic Nature 28
4. Spouses and Married Life
Good or honest wife and husband
Co-wives or Plural marriages
Separation or Divorce
Planets in 7th House
Love marriage
5. Love, Nature and Sex
Compatibility Table
Retrograde Planets
Lover's Guide
Sex Life Thermometers
Linking the Signs
How Opposite Sign Attract
Ideal Match, Lucky Numbers
6. Finance, Property, Conveyance, Children and Travels
Virility or Importance of Husband
Service or Business
Planets and Politics
Planets and spirituality
Planets and Transfers
Luck in Speculations
7 How to Control Wrongs in your life
Propitiation of Evil Planets
Tantrik Remedies
8. Ascendant Tables 178


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