Secrets of Shaktipat: Awakening of Kundalini by the Guru

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Author: Ravindra Kumar, Ph.D. (Swami Atmananda), Jytte Kumar Larsen
Publisher: New Dawn Press
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9781845573751
Pages: 263
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

Back of the Book:

According to medical research, only 15 to 20 percent of the brain centres are at work, the rest are asleep. The unactivated brain centres can be awakened and activated by the awakening of the spiritual energy Kundalini, which lies spiritually dormant under the base of the spine. Classical methods, such as Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Tantra Yoga and others may take a whole lifetime for the awakening Kundalini in a short time is through the passage of "spiritual energy" from Guru to disciple through Shaktipat Initiation, which is also known as "Maha Yoga", as it enables the initiate to experience all the symptoms of the different yogic methods. This book provides the most comprehensive knowledge of the Shaktipat method with all its intricacies and details - from finding a Guru to inner experiences and life in an ashram.

About the Authors:

Dr Ravindra Kumar has obtained a PhD in mathematics, from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, in 1968. Thereafter he continued post-doctoral research at universities at Lancaster and London, UK, and taught mathematics in many countries. He experienced the awakening of Kundalini in 1987, after which his interest shifted to religion and parapsychology. He resigned from his position as professor in mathematics in 1994. Till date he has authored about fifteen research papers published in USA and eighteen books on Kundalini and occult sciences. He is a trustee of the Academy of Religion and Physical Research, USA, and founder/president of the Academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul, with centres in New Delhi, Copenhagen, London and Saratoga (Florida). He himself received initiation through Shaktipat by powerful Gurus in the Tirth lineage of India, and is actively involved in the ashram's work, also imparting training on Shaktipat Initiation.

Jytte Kumar Larsen has a degree in economics and administration and she has been the Administrative Manager of a reputed Norwegian firm in Copenhagen. She experienced the awakening of her Kundalini in 1992, which led her to meet Ravindra in a Philadelphia conference in 1995, Ever since, they have been guiding people round the world towards the awakening of their Kundalini.


Shaktipat is the ancient method of being spiritually awakened by a Guru. The process awakens and activates the Kundalini in the shortest time. This awakening has minimum or no risks or side effects, and in most cases is instant and effortless. Through the intuitive grace of the Guru one knows directly that there is no death, and as a result lives fully and awakes for the first time. Automatic movements in the body reverse the flow of vital fluids, which prepare the brain to receive enlightenment. Accumulated karma from several lives is thinned out and there is calmness, an inner contentment and a synchronicity with life. Living in two worlds becomes a reality.

I can make the above statements because of the awakening of my kundalini that took place in 1992. I have experienced Shaktipat through my Indian Guru, and I am reasonably versed with the Indian philosophy of liberation. Liberation of the East is the same as Salvation of the West.

The initiate surrenders to the Higher Consciousness in the Guru. The Guru being the vehicle of the Divine Grace, directs the passage of Shakti through him/her to the initiate to awaken his spiritually dormant kundalini. One's kundalini can also be awakened through self-effort, but this may take several years if not several lifetimes. Shaktipat Guru has transcended worldly attractions and lives a simple and dedicated life. Gurus initiate people for Self-realisation as a service to God, and they do not expect remuneration from the initiate, as they are self-sufficient. But initiates are advised to offer the Guru presents in line with the tradition for showing respect and surrender. Some present-day gurus and Catholic priests are found guilty, and even published for abusing children sexually; these are the ones who were forced to lives as celibates while not having risen above sex and worldly attractions. Such pseudo-gurus have brought a bad name to the real gurus, who have always existed and will always exist. I have been having out-of-body experiences and travelling in past and future. The awakening of the kundalini enables these experiences. Shakti brings these experiences according to the need and education for the initiate. At times I have seen the figure of Jesus Christ manifesting before me, and on another occasion the figure of AUM has appeared large in the sky. When this happens I am filled with feelings of bliss and protection from God Almighty. Then there is the knowledge that one is eternal as Soul or Atman, and the fear of death is gone forever. It is the first time that one lives life in a full way. I am convinced of the Shaktipat method, and would recommend it safely to men, and to women, like myself.



Shaktipat is a secret path for the awakening of Kundalini Shakti in a disciple through the power of Guru, who is normally authorised to do so in the lineage. Only genuine seekers, who come to the Guru of their own, are qualified to receive the initiation. In the past the secret knowledge of Shaktipat has been passing as a word of mouth from Guru to disciple and never written in a book form. A seeker has only to find the right Guru to get the benefit of this direct method of awakening the Shakti. Since the symptoms of all self-effort methods, such as Bhaktiyoga, Jnanayoga, Karmayoga and Tantrayoga, etc, begin to appear automatically on the awakening and activisation of Shakti through Shaktipat, this method is known as Mahayoga or Great Yoga. The initiate experiences Shakti directly within him/herself and becomes conversant with it.

In the present book the authors have elaborated the various aspects of Shaktipat Initiation and have given a clear comparison with self-effort methods known as "aanvopaya." Through personal experiences of Kundalini awakening the authors have presented a complete guidebook for the purpose. A seeker on the path can prepare oneself very well before presenting him/herself before the Guru. This can save unnecessary time for the awakening of Shakti. Certainly the Guru is happy to accept such a disciple and the results are quicker than normal time.

Dr Kumar is a prolific writer, having already authored more than 15 books on Kundalini and other branches of occult sciences. The book is recommended to the seekers of Shaktipat Initiation as a preparation for receiving initiation in a short time and in a successful manner.



Impressions or tendencies formed in chitta or psyche from the past impel a person to continue in the same direction without any will on their part. This helplessness becomes the cause of further unhappiness. According to sankhya philosophy sadhana or spiritual pursuits should be such that the three types of burnings (physical and mental, spiritual, and calamities sent by heavenly beings) should be totally eradicated so there is no chance of them returning. Just as medication reduces fever to heal the body so the fever does not return, in the same way through spirituality we are healed so that unhappiness goes away and does not return. Yoga is the tried and tested permanent cure to unhappiness. Kriyas or automatic movements offer diagnosis, reason, treatment and elimination for the big disease. The big disease includes birth, old age, diseases and death. Avidya or ignorance is diagnosed as the reason, and Self-realisation is the treatment that eliminates the disease from its root.

Three mistakes prevent attaining Atman. The first is the belief that worldly pleasures enjoyed through the senses give happiness; the second is the desire to keep the body healthy and strong forever; and the third is the expectation that the cause of pleasures will always be available. Becoming attached to pleasures in this way keeps the cycle of re-incarnation continuing. The only way to end this cycle is to stop all mental modifications and by doing this to experience Self-realisation.

Shakti, on awakening and activation, onsets kriyas (automatic movements) in the initiate. This ends all mental modifications (past impressions and tendencies) and gives the experience of divine bliss to the initiate. This joy surges from within, and is independent of the five senses. Enjoyment through the senses requires external objects which are not needed for inner joy, and the mind in inner joy does not become absorbed in external activities. The initiate is so absorbed in the bliss that he does not want to end the meditation. According to Mundakopanishad such a yogi is said to be dwelling within, attached to and active within the Self or Atman, and is said to be the best among those who know Brahman. In the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna describes such a yogi as being free from worldly activities, having achieved nirvana or becoming one with Brahman. Every kriya brings the joy of Self, and all pleasures of the world appear insignificant before it. Saint Kabir noted that when the mind is absorbed in the inner bliss, why should it wander around looking for other things? Omnipotence and omniscience of Shakti can be seen in all kinds of kriyas, such as shaking, rotating round or back and forth, singing, laughing, weeping, speaking in strange languages or advising like a Guru, which are done by Shakti herself. However, when chitta reaches the steady state within the Atman or Self, the kriyas become subtler, and having finished their job gradually disappear.

The initiate witnesses everything being done without his/her efforts. The main goal of sadhana is to control the mind through kriyas. Proper food, rest and other helpful activities are part of sadhana, while activities that hinder spiritual progress are called obstacles. Achieving the state of "unbroken inner contentment", where there is indifference to the pleasures and pains of the world, is liberation while still living in the body. This is the ultimate goal of sadhana. Once this point is reached there is nothing more to be done. According to Lord Krishna who says in the Bhagavad Gita, once reaching this state even the greatest sorrow cannot shake the person.

Most of the kriyas are such that the initiate through his own efforts cannot perform them. Shakti does everything. All sanskaras such as anger, fear and desire thin out and gradually disappear. Renunciation or disinterest in worldly affairs develops. After the quietening of kriyas a natural meditative state emerges in which chitta appears to have been dissolved, and the mind is empty of determinations and indifferences. Virtues of Self-realisation such as fearlessness, equanimity and compassion emerge in the initiate. Since yoga (oneness of Atman and Paramatma or Soul and God) takes place naturally, the process is known as Sahajyoga or Siddhayoga. Since it combines all the four major kinds of yoga-Hath a, Mantra, Laya and Raja-it is also known as Mahayoga.

Shakti motivates the initiate's interest in different kinds of yogic activities, according to what is needed. As the initiate realises that Shakti does all activities in him, the sense of doership dissolves naturally and of witnessing emerges. Unmani avastha or the state of "joyfulness beyond mind" sets in. The initiate should never fall prey to "doubt", and should maintain the state of faith and surrender to Shakti under all circumstances, until the final state of union with Atman is attained. I have discussed spiritual matters, including the awakening of the kundalini, in three earlier books - Secrets of Numerology (1992), Destiny, Science and Spiritual Awakening (1997), and Kundalini for Beginners (2000). In The Secrets of Kundalini Awakening (2002) I have attempted to harmonise the key points from these three books while elaborating on them, in order to present the reader with a shortcut "integral path" towards kundalini activation and enlightenment. Twelve mini books on various branches of occult science have also been published in the past three years. Up to now I have been presenting mostly self-help methods. In this book I present the shortest and most direct method of passing Cosmic Energy from Guru to initiate to awaken his kundalini. It is suitable to those who have faith in and can surrender to the Higher Principle in the Guru. Finding the true Guru, who has transcended sex and other worldly attractions, and who demands nothing from the initiate is rare. The only thing required from the initiate is to surrender to the higher principle embodied in such a Guru. A true Guru helps every genuine seeker only as a service to God and with no return in mind.

I was studying mathematics, having obtained my PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, in 1968. I taught mathematics in eight countries including India, UK, USA, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa. About six books and 30 research papers were published in mathematics. After experiencing kundalini in 1987 my interest shifted to spiritual and psychical research. More than a dozen papers have been published in the Journal of Religion and Psychical Research, USA. Presently I am a trustee of the Academy of Religion and Psychical Research, and founder president of the Academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul. I eventually resigned my job as mathematics professor in 1994. Later I worked as professor of comparative religion at Belk Research Foundation, Charlotte, NC, and as professor of yoga philosophy and meditation at Hindu University, Florida for some time.

I studied by self-effort various methods of raising kundalini that exist in various faiths and traditions of the world. These methods are presented with details in my book The Secrets of Kundalini Awakening. In recent years I came across some genuine Gurus of the Shaktipat order and learned about the instant raising of the kundalini in an initiate by the grace of the Guru. Symptoms of arousal are seen within days or even within hours in an initiate who is well prepared through sadhana or spiritual practices prior to Shaktipat initiation. For others the kundalini first purifies the chitta by thinning out the sanskara or accumulated karma from several lifetimes. This process may take a few weeks, months or years, according to how much karmic debris has been stored. As the chitta purifies so the symptoms of active Kundalini Shakti appear in the initiate.

There are certain vocabularies related to the mechanism of Shakti, which are helpful for the reader to know. The next article, 'The Mechanism of Shakti', fulfils this need. References from each chapter are listed in the end. A comprehensive glossary of words in Sanskrit and a bibliography are given at the end of the book.




  Foreword ix
  Preface xi
  Acknowledgements xiii
  Introduction xv
  The Mechanism of Shakti xix
1. Shaktipat - The Royal Road 1
2. Kriyas or Automatic Movements 19
3. Finding a Guru or Initiate 40
4. Shaktipat Initiation 60
5. Yoga through Initiation: A Self-proven Path 75
6. The Order of Experiences 92
7. Elements of Mahayoga 108
8. Siddhis and Subtle Kriyas 127
9. Subtle Effects of Shakti 144
10. Additional Facts and Advice 163
11. Philosophical Discussions - I 179
12. Philosophical Discussions - II 198
  Epilogue 218
  Last Words 225
  What Help is Offered? 232
  Glossary 234
  Bibliography 240


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