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Secrets of Vastushastra

Secrets of Vastushastra
Item Code: IDE235
Author: N.H. Sahasrabudhe & R.D. Mahatme
Publisher: Sterling Paperbacks
Language: English
Edition: 2004
Pages: 126 (Figures: 48, Map: 1)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
176 gms
About the Author:

N.H. Sahasrabudhe is a graduate in Civil Engineering from College of Engineering, Pune, with a postgraduate degree in Structural Engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.He is a Fellow of Institute of Valuers. A leading consultant in Pune, he is also associated with various educational and research institutes in Maharastra as an advisor. He has authored a book in Marathi, Vastu-Shiv-Vigyan, and lectures and contributes to various journals and magazines on Vastu science.

R.D. Mahatme is a graduate in engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, with a postgraduate degree in engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. After gaining experience as R & D engineer in a couple of engineering units, he is currently engaged in manufacturing and consultancy business related to electrical energy monitoring. He is equally engrossed in studying latest developments in Laser, Plasma and Nuclear Sciences.


1. Quest for the Science of Vastu1
Knowledge and Science of Vastu1
The Physical World and the Abstract World2
Significance of Words, Signs, Thoughts and Symbols3
Helix, Asymmetry and Evolution8
Helix, Golden Ratio and Vastushastra10
Helix - a Remedy on Vastudosha

2. Modern Science and Vastushastra13
    The Planet Earth and Vastushastra13
Energy-Matter Balance and Vastushastra23
Conservation Laws in Physics and Vastu Principles23
Cosmic Rays and Vastushastra Considerations24
Nuclear Science and Vastushastra26
Vastushastra Tradition and Scientific reflections27
Vastushastra and Scientific Analysis

3. Yogashastra - Mother of Vastu Science30
Nabi in Ayurveda, Yogashastra and Vastushastra30
Ida-Pingala Nadis in Yogashastra and Vastushastra31
Prana in Body and Cosmic Energy in a Vastu32
Nadi Excitation and Directions of a Vastu35
Five Basic Elements in Yogashastra and Vastushastra37
Sanskara in Vastushastra and Quantum Memory in Medicine

4. Insight of Astrology in Vastushastra42
Astronomy and Vastushastra42
Correlation between Vastushastra and Astrological Analysis43
Vastu Purush Mandala43
Vastu Purush Mandala and Modern Science44
Significance of Vastu Purush Mandala46
Vastudoshas and Calamities48
Directions, Flaws in Vastu and Remedial Measures49
Important Vastuchakras

5. Balancing and Dynamic Planning: Vastu Concepts64
The Importance of Shape in Vastushastra64
Dynamic Balance and Geometric Symmetry65
Before Planning a Vastu70
Vastu Rachana (Layout of a House)72
Centre of Energy Balance73
Establishing the Nabhi of a Vastu75
Agriculture and Vastushastra76
Landscaping as per Vastu Science77
Planning a Vastu in Plots of Irregular Shape - a Novel Approach

6. Vastushastra and Other Building Design Techniques84
Vastushastra and Geomancy85
Vastushastra Remedial Measures - a Methodology86
Vastushastra and Feng-Shui87
Vastushastra and Pyramids90
Vastushastra and Modern Architecture

7. Practical Vastushastra Analysis94
Analysis of Vastu 'A'94
Analysis of Vastu ' B'96
Analysis of Vastu 'C' & 'D'97
Vastu Analysis of a Plot98
Vastushastra Approach100
India and Vastushastra100
Maharashtra - Vastushatra - Modern Science

8. Concluding Remarks

Summing up109
For Further Reading112

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