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Shad Chakra Rupini- Pinnacle Of Kundalini Yoga

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Item Code: NAX011
Author: Prabhodaran Sukumar
Publisher: Hayagreeva Publication, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9789380404479
Pages: 192 (16 Color Illustrations)
Other Details 8.50 X 5.50 inch
Weight 260 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About The Book

This book teaches how to protect and nurture the kundalini sakthi that rises in the adhara through yoga siddhi and use its great powers to reach the pinnacle of yoga. Many practitioners who search for kundalini sakthi's secret hiding place in our body meet failure as they do not know its location, the methodology to awaken it and how to progress in Brahma jnana by attaining yoga siddhi with its help.

If one wishes to rise the kundalini sakthi the first thing one should do is separate 'speech and thought'. This will lead to hearing the 'echo of the soul' or the voice of the soul which happens without any effort on our part. This sadhana is called 'rescuing the prana from thoughts and reaching nada brahman'. One will find specific instructions and details on this process in this book.

It is not enough if kundalini sakthi is raised. It should be properly incubated and nurtured if one wishes to reap its full benefit. To achieve this, the three humors, vata, pitha and kapha should be kept in balance in the body. Then the elements, air, fire, water and sky are brought under control and one can go deep into the Sushumna nadi and capture the pritvi tattva which is the supreme awareness.

One can find information on seven worlds also called Saptha Bhumika that whirl around the earth or bhu chakra as their center, the twelve states of awareness, the suddha and asuddha prapanch that are ruled by bhu chakra, the supreme waves of saptha svaras the nadha brahman that supports this universe and the rule of saptha dhatus that represent the sabha brahman's rule over our body.

This book describes in detail Amarakavi's ideas on the upasana of Sri chakra, which is the pictorial representation of this universe, the yoga siddhis attained by the upasana, the soma chakra which controls chittha vritti, how to touch the peak of kundalini sakthi through nadhopasana, Thirumular's yoga nishtai marga - the Eroli chakra and about the supreme powers of matrukasakthi which helps one adorn the higher states of yoga.


I have been constantly and deeply undergoing research on Siddha and Srividya margas for the past 20 years. In the early 2000 I had a goldenopportunity to meet and getthe blessings from the greatest siddhar of kaliyuga -Om Shri SadhguruSachithanandam Palani Swamigal of Kanakkanpatti, Palani, Tamilnadu, India. With his merciful grace I perceived during meditation, the vibration attached /existed in my manipurka chakra.

At that time, I was unaware of anything about Gnana margha and also the constant vibrations at the belly button. I did not know anything about it at that time. I was wandering that what for it is? Why was it happening? What is the secrecybehind it? During thosetime, I read many books on both margas including the book written by Sir. John Woodroffe. But none of them clearly revealed the experience which I got in the maniporaka. Shri Prabodaran Sukumar sent a book entitled "Shad Chakra Rupini (Pinnacle of Kundalini Yoga)" authored by him from the teachings of Lord Sri Mula Ganapathi Upasakia Brahma Gnani Amarakavi Siddheshwarar.

Amarakavi Siddheshwararwas the first yogi in the recent time who lived with us, revealed the holy secret pertaining in the svadhisthana (Belly button).As the life breathe get destroyed or turns out the power of life breathe that is it is the place where prana gets cut and it again regenerated in the manipurahachakra. The life breathe emerges at the mooladhara becomes split prana at swadhisthanaand again it regenerates in the manipuraha chakra. At the time of reading Siddheshwarar's "Antheryami" voice I realised what was given to me by my Sadhguru.

Manipuraka means merging of two words mani-divine bell or sound, it means pranava dvani or sound of omkara. Pooragam means reaching the pranava natha. Siddhi of this chakra is atman's intermittent breathing becomes erect breathing. That is why manipuraka is called as the first friend chakra lucidly explained in this book.

The truth about kundalini sakthi are based on many stories and imaginations heard from different quarters but Siddheshwarar's book on Shad Chakra Rupini is not based on imaginations and compilation of many books. It is purely based on Gnana drishti. It is given to Amarakavi Siddheshwarar by the great Agastya, Thirumoolar and goddess Shri Kanchi Kamakshi Amman.

The devotees and followers of Srividya sadhana are highly indebted to Amarakavi's limitless grace of contribution to the world.


The poet's words "The deep darkness settles in the hearts of the unlearned idiots" is fitting for yoga sadhana also. Man analyses everything using his intellect. He considers sensory knowledge as ultimate. This is due to thoughts stirred by his ego, the delusion caused by the darkness of his ignorance. He is not interested in attaining true wisdom. He forgets that he should listen, learn and realize divinity instead of engaging in wasteful talks and arguments about it.

Everyone knows that a subtle body operates within man's gross body. The important question here is how to take control of this subtle body and enjoy soul's supreme powers. It is only the knowledge about yoga that gives a person information about the subtle body and, grants him ascent of kundalini through self-awareness.

The second part of this book describes how to protect the powers of the kundalini that arises and how to touch the peak of yoga and attain the supreme powers of the universe. As the practitioners of kundalini who search for its location in the body miss how to awaken it, how to use its powers to progress in the supreme awareness of brahma jnana they all remain only as a dream or imagination.

To experience the ascent of kundalini, speech and thoughts should be separated first. Then the echo of the soul will be heard within. This sadhana of recovering prana from thoughts is called attaining nadha brahman.

This book explains how, through Srichakraupasana, an element of Srividya marga, the mind can be made to rest through cessation of chittavritti or mental modifications, how suryakala's ascent can be achieved, how the powers of kula kundalini can be claimed, how the subtle body which has the supreme powers can be awakened and how chitthavrittinirodham or cessation of expansion of thoughts can be achieved through soma chakra.

In this great universe of ours, everything is in motion. Nothing is steady or fixed. All the actions are carried out following the rules of motion. Rotation and revolution of the planets grant them the magnetic force and gravitational energy. This book describes how all the planets spin with respect to the earth.

This book also elaborates on the seven worlds or Saptha Bhumika that spin around the bhu chakra and help one awaken in the spiritual path, the twelve states of consciousness that help in evolutionary progress, the suddhaprapancha which controls bhu chakra's rule over the world, the functioning of asuddhaprapancham - the supreme waves of seven swaras that support the universe and the rule of the saptha dhatu or seven basic constituents of sabda brahman that help the lifeforms function.

This book points out that yoga nishtai which is more difficult than tapas or nishtai is not suitable for ordinary man. It describes how Siddhas achieved yoga nishtai and its importance. It also gives information on how Amarakavi, through yoga nidra and ekagrahachittham, achieved anahathadvanior soundless sound which has divine powers.

How man's lifespan depends on the matrukasakthi and how the soul remains with the body until the matrukasakthi is exhausted are described in this book. Just as how a vehicle runs until the last drop of fuel is exhausted, the soul functions in the body until the last drop of matrukasakthi is used up. It drops the body after that and disappears.

Details such as what the different lengths of breath mean, what the different counts of matrukasakthi indicate, how matrukasakthi gets depleted in the body and which yoga sadhana will increase it in the body are all described here.

It is not an easy task to bring the actions of the triple faults, vata, pitha and kapha to a harmonious balance. Only if they are so, can the five elements, earth, fire, water, air and space be controlled. This leads to winning the pritvi tattva by immersing in the sushumnanadi which protects and nurtures the kundalini sakthi that arises.

Amarakavi reveals several secrets such as how to attain natural body, touch the peak of kundalini sakthi through nadhopasana, following Thirumular's nishtai marga, the eroli chakra, how the micro and macrocosms can be joined and sushumnanadi that helps in going deep into the milky way could be opened through matrukasakthi. In the last part of the book 12 practices that would help a practitioner to awaken and raise his kundalini are given. It is my sincere wish that readers should benefit from the information given in this book. Praise to Mula Ganapathy's grace Praise to AmarakaviSiddheswarar.

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