Shri Tripura Rahasya (Mahatmya Khanda)

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Author: T.B. Lakshmana Rao
Publisher: Sri Kailasamanidweepa Trust, Bengaluru
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2017
Pages: 793 (13 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
1Invocation; The panorama of the Malaya mountain and the hermitage of Parasurama; Sumedha (Haritayana) inquires Parasurama; Parasurama initiates Bala Mantra to Sumedha; Sri Bala blesses Sumedha in his dream; Prayer to Goddess by Sumedha; Sumedha’s penance in Halasyaksetra; Arrival of Sage Narada.1
2Concept of seer and the seen. Markandeya inquires Brahma about the essence of Veda; Brahma’s prayer to Goddess Tripura; Tripura-rahasya communicated by Siva to Visnu and by Visnu to Narada and on the earth by Guru Dattatreya to Parasurama and by Parasurama to Sumedha; Sumedha blessed to write Tripurarahasya; Sumedha’s earlier birth as Alarka; Sumedha writes Tripurarahasya.15
3Greatness of Tripurarahasya; Haritayana narrates to Sage Narada; Birth of Parasurama; Triumph over Ksatriyas; Sri Rama defeats Parasurama.26
4Parasurama meets an effulgent lunatic; The lunatic blesses Parasurama and reveals himself a Samvarta and tells him about Guru Dattatreya and guides him.37
5Parasurama proceeds to Dattatreya; On the way he is pained and dejected seeing the sensory cravings of human beings and decides to seek enlightenment from Guru Dattatreya and reaches his hermitage.47
6Dialogue between Dattatreya and Parasurama. Strange external behaviour of Dattatreya causes repulsion in many; But Parasurama is not deluded and seeks his tutelage and wants to know about the glory of Goddess Tripurasundari.57
7Incomprehensibility of Goddess Tripura even by Brahma, Visnu and Rudra; Self-experience a way; Competition among Indra, Agni, Soma, Vayu and others claiming superiority; All gods meet Visnu and Siva for a solution; Goddess Tripura prayed by them appears. All gods except the Trinity become unconscious.67
8Prayer to Goddess Tripura by Brahma, Visnu and Siva; To dispel the ignorance of the gods, the Goddess assumes a beautiful form; Agni, Moon and Wind cannot hurt a straw shown by the Goddess; Indra starts worrying.77
9Indra’s delusion; Indra’s defeat; Brhaspati praised by Indra appears; Brhaspati prays Goddess; Indra begs pardon from Devi and praises Her; Goddess grants devotion to him; Visnu explains the greatness of Goddess to the gods.91
10Parasurama anxious to listen to the glory of Goddess Tripurasundari; Dattatreya narrates; Different forms of Goddess like Rama, Gauri and so on; Description of Creation; Story of mat-weaver; Vedanta not to be taught out-of-turn; Brahma’s creation gets destroyed; Visnu directed to protect; The world is over populated and congested; Rudra destroys completely; Lord of death sheds tears for his portfolio; His tears manifest as diseases on earth; The Trinity gods lose interest in creation and pray to Goddess; Goddess creates Vani, Rama and Rudrani to wed them.106
11Gods not worshipped by human beings; Indra approaches Brahma; Brahma suggests to propitiate Laksmi.129
12Laksmi praised by twenty-eight names blesses the gods; Teaches Her method of worship; Gods pray to Laksmi; Laksmi creates Manmatha; Indra doubts Manmatha’s ability.136
13Manmatha proceeds to subdue human beings as they refuse to worship gods. They are loyal only to king Viravrata of Brahmavarta. Viravrata does penance to get the blessings from Siva.145
14Siva appears; Prayer to Siva; Viravrata asks for detachment and liberation but Siva advices him about his duties; Meanwhile the ministers and sons of Viravrata who set out to fight with Manmatha are blessed by their guru Vidyapati through Rudra-kavaca.155
15Indra supports Manmatha; Description of war between gods and the army of Viravrata led by Sudhruti.165
16War between Indra and Ranadhira and others. War between Indra and Sudhruti; Kubera and Satrunjaya, Varuna and Satruhana and so on.176
17Description of war between the lords of the directions and the sons of Viravrata.183
18All gods captured by the sons of Viravrata.196
19Fight between Ranadhira and Manmatha; Message sent to Viravrata; Kama rendered unconscious.203
20Viravrata informed by Virasena fights with Manmatha; Viravrata gets a trident from Lord Siva; Kama hit by the trident falls unconscious and is taken away by the gods to Laksmi; On the advice of Vidyapati, Viravrata releases the gods and returns to his capital.209
21Laksmi appraised; Laksmi prays Goddess Tripura and revives Manmatha from unconsciousness; Manmatha refuses to worship Siva who favoured Viravrata; Gauri deputed to console Manmatha; Manmatha does not heed; Gauri curses him to be burnt by Siva; Laksmi curses Gauri to be burnt m Daksayajna; Gauri and Laksmi fight; Sarasvati suggests release from their mutual curses.218
22Laksmi separates from Visnu because of his secret love towards Bhudevi and Brnda and becomes the river Padma which dries up cursed by Narada; Bhagiratha brings Ganga to earth and river Padma is relieved of the curse; Story of river Ganga.229
23Story of Gauri; Killing of Bhasmasura; Gauri born as Daksayani weds Siva and gets burnt in Daksayajna. Ganga none other than Tripura.238
24Promulgation of Yajna on earth; Indra made incharge of rain; Laksmi teaches Saubhagya Astottara to Manmatha; Goddess Tripura teaches Saubhagya-Pancadasaksari in dream to Manmatha; Goddess Tripura appears before Manmatha.243
25Description of the form of Goddess Tripura; Manmatha prays and wants nothing; But Goddess gives him bow and arrows to achieve his goal.252
26Dattatreya discloses the Saubhagya Astottara to Parasurama; Himavan worships Gauri who is in the form of ether; Narada assures a daughter to Himavan.258
27Tarakasura conquers the universes and captures Indra and other gods; Sad desired by Taraka diverts him to Laksmi; Laksmi and Visnu defeated in war disappear; Gauri requested by Sad kills Tarakasura assuming the form of Mahakall.270
28Dattatreya teaches Gauri Astottara to Parasurama; Himavan’s penance to obtain Gauri as his daughter; Birth of Gauri; Himavan loses memory about Gauri.283
29Gauri (Parvati) behaves like an ordinary child; Wedding fixed with Siva; Narada suggests Visnu as the bride-groom; Himavan agrees.297
30Parvati does not accept the proposal; She goes to forest; Janakalika Stotra by Parvati; Goddess Tripura appears and grants the desires of Parvati.307
31Himavan finds Parvati in the forest and concedes to her condition; Himavan captured by the servants of Visnu; Parvati and her mother seek shelter under their Guru Kasyapa.314
32Kasyapa narrates about the birth of Gauri as Parvati; Parvati assumes the form of Jvalamukhi and burns Sudarsana cakra and defeats Visnu and releases her father; Jvalamukhi settles in Himalaya for future destruction; wedding of Siva and Parvati;322
33Murasura confronts Visnu; Visnu unable to win prays -Jvalamukhi and gets back his Sudarsana cakra and wins; Siva goes into penance; Tarakasura conquers the universes; Gods pray to Gauri.332
34Curse on Gauri from a sage that she will not have children; Similarly Siva also cursed by Brahmins; Siva’s penis drops off and gets worshipped as Linga in heaven.340
35Worship of Linga on earth; Indra requests Manmatha to disturb the penance of Siva; Rati wails and resists; Manmatha wants to keep up his promise to gods; Laksmi blesses Manmatha and takes care of Rati.348
36Manmatha prays to Goddess Tripura; Laksmi also requests for the redemption of curse by Gauri on Manmatha. Tripura absorbs Manmatha into Her eyes and becomes Kamaksi and blesses him with a separate body; Manmatha burnt by Siva.356
37Birth of Kumara from the semen of Siva; Story of his birth; Kumara made the chief of the army of gods; Skanda kills Tarakasura.360
38Story of Bharatldevi; Mutual curse between Brahma and Sarasvati; Sarasvati born as a cow-herdess and helps Brahma in Yajna.374
39A Brahmin Kausika cursed by Narada becomes a cowherd for mingling with a cow-herdess; Savitri born to Kausika as Gayatri; Tripura merges into Gayatri; Story of the birth of Goddess as daughter of Nandagopa.383
40Matrka hymn; Story of Krsna who kills Kamsa and Dantavaktra; Katyayanl Vrata by Gopikas.391
41Story of Katyayani; After Sri Krsna goes to Dvaraka, demons Sumbha and Nisumbha torment the Gopikas; Yasoda prays to Katyayani who by assuming three forms kills the demons who hide in three places; Katyayani dwells in Vindhya mountain to protect people in Kaliyuga.404
42Story of Sumbha and Nisumbha; Gauri assumes the form of Kali: Defeat of Canda and Munda; Dhumralocana sent to capture Kali.409
43Visnu becomes Lion, the carrier of Candika; Dhumralocana killed, Death of Canda and Munda; End of Raktabijasura; Killing of Nisumbha by Goddess; Sumbha killed by Her trident; Prayer to Goddess by Gods.418
44Story of Goddess Kalika; Destruction of Kalakhajajas; Siva assumes the form of Mahakala.429
45Story of Durga; Birth of Mahisasura; Humiliation of Vayu by Sumitra; Durga born out of the power of all gods;440
46Durga’s lion kills the five army chiefs of Mahisasura; Goddess kills Mahisasura; Prayer by the Gods.450
47Story of Bhandasura; Goddess Lalita destroys Bhandasura; Manmatha reborn; Siva vanquished by Manmatha; Siva enchanted by Visnu in the form of Mohini.464
48The churning of the milky ocean; Demons deceived of nectar by Mohini; Visnu propitiates Tripura and imbibes Her aspect; Siva deluded; Manmatha becomes the promulgator of Sri Vidya; Agastya and other worshippers of SriVidya.471
49Detailed story of Bhandasura; Hayagriva narrates to Agastya; Bhandasura conquers the three worlds; Gods destroy Sonitapura; Bhanda destroys the heaven and lives in Sunyakapura and rules the universe.480
50Birth of Bhandasura from the ashes of Manmatha; Bhandasura obtains boons from Siva; Bhanda wants to have Sad; Bhanda weds the daughters of Tarakasura; Bhanda defeated in Kailasa by Gauri returns to Sunyaka city.486
51Gods serve Bhandasura; Gods secretly propitiate Goddess Tripurasundari who appears; Prayer to Goddess by Brhaspati.497
52Gods worship Goddess to kill Bhandasura; Sukracarya alerts the demons; Jvalamalini engulfs gods by fire; Demons return assuming victory; Goddess appears from the fire altar and grants boons to the gods;508
53Goddess as Kamesvari and Kamesvara dwells in the city constructed by Visvakarma; Lopamudra’s worship of Goddess; The method of Srisukta worship; Description of Sripura.517
54Visvakarma ordered to construct the Sripura as described.525
55Goddess takes visible form in Manidvipa; Wedding of Kamesvara and Kamesvari; Creation of sixteen and nine saktis.534
56The saktis located in the Sricakra; Description of Mudra saktis and their place in Sricakra.543
57Penance by saktis to get suitable place in Sricakra; Creation of Gurus Mitresa and others who also reside in Sricakra.552
58Reason why Brahma meditated on a female form of the Transcendental power; Names of the Gurus; Visvakarma decides to construct the Sripura.560
59Bhandasura gets to know from Narada that the gods were not destroyed by the flame; Narada warns Bhandasura who is proud of his valour; The wives of Bhandasura request Narada to advice Bhandasura; Bhandasura discloses his past life as Manisekhara the messenger of Laksmi and the curse on him by Laksmi for loving a married Kinnara woman; His death from Goddess Lalita as redemption after ruling the universe; Hence Bhandasura is awaiting salvation; Narada appreciates his devotion to Goddess Lalita.567
60Birth of Kamesvara from Lalita and their wedding; Mantrini explains to Narada how Bhandasura will be killed by Goddess Lalita; Goddess creates saktis; Goddess Lalita sets out for war and so also Bhandasura.579
61Bhandasura adviced by his: minister sends spies to know the strength of sakti; They return defeated.590
62Amitraghna reports to Bhandasura; concealing his devotion to Goddess Lalita fight; Dandanatha also prepares to fight.599
63Bala Tripurasundari defeats Kutilaksa and confronts Visukra.607
64Bala defeats Visukra and Visanga and proceeds to fight with Bhandasura who showers respect on her; Both fight severely.615
65Bala Tripurasundari taken away from the war to Goddess Lalita by Asvarudha; Fight between Sampatkari and Visukra and also between Asvarudha and Visanga; Dandinl fights with Bhandasura; The demons run away.623
66Bhandasura consoles his wives regarding his inevitable death by Goddess Lalita; The army chiefs of Bhanda resolve to fight Goddess Lalita; Durmada killed by Sampatkari.632
67Kuranda killed by Asvarudha; Kutilaksa sends Sarpini magic through Karanka on the saktis; The saktis are defeated; Goddess Lalita sends Nakulesl who destroys the serpents and kills Karanka and others.640
68Kutilaksa depressed by defeat; Visukra the brother of Bhanda plans to capture Goddess Lalita when She is alone; The army of saktis tortured by the demon Balahaka by his scorching vision; Tiraskarini kills Balahaka and others; Amrtesi revives the dead saktis.648
69War during night; Jvalamukhi dispels darkness; Balambika renders unconscious the thirty sons of Bhandasura; Uluka and others killed by Asvarudha; Dandanatha kills Kutilaksa; Visukra laid unconscious by Mantrini: Visanga stopped from his deceptive attack on Goddess Lalita;656
70Kamesvari destroys the demon Damana and vanquishes the magical demon created by Visanga; Visanga captured and released by Goddess Lalita; Jvalamalini creates a fort of fire for the saktis to relax.665
71Visanga consoled by his elder brother Visukra who gives a Vighna missle to him; The saktis rendered inactive; Dandini reports to Goddess Lalita.674
72Goddess Lalita creates Vighnesvara from the smile of Kamesvara, Ganesa destroys the Vighna missile and defeats Visukra and others; Bhandasura sends Gajasura to fight with Ganesa; Balambika confronts the sons of Bhandasura.683
73Gajasura killed by Ganesa; Ganesa called back from war since Bhandasura desired to be killed by Goddess Lalita; Balambika kills the sons of Bhandasura.691
74Bala appreciated by Goddess Lalita; Bhanda grieves the death of his children concealing his devotion to Goddess; Visanga and Visukra attack the Sricakra; Dandinl fights Visanga and Mantrinl fights Visukra; Sukhasyamala and other saktis kill the sons of Visukra; Visukra killed by Mantrini.700
75Jambinl and other saktis kill the sons of Visanga; Dandini kills Visanga.710
76Bhandasura grieves the death of his brothers but gets consoled and proceeds to battle with Goddess Lalita; Bhandasura explains to the charioteer regarding his past birth and so on.718
77Bhandasura encountering Mantrini and others wishes to fight with Goddess Lalita; Bhanda worships Goddess Lalita with flower arrows; Goddess Lalita destroys Bhanda’s ten powers and finally kills him using Kamesvarastra, Brahma and other gods adore Goddess Lalita.727
78Prayer to Goddess by Brahma and other gods; Goddess dwells in the Sripura on the Meru mountain; Goddess is coronated by Vasistha and others; Sage Agastya was unable to see the Sripura for want of proper initiation from a Guru; Greatness of Listening to the glories of Goddess.734
79Need for proper initiation through a Guru; Goddess Tripurasundarl is Universal Consciousness; Agastya gets initiated from his wife Lopamudra; Greatness of Tantrasastra.741
80Procedures for practicing Srividya and the benefits gained; Listening to Tri purarahasya is the way to be blessed by Goddess Tripurasundari; Even Siva and others have attained bliss through Tripurarahasya; Goddess Tripura is the sakti-pranava ‘Hrim’,749

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