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Hindu Festivals and Rituals

The total number of vratas and utsavas listed by the largest of the published works-Caturvarga-Cintamani of Hemadri (13th century) comes to about 700. However, most of these are less known individual vratas.

The following is a list of the more important utsavas or festivals normally observed all over the country by the Hindus:

Aksayyatriya, Balipratipada,
Candramana Yugadi, Caturmasya,
Dussehra, Dipavali, Durgapuja,
Ganesa-caturthi, Gurupurnima,
Holi, Janmastami, Kumbhamela,
Mahanavami, Mahasivaratri,
Makarasankranti, Navaratra,
Raksabhandhan, Ramanavami,
Rathayatra, Vijayadasami.